Friday, September 26, 2008

Calm Before The Storm ?

Been playing loads and loads last couple of days. Only break even Wednesday but made a few hundred £ tonight on usual hi lo games. Was more trying to clear a couple of bonuses which are almost done now.

Im now basically back to where i was before my last drunken session. Will i be able to resist playing this weekend if i have a few ? Will i lose my head and a wad again or maybe get lucky :) Who knows, i write this now in the hope i might be a tad more disciplined than last Saturday when i bust 2 of my accounts :(

On another note im considering playing the next GUKPT event in Thanet (Kent i think) a couple of weeks into October. Will decide in about a week but kind of makes sense as its been a while since live stuff. Also i have 2 x $270 tokens to use up in satellites but given my reluctance to play online mtts im confident they will let me trade them towards the £1060 buy in. If so i'll feel like im in at a reduced buyin which is always handy on the mental side of things.

Right off now hopefully for a lack of poker weekend, i know ive played more than enough this week !!!


Amatay said...

lol @ u busting two accounts you pissed cunt :-)

Amatay said...

just been looking at the cpc site, looks awesome