Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forget Banning Drunk Poker BAN DRUNK BLACKJACK

So basically last Friday i accidently clicked on a blackjack icon on a poker table and risked chunky money but got away with it with a lucky streak to win a nice chunk. Reality hits home today i was lucky not to bust my monthly profit playing eyewateringly high $ per hand last night, basically max $ per hand allowed on that site but wont say what that was. I went down a few bets and was more likely to bust that account than "escape" but escape i did and managed to stop a few bets up.

Reason for post = i know im drinkin tonight as well and i do not want a repeat of drunk Friday blackjack even though ive got away with it twice this month i know its a ticking time bomb to a big loss.

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Poker play the Soap way said...

for some1 with so much indiscipline you are so jammy