Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Xmas Update

I had 1 complete day off (Xmas Day) . Since my last post here's my daily results anyway:


Top one was a drunk one where i didnt run well and a lot went fast. Cant remember too much about the others except todays. Went £1,000 down at lunchtime and returned to grind later. Got it back then managed to go up £2,000 before going back to £300 down. Finshed well though and ended up the £1,000 up above for the day.

Doesnt look likely i'll reach £20k for the obvious reasons above but hopefully i wont lose too much tommorrow on any last minute spin up attempts. I may end up playing a lot tommorrow as ive got a bit of a cold so i may not even go out drinking, just have to see on the day.

Year review and stuff to come in another post. May even manipulate my years profits and reduce them to allow for paying for some of the aussie side events in advance and kinda "freeroll" them. Makes a lot of sense to me seeing as my satellite efforts are non existent of late.

Right early night at 5:30am now ! If im lucky i should be on Aussie time before i get there (leave on the 5th) given my sleeping patterns of late !!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas to all the fans, readers etc :)

Good day today although 2nd session was a failure it wasnt a big loss. Basically 2/4 2/5 and a 1/2euro table for first 2.5hrs and made £2,500. Took a needed break but when i came back i was fighting losses pretty much the whole time. Still was on 2/5 2/4 1/2euro along with a bit of 3/6 euro and in the end only lost £200 for the session when i was running cold so a good result i guess.

Obviously unsure how much i'll play next few days although i am keen to reach £20k for the month. I wont be blogging anyway for a few days.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

G'Day Mate / Sawatdee krap

Busy couple of days but not through poker. I did play yesterday but wasnt in the mood really so only did a couple of hours in the evening still making £500 on safe stakes omaha. The 2 mtts i played got the standard bad beats for huge and nice stacks. I went back on at 3am though but the tables were dead, managed some 30/60 limit HU for a $500 profit but then i lost 2 or 3 buyins on 2/4 before doing the animal crazy thing and sitting on 100/200 limit HU with $4000. Fortunately i ran and played good and made a nice chunk ending up £2,200 up on the day.

Anyway the news is im booked almost fully for my longest trip yet away. Leave home on 5th January and dont return until 8th February 2009. All booked, i think 17 nights in Melbourne, Australia where i plan to play lots of Aussie Millions side events and a few satellites. I then fly to Bangkok, Thailand on the way back and stay in some luxury looking apartment for 2 weeks.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Back On

The wagon, the easy stakes and the right track. All 2/4 and 3/6 tonight. £1,400 up and havent put nearly so many hours in. May play more later but taking a long break if not end night now. Also played maybe half a dozen multis and didnt cash in any. Lost some huge chipleader pots behind and ahead but all the buyins are included in the profit above so actually few hundred up more from omaha on the day. Can see me playing a fair bit before the end of December so hopefully get back up above £20k without too much gambling, a sort of target for me anyway.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


OOoops , been as high as 25/50 omaha chasing really but got away with it. Basically lost $4,500 before going bout $1000 up but ended up level. Happy with that as pretty damn drunk...... Time to finish pizzzza b4 crashing and hopefully no hangova and some dcent games 2moz night but hav to c.


Holy crap cant help it total addict, done a wad on slots then chased it on blackjack, at worst was almost way down and busting one account but variance/luck kicked in and up a bit............I AM officially a car crash waiting to happen

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Note

Off out in 2 mins so must be quick. Just to mention made £2,100 last night on 2/4 and 3/6 only so chuffed to be back on the right road. Still luv omaha as much as ever. Obviously this could go tits up drunk later but thats all part of the fun risk element. Right Lagggggggggger time :))

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mental Times

Got over some of the headfuk from yesterday but theres still some way to go. Still i will be limited the next few days with my hours i put in anyway so hopefully start a fresh next week.

Right first things first, after that post last night i was stupid enough to go back on and the beats kept coming. £6000 later and i left and hit the online casino. £1000 later i managed to win £3000 so basically lost another £4,000 and a nice round £20k on the day.

So onto today, i know the best thing i have done today is to not play above 3/6. I have actually been in profit £0-£1,500 all night then the beats come at the end and i finish £300 down. A nice rivered $2,500 pot on 2/4 against guy that was just golden against me all night in every big pot, so sick. I probably put too many hours in today but i woke up so late i didnt have anything else to do and i know i played solid for the 8hours+ that ive put in anyway. Still up just under £8,000 for the month and determined not to do sommat silly and turn that into a losing month as that would truly hurt.

Also confused to high heaven bout holidays now. Aussie, Fuerventura, Thailand, Vegas as well as a few other less likely but possible locations, just cant seem to make any firm decisions. Given how messed up i was from yesterday its not surprising. Well Vegas is end April and fares seem cheap but im gnna wait as dnt see a rush to book given the current global climate.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The End

It was fun while it lasted but i need some time off to re-evaluate (if thats a word) after what was my clear biggest daily loss by a mile. Didnt do too much wrong, especially in the biggest pots and it was just one of those days i guess. If i can b assed i'll list the worst down below to get them out of my system anyway. Basically an £18,000 loss on the day though......................... Change that just played 25/50 HU for 45mins and now £16,400 down for the day. Could been worse i guess, i think i was down £23,000 at one point, oooooooooops.

Right errrrr:

KsKx8x7x vs As,10s,10x8x vs Kx10x6s4s Basically reraised pot preflop and all checked the flop im first to act on turn with $900 in pot. I have the others covered who have $4,600 and $5,000 b4 the flop. Board to turn is 6x9s3s10h i dnt lead but look to trap which works as the 2nd guy pot raises thinkin the other guy is at it. River comes 5s and i lose the $14,500 pot. odds to win were 58%/42%/0% respectively. What pissed me off was the fact the A10108 guy who raised preflop didnt bet the flop but still got gifted the pot, so sick.

Having almost left i stayed at the same table, got one huge bluff through and managed to progress my next $5k up to $9k then this hand occurred:

Button AsAxKs9x , BB has me covered and reraises pre with Kc8x7c6s. I get $1,675 in preflop and he flat calls it. Flop is a Js9c3c and he check raises me allin at the last second, I mean wtf as if he can fold after such a fishy call preflop out of position. Anyway river Qc and i lose the $18,000 pot. Preflop we are 60/40 and on the flop 47.5/52.5 , laughable the guy so close to folding on the flop, gimme strength.

Thats the 2 big ones but there were countless others around the $4k mark which i dnt think i can b assed to list.
Oh just found another most money going in on turn when im 75% to win a 3way pot for $4k, cnt b assed to list dtls. 10/20

Ok 2 more against same guy but not listing it all. set kings lose to set aces, i could have layed this down and if the turn didnt give me gutshot and flushdraw as well i think i would have done but i missed river with 60% cash goin in on turn for a $5k pot. 10/20. He also did me in a pot earlier which i will describe or list below which made my set even less foldable and him even luckier to hit such a flop after suckin out earlier.

Ok basically the muppet reraise me pre when he aint deep stacked enough to see a flop etc when i raise back preflop. But he calls 45% of his stack preflop neway with AKQ4dbl suited. I have AAKJ 1 suit but of course he is gifted the pot. Money goes in on flop for his gutshot and top pair (i have ace and king blocked of his so its only just the flushdraw+tiny bit. Rivers that beautiful flush even though i block 1 of them too. Odds Preflop and on Flop. 68/32 and 47/53 , yeh it was worth 45% of your stack preflop to get ahead on the flop, wp sir.

Still nicely up on the month but like i say i prob should lie low for a day or 2, i'll see what my brain and my mood is like tommorrow. I knw i should be more gutted or pissed off but i dont feel that bad now ive blogged neway. Lets face it im not entitled to win either but if i win the big ones above or just one of them my day is totally different considering they were £9,000 and £12,000 pots respectively.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hard Work On My Figure(s)

Today was a test of my willpower and i guess i passed although i was well moody and almost tilty at one point. I even tried to do some exercise but kind of failed miserably, seriously need to sort that :(

Started with an hour in afternoon for £900 profit. Returned a couple of hours later and played a couple more hours. This time beats and running bad was coming in big time at one point. Fortunately there wasnt more than 2-3 £thousand damage and i made most of that back playing a KKxx hand perfect 3 ways on 25/50 with a perfect value bet of $1100 (1/2 pot) on a Q5x5x board 3 way which was paid by AQxx. I was still gettin some real sick pots though and knew it was time for a long break or rest of night off. Off to the pub and back at 12:30am.

I returned only £200 up for the day (but feeling like a loss) but in a much better frame of mind than when i left. Again there were some sick pots out there (i actually lost $2000 3handed 1st hand on a 50%er) but this time i ran normal of late = good and managed to get a decent profit together finishing £2,300 up on the day.

I seemed to know when im starting to lose my focus and do something about it which is a big bonus if i can realise that in future days/weeks/months........ just have to see i guess.

Right im off to look at more holiday stuff, im now thinking of Aussie millions in January ??? Lets face it its normally the worst month to be in the UK by a mile. Nice decisions to have to make anyway.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Gettin Boring

Didnt play yesterday due to monster hangover but hit the tables with a vengeance today. The first hour session i made £1,600 and even had about 20 hands at 50/100 omaha which i havent touched before.

Moving on to the evening i didnt run well at all and found myself in the hole for £2-3k for the majority of it but not at high stakes thankfully. Eventually patience paid off and variance came back and i finished only £300 down for the 4-5hours i had played.

That was going to be it for the night and i then watched tv before searching more Thailand info and Vegas stuff also. Lookin like Feb and April respectively for both and im keen to book them both this week just to make Xmas that little bit sweeter.

Anyways i decided to go back on at almost 3am as i didnt feel tired at all. Golden session playing 5/10 10/20 and 2 x 25/50 although i shut one of these after not playing that long to focus better. Ran bad on the 5/10 but the 25/50 was sweet and i even induced bluffs playing the right hands slow which can backfire sometimes. Result was £5,100 up for that hour and a total of £6,400 up on the day.

Im sure a losing (and probably a chunky one) session will knock me back soon but whilst im golden and playing well i will continue to blog my daily results. Im keeping each day separate and, more imporantly, keeping my feet on the ground. I know a few factors have increased my level but im also aware ive probably ran incredibly well this month so far.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Business Is Good

Since the last post nothing has changed. Basically playing well and running even better. Last 3 days have seen me record profits of £2,600, £700 and £5,500 with only the latter one involving anything above 3/6 (lots of 10/20 drunk at 8am this morning). Unfortunately money is not everything and im not even that excited about it and do see it as a business totally at the moment. Our 18 year old cat had to be put down a couple of days ago so im in a strange mood but a reminder of how precious life is and i seem to have taken what positives i can out of it.

Was hoping to play some bigger stuff tonight but i feel well rough from the booze so it might just be a couple of free ones i qualifed for. 1,050euros 1million guaranteed on boss too and as i always im left saying i should be playing it but im not.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poker And Not Much Else

Still playing loads as planned. The last couple of days go into two sections though.

Yesterday and tonight up until about 11pm i played solid, ran well and never went higher than $5/10 recording £500 and £2,200 respectively.

All seemed too easy but then i got bored and instead of finding something else to do non poker i ventured onto some holdem tables for a change. Wish i hadnt as every hand was rags and when i did get sommat half decent or tried to make some sort of play it was bad timing or picked off. Lots of overbetting on the NL tables i was on, is that normal for cash holdem these days at 10/20 ? Not sure what i lost but know it was £1-£2k before i stopped. I now had an urge for 25/50 omaha though and sat with $1000 which quickly bust. Next $1000 got up to $2500 before busting it too and just loaded for the full $5000. Eventually left in profit though ($8k ish) and only £1,300 up on the night (down from the £2,200 above) . Couldnt say lesson learned cos im itching to play more 25/50, ill have to have a long hard think about it. If i keep this month going i could put up this months profit as a stop loss and really have a decent bash at it. December looks good now but if it ended up £0 with a decent attempt at higher stuff it would not be the end of the world. Important bit is not to tilt which i dont seem to do of late although i like people to think i am :)

Ah well bed now, god knows what im playing tommorrow but was planning a lot of poker of some form again before i ease off for the weekend.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Long Day, Early Night

Put a fair few hours in today and am definitely stopping playing now. Even entered 2 cash multis along with a freeroll. freeroll bust 1st with nuts vs trips allin on turn for river to pair. lost huge pot to bust in 150euro game to have prob gone top 10 10s vs AJ vs AK board coming A105JJ not that it matters really what order obviously. Other £55 managed to cash but lost 33 vs AK to have got a decent average stack in the money and crashed out 14th i think.

Cash games were nice and steady yesterday (+£700) and even better this afternoon (+£1,500) but the downside came a couple of hours ago on 10/20 when i lost the above profit all back in hands playing themselves really, actually cant remember them so know just variance type ones. Moved sites and lost $500 more on 10/20 again before finally getting some variance in my favour and getting $2-$3k back. Just this second done overall tally and +£1,400 for today so obviously well chuffed really and almost at peak for the month again.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another Chance Gone

Another shot at huge prize money (with 30% reinvested which could potentially have led to anything) bit the dust yesterday 5 levels in. I got the start i wanted on a potentially tough table of Surindar Sunar, Joe Beevers, James Dempsey and James Akenhead with a couple of marginal reraises getting through. Passed 66 to Beevers QQ pre before busting him hitting nut flush vs his top pair a while later. I then lost a chunk back trying to find where i was on a K62 flop with A6 (i was the raiser so wsnt too unhappy to lose some chips there). I then survived a 10s vs AK which would have left me on 10k or less which was a very key flip for me.

I moved and got a nice chunky pot with KK before losing some back again when sb insisted on seeing a flop with 45 and beating my bb A5 hand. I moved again and last hand before dinner i lost JJ vs 10s pre to have gone to average chips and was left with only 4600 utg with a 3000bb and 300 ante on return. Went straight on the cider in the break and came back and luckily tripled first hand 10,8 vs Q4 then doubled next hand KJ vs 75std.

Back to 26k i then moved again to the live stream table but within 5 minutes i was allin utg+1 7 handed i think with A8std only for my nemesis (Dennis the Menace i had named him, this is the guy from prev post that had set over set hand after getting runner runner flush cards to split a pot against me) to call with KJoff in the hijack. Board 445JJ and i was gone in about 25th/177 paying 18. Was more gutted not to be still in than the money which i know is a good sign i played well and enjoyed it big time anyway. Dennis now has 500k b4 final table started today, good luck to him as he was a nice chap and everyone has that tournament sometimes where they are so golden they can do no wrong no matter how well they are playing or what standard they are. Some things in poker are destiny and it seemed bizzarre that i managed to move to 4 tables on day 2 and end up busting against him after all the history we had from day 1. Still i will be surprised if he wins it but you never know and i will check later. Dave Colclough was prob favourite left in for me anyway.

Friday, December 05, 2008

A New Me ?

Bristol been great laugh so far. Played the £550 Tuesday night and was back Wednesday night for the 2nd day but ended up making a dodgy call where i was crushed or crushing, i was crushed and busted 19/129ish (paid 12 but so top heavy). Had ran good a few levels in but then lost 44 vs AK and AK vs 44 both to have gone to 100/90k respectively with blinds still lowish. Back to average chips i managed to double near end of day though and came back with a healthy 83,600. Peaked at 100k after getting some more luck then it just all went backwards b4 my bad call. Played some omaha after and watched some truly shocking stuff but it was a fun table anyway, ended up £100 down though.

Yesterday was the main event day 1a and i managed an early double with AA vs KK on a J953 board, having to tank for 5 minutes when matey check raised the turn allin and being level 1 i had to sure if i was wrong i was happy to bust there and then. Stayed at that level for ages then same guy who had got back in from his 3000 left destroyed me. These 2 hands were straight after each other:

75/150 he limps utg for 150 i make it 600 on cutoff with QQ and get caller and him in. Flop is Q87sss and he check raises me allin playing 8000-9000 odd maybe. I instant call and he shows Q8cc and turn and river are spades to split pot. Next hand utg+1 raises to 600 and 4 of us see a flop of Q97. I have 77 this time and my same foe has 99 to double up off me. utg+1 guy had stuck 3500 into the pot on flop also with KK and made a good fold, only for the king to hit the river anyway. Sick days, my stack now was at 18,000 instead of the healthy 40-50k.

Now for the bizzarre bit, i wasnt angry or tilted in the slightest although i knew i needed a drink and hit the lager fairly heavily after that. I just couldnt stop smiling. Think it was no coincidence that i and some others were aware i was sponsored for this event as no one else was in full blue square gear given this was a gala casino event. As i knew i was truly representing a site (rather than just playing a package won from a site) it seemed to give me a much more relaxed attitude to any bad plays or bad luck that came against me.

Anyways was trying to make sommat happen to not come back with too few chips but in the end finished on 16,800 i think (15k starting stack, 800 bb first level back saturday). Thoroughly enjoyed it though despite some hands and just hope i can last a good while longer tommorrow (3pm onwards) to justify my extra couple of days up here.

After that stopped it was still "early" at 1am so i sat on a cash table at about 2am and left it at 6:30am. I have now played 6 card omaha and 6 card omaha hi lo, talk about sick lottery bingo games but they are so addictive. I lost £800 within 10mins but was luving it and in the end finished £150 up. Swings can be so sick in this, i could see that immediately but that wont stop me looking for another game tonight when i go down shortly to see whats happening. This is first time ive logged on to the computer since Tuesday so i knw im having a good time whatever comes of this trip (probably nothing :) ). Laters people.......... Hendon Mob are doing updates, maybe AWOP as well if anyone is interested, i know i wouldnt be yet though :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

New Month New Grind

Set about it today putting £500 into another 3 sites and spreading my play across them. The plan was to play nearly all 2/4$ this month until i won enough to speculate higher. Bust 2 of them and only stayed level on the other. Also had 2 of my regular sites up and i couldnt resist dabbling higher even though its only the 1st of the month. My $1000 on 5/10 lasted all of 5 minutes before losing QJ105ss on a AKxss flop vs AAxx. Fortunately my luck turned on that table after and i ended up leaving with $4500. Alongside that i saw a fish at 25/50 on another site 5 handed so couldnt resist trying a spin up. 2 Lots of $1000 later vs higher full house and 3 way allin pre KKxx i stuck my $3500 left in the account on the table. This time i was golden and ended up leaving with $12,500. Best pot being a $950 pot on flop where i stuck gold with AK89dbl suited vs AAxx for his full $5000 stack, flop 883 and he goin nowhere. May go back on later so if any major diff i blog below but i need to pack some stuff for tommorrow.

Run good at 25/50, run bad below. Went back on followed a similar pattern, losing on 5/10 before trying $1000 spin ups on 25/50 again. Bust 1 then on 2nd i sucked out on a set up hand then almost tripled with top set to leave with $7k. Overall a further £2000 to add to the £5500 earlier.

Summary, maybe a good job im playin live a bit more the next few days cos i dnno what the *** to play online when i get back. The temptations of the 25/50 are huge given its 1st Dec and im now £7,500 in profit. Nice problem to have i guess, although i know wins like these sometimes can be dangerous for future sessions and stakes, just have to see how my mindset copes.

Nov Rev

Spent the night chasing losses and ended up level after dropping over £1500 at one point. Final profit for the month was £7,128 and a £550 live seat ive taken out that already. Happy with that considering being away for 3 weeks of that with limited time spent playing. Expect to hit the tables hard timewise in December and also got Bristol £550 and £1600 events to play in the first week which im looking forward to as well. Also will start looking at possible live events or potential holidays for Jan or Feb as im sick of this cold weather already.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Drunk Damages

Can barely remember playing last night, i was that drunk but knew it was unavoidable as i was craving a drunk gamble all night.

Anyway 30/60 limit and 25/50,10/20 and 5/10 omaha resulted in a £2000 profit, god knows how but im going to look at some of the hand histories now for fun.

Hangover could be a lot worse so i may enter some Sunday multis in bit.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Playing when not really in the mood tonight wasnt a good idea. Stayed level for ages then eventually tilted a bit. Managed to lose £800 odd before recovering to finish about £200 down on the day. Fortunately i finally managed to leave the tables when an urge for higher stakes would not have been a good idea with my mindset tonight. May need to do some damage limitation withdrawals before tommorrow, more so if i go out drinking.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stuck In Another Time Zone

Just played ecoop hi lo $220 tourney and went deep, in top 10 for 3 of the 3.5hrs. Then it went wrong , i bluffed at wrong time then hand played itself forced me in as i wasnt trying to creep into the cash. Pot was huge and had plenty of outs against a clueless "pro" who i wont mention but missed em all to have probably gone chipleader on close on a monster stack. Not to worry, just a shame they dont have more of these tourneys with decent buyin on european sites. If anyone knows of any ive missed let me know. Cant be assed with tilt or stars as players a lot tighter so not as easy money in em.

Body clock is horrendous at mo gettin up 5-5:30pm last 2 days , oops. Just sorted out to play in Gala Bristol next week though in a £1,600 event. Probably go down on the Tuesday and play the £550 as well. Have taken the £550 out of my monthly profits and the main event is the package i won recently. Just hope they dont fill before i get there as ringing them was useless, and the online guy recommended i buyin before at a Gala. Yeah cheers for that, like im gonna drive 150miles to buyin b4 the day.

Played fair bit of cash alongside that multi today, currently about £300 up unsure if im going to play later or not yet. No high stakes today anyway.

Warning: Profits At Risk

Played shedloads today after waking up at 5pm ! Aint gonna list everything as been on mtts, omaha, omaha hi lo across all stakes hu - full ring games. Highest though was a 25/50$ omaha gamble where i lost $2500 before spinning up to $9000 and leaving. Unfortunately i had lost $3000 on the other hu 25/50 though. Still cant resist the big games at the end of a month and i know my profit is totally at risk for the month but i dont really care to be honest. Maybe i need to lose it so that im tighter with future months profits but i certainly am not trying to lose it. Be interesting to see what my mood is like tommorrow and what sort of stakes and games i play anyway. In the end made £1000 today but was £3000 in the hole at worst and i did lose £4000 yesterday so this rollercoaster could crash or go higher very soon methinks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

*** Poker

What a complete load of total and utter bull****. Huge chunk out of monthly profit a gonna despite winning this afternoon every decent pot i touched tonight seems to have gone against me. Ah well was due a downswing, serves me right for pushing stakes a bit higher than normal.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home At Last :(

Got a feeling this could be a long post, u hav been warned !

Just woke up from 15 hours sleep after getting back last night. Hit the scales to read 3/4 stone increase, about what expected but still oooops. I basically carried on my bad eating and drinking habits from vegas the whole time on the cruise ship and told myself i would worry about it when i got home.

The cruise as a whole was fantastic. Wouldnt know where to start, can see why they are normally full of oldies but this one wasnt and i will 100% try and get on any poker cruise package in future for sure. I ended up $2000 in profit for poker/gambling which im happy enough with, one day i will bring back a large wedge from one of these things though. Puerto Rico was nice but seemed a bit too built up for my liking. St Thomas and St Maarten were both fantastic with the latter being my favourite. I even preferred what i saw to St Kitts there, the beach was lush and i definitely want to go back there for poker or otherwise asap. There is poker on there now and if the same St Maarten open runs next year im defintely 50% or more to go i think. I got so relaxed on the trip and only niggles i could find were high internet fee & slightly bad weather compared to what we could have got. Right on to the poker i guess:

I played 4 tourneys in total i think. 3 stts and cash omaha filled in some other time in the room. Cashed in all 3 stts winning 2 but the drunk omaha resulted in an overall loss. Unsure exact figure as only kept a running total of profit for the trip. So onto the tourneys:

First one was $270+ $100 rebuys and i crashed out at 100/200 level slow playing aces against a big raise preflop, guy hit trip 10s on flop and i was a gonna.

$440 i am struggling to remember so couldnt have been great. Oh comes back to me now, yeah fished missed, raised missed then shoved in on a draw to be called by a better draw and lost. Table i had was so slow i remember it doing my head in totally tbh.

Wasnt planning others besides main event but stood drunk one night watching others playing the next $270 + $100 rebuys satellite and suddenly got an urge to enter at the end of the 3 levels at the last possible time. Was dealt no hands before the break and addon so started with 6000 from buyin rebuy and addon. This went against all tourneys i play normally where i hate missing a hand. I had missed 75 minutes of hands but for some reason fancied my chances ! Anyways i played on instinct which fortunately was right the majority of the time. My reraises all got through, junk often but there were probably 3-4 key hands that got me a $2700 seat = $2700 cash as already had a seat.

Playing 10k+ 150/300 ante 25 i called a min raise in the bb with 82cc after button had called also. Lead for a 1000 on a 875ccx board, called before button made it 4000. I allin and button committed with 66 missed for a huge pot relative to stacks at that point.

Cant remember all the details as got egg on my face on this one. Had about 20k b4 the hand and if lost would have had 13-14k which was still above average so when i raised with 85dd i called an allin genuinely thinking i was live but with poor pot odds. Think i would have folded if it wasnt a satellite but was lookin to get a stack that would secure a seat later and had spare. Anyway he had AA but i sucked out and never looked back.

Playing over 20k sb pushed 7xbb at 600bb with K2, i called with A10 but he hit.
Next hand i put bb allin from sb with A3 and he instant calls 20xbb with J8std, WTF. Would have lost it if i didnt hold but fortunately i did and despite being well off the seat i now had the stack to finally secure it even though the bubble for the 12 seats only finally broke at 3000/6000 blinds.

So onto the $2700 main event. Summary, didnt last long but was very happy with my play. Key/interesting hands maybe including my biggest laydown in almost 5 years of poker (live or online) i will try to remember them all, laydown first anyway.

Playing 10,000 ish (starting stack) and limp for 50 with 94dd after an utg limper. 4 of us go to the flop and utg bets 150 on a KQ10 2 diamonds board. I make it 450 total and he calls. Turn is 5d and he chk calls my 750 bet. River is a 2h and he checks. I bet 2250, he thinks for a small time and makes it 6000 total. I tank for 4-5minutes i reckon. Basically the first minute or so i was calling. The 2nd minute i reviewed all the streets in my head and put myself in his position. Hadnt ruled out beating 76 or 87dd (as well as complete bluff obviously) but had this guy down as a good player from what i had seen so far so just couldnt put him on any of those 3 hands. Basically knew i was beat from that time on but took over 2 minutes to finally fold. Asked if i could expose my hand then decide but wasnt allowed and matey wasnt talking so couldnt know if he would show. Fortunately the guy told me he was happy to tell me when he or i bust or end of day etc. When i finally bust he confirmed he had A3dd and i 100% believe him. That guy went on to finish 2nd/114 by the way !

Playing 7000 50/100 i make it 400 on button knowing lady fish limping utg will call. A10off me. Flop is 984 and chk chk. turn is a 10 and she check calls 650 obviously chasing a draw. River is a lovely 7 and she bets 1650 in a way she had done earlier with the nuts. Easiest player at the table by a mile to read and i instant muck showing the 10 face up. This lady showed nearly every hand she won and this was no diff turning over KJoff immediately.

Playing 10,000 i limped for 50 with Q8hh. 3 of us see a flop, me in mid position. I bet 75 on a QJ7 flop only to be min raised by scandie next to me. Put him on a draw on a sim hand to me so call. Turn is a Q and i check call 350. River is a 6 and i check call 800 to be shown Q10off :(

Playing 4500ish at 75/150 i make it 400 utg with QQ. Get caller(s) before bb bumps it up to 1500 total. I flat call (wouldnt do on internet) putting the guy on AK. Its same guy i made laydown to so have seen enough hands to be confident he didnt have KK or AA from his bet size and action. Flop comes J73 all spades and i have Qs, he puts me in and i call. He has QQ but i hit and get back to 10600 stack.

Playing 8-10k i call an utg raise with AJoff on the button and sb lady comes along too. Flop is AK3 with 2 clubs and i make it 2000 after utg bets 600. sb moves in for 8000 total. She had just lost a silly 20k pot the hand b4 paying off aces from tight player with 10s on a 44523 board so i had to tank this one as well as couldnt rule out the flush draw on tilt from a weak player even though they were tight in terms of raising without a hand. Eventually i decide to probably fold but ask her not to show me a flush draw if i fold. She instantly responds with i promise not to which actually told me 100% she didnt have one. I wasnt angling for info i just didnt want to be annoyed with myself but by asking i had got all the info i needed. I should try speech talk more often it does make the game more fun and can help, more so on big decisions. Anyway she shows 333 and im left thinking why the heck im having such tough decisions today.

100/200 and tight abc guy makes it 550 weakly from mid position. Got instinct he had a hand he knw standard to raise with but didnt feel comfortable doing so. Cutoff calls and i make it 2650 from the button with Q2cc. Folds to raiser who folds fairly quickly but cutoff dwell then shoves in. Obviously im committed to the 4800 more to call, he shows AA. Board came A34K which 2 clubs but i bricked with no suckout on river, 3200 left after what i call the right move at the wrong time :(

100/200 button makes it 500 and i have 99. 2700 total stack goes in and i know he is calling as 2200 is small change to him. He shows K10off and board comes J10108x and im gone.

Next event, unsure yet. There is a gala final at Bristol shortly and an anniversary game at DTD. Beyond that i need to look at next years GUKPT schedule as well as consider sats for aussie millions or anything else which looks hot and appealing poker wise.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

St Thomas

Sitting in dock about to leave St Thomas. Been incredible so far, so much fun and so relaxing. Anyways its costing $30 an hour to connect to the internet. The "nominal" fee not quite so nominal in most peoples opinions ! Anyways i prob wont blog until i get back for above reasons im just not online at all.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Las Vegas

Final day took 4th in Bellagio $1060 for money back. Split AQ vs Ax8s on a AsQsxs for 45% chips in play with 4 left then finally bust for same size pot AQ vs JJ.

Summary for trip. Lost $1300 on tourneys, won $1200 on cash, won $2200 on other gambling.

In Hilton now,cruise tommorrow, laters......

Friday, November 14, 2008


On the back of the hangover to avoid not leaving the room all day i thought i would visit a casino or 2 near my hotel. Despite staying here 3 times ive never been to any of Sahara, Stratosphere or Circus Circus. Main objective though was to stuff my face to get rid of my hangova. As i left the hotel i decided against the first 2 and headed for Circus Circus instead. Decided on chilli con carne and could hardly move without even finishing the plate in front of me !

Anyway decided to have a few goes on slots before heading back. Started on video poker and lost $100 before going onto an Ebay slot machine and winning the $100 back. Was heading towards the exit when a Monopoly machine caught my eye so i sat down there. Playing 9 lines @ 5 credits per line x 5 cents i was spinning $2.25 a spin when it rolled it the jackpot for 50,000 credits = $2,500 !!! At first i didnt see the wild symbol on the 5th reel but within seconds realised i had finally got the top payout on a vegas slot machine. Could go a whole lifetime without that. I walk past people playing machines all the time and i have never seen someone win a jackpot in my time over here before !!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rough Times

Spending most of today in room thanks to a white russian attack on an empty stomach, was fun but not recommended. Anyway yesterdays summary:

Bellagio $540 went to form eventually losing KK vs AQ to go above average chips with half of the 28 entrants left.

After i bust i looked around for this complete calling station european chap who never folds to see if he was on a cash table. I found him and sat on 2/5$ NL hoping i good get some. I ended up playing on this table for 11 hours and peaked at $2300 down before finishing only $1300 down. Im happy with this as i ran so bad it was a good result in the end as far as im concerned. Some sample hands i can remember before i hit the booze:

Get $240 in preflop with AK and CS (callin station) flops 63off to double off me. He only had about the same behind so i was committed anyway.

Call a $15 raise with 78ss on the button (CS is sat nxt to me i hav position). Flop is Kxx all spades and he bets 60 which i call and another does. Turn is a blank and i bet $160 which only he calls. River is 10s and chk chk for him to show 10x9s.

Call a $15 raise on button with A5hh, bout 6 go to flop which is A,10,3. CS bets 25$ gets a weak caller and i make it $100 to go. Just CS calls and turn is a Q. Chk chk and its early days so i cant help callin the $200 river bet to be shown QQ.

CS makes it 15 and i make it 90$ with AA. 1 caller + CS and flop is KQx , other caller has KK and despite a small tell i kind of hoped he was on AK when he flat called the flop and couldnt resist doubling him up and losing several hundred on the hand. I had a raport with CS now and he told me he had folded KJ. Nice flop for me then :(

I managed to get some back playing the drunken pissed english tourist anyway and probably pissed off several well serious boring locals in the process. Also got some angle shooting (if thats whats its called) when local guy tells me i win when i call his river bet. Fortunately my cards went nowhere near the muck when he did a fake muck and turned his 9high face up. The ruling went in my favour which wound up the **** big time and actually made me more comfortable at the table than had been before (prob thx to the booze). Had to be seen to be believed but this guy was scum and ive never seen someone try this before. Lowest of the low and worse than slowrolling in my opinion. Fortunately i was at the opposite end of the table and just put mp3 on max and chilled instead of getting over involved in after talk when he was throwing his toys out of his pram. All experience gained i guess lol.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad, Good & Sober

Bad: Lost £1000 on omaha before i left the hotel room today (Tuesday) . Got to Caesars 15mins late (3:15pm) for what i was told when registering was a PL omaha hi lo $210 game, turns out it was limit (although still wanted to enter and have a non serious afternoon/day). Game went on several hours and only was 20 entrants.

Good/Sober: Took a good deal 5 way to be the winner effectively (had 50% ish chips in play) and got $1,220 back for my slog. Had nice Mahi-mahi meal afterwards with 1 pint of lager, time for some shut eye now.

May donate to Bellagio tommorrow but no plans just gonna see what i fancy when i wake up.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad, Good & Pissed

Monday went as follows:

Online for couple hours level but couple suck outs against me so fine.

Bellagio $540 2pm, bust at end of 2nd level !!! Missed all flops and fish called bluff and generally others all hit the flops i missed :( BUT funny hand which sums up Vegas and some of the shit ive seen this week:

25/50 utg limps i make it 225 with AA playing 5-6k and just the button calls. Flop is 544 and i make it 325 which he calls. Turn is a 7 and we both check. River is another 4 and i value bet for 1325. The guy looks disgusted so im itching for a call. He then says "i'll give it to you" holding 55 up in the air. I ask if he means he is folding and he chucks it down in the muck and confirms he is. I muck while seat 1 & 2 are trying not to laugh but cutoff tells button his mistake immediately just to embarress the poor sod even more.

Headed back to Venetian and got into a Omaha PL 2/5 game soon after i got there. Sat with $500 looking to gamble and peaked at $2100 before finishing at $1575 nearly 3 hours later. Was fun definitely will play again.

After a steak we all went walking up the top end of the strip. After many cocktails, slots, blackjack, wheel of fortune etc Punterz and i finished back on 1/2 in Venetian for a laugh. Sat down maybe 12:30am and stayed till 4am. Made $100 there then went looking for food. Got a subway sandwich but not before playing more slots after some video poker and winning another $170, happy days :)

Finally got back to room around 5am shattered but had ok nights sleep but unsure what im doing today. Options are pool, gym, online, bellagio 2pm, caesars 3pm omaha hi lo tourney (only $200 but could be a laugh), or i guess Venetian pl omaha again. Gonna try having a day off the drink again anyway now the others have headed back to Florida.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Venetian $550 15,000 starting stack. Played much better in this, also much tighter by my standards with a few moves, bluffs, madness, whateva u wnna call it mixed in. 5 hands of interest:

1) Playing 16k 50/100 i pick up KK in the cutoff. several limpers b4 me and i make it 600 hoping for 1 mayb 2 max callers. We are 9 handed and i get 7 callers !!! 8 going to the flop lol. Anyway flop is K94 2 spades and luckily for me setminer had 44 and i go to 30k.

2) New table only got there and fancied some aggression to get an image immediately. On the button several hands in i make it 2000 to go with 10,7off (blinds 300/600 50 ante) and bb calls. Flop is A78 with 2 clubs and he leads for 3000, we r both in region of 40k and i make it 8000 total, he flat calls. cant remember turn and river think 3rd club on turn and blank but we check it down and he has 9,10hh and i take a nice pot down.

3) Same table people are vocally going on bout the 10,7 and ive tightened up a bit hopin to pick up a hand and get paid. Anyway folds to sb and he tops up to 800. I look at KK in the bb and make it standard raise 2600 as done few times already at this level. He calls. Flop is 98x and he chk raises me allin. I instant call and he shows 9,10off and i hold to up to peak stack at that point. New we were spliting not long after though so tightened up completely and didnt pick any more hands up there.

4) New table although 1 guy friendly but nervy tight abc player from my first table there. I knw he folds to reraises unless top premium hand. Several hands in he makes it 3400 (1200bb) from mid late position. I have the golden 10,7 off and make it 10k looking to take it down from the cutoff. BB moves allin 15k and i shabily call. He shows 10s and board comes 88469 , golden and peak stack again. Anyway just before dinner i lost a Q10std vs 6s to have gone prob top5 chippy on 110k at 1600bb and was left with 65k, still an ok stack.

5) After that though big chippy moves to our table and so many big hands at our table none of which im getting. I remember moving allin 45k after a 4k limper utg with Q9dd in the cutoff and he folded 8s face up but opportunities were slim and i felt i couldnt have done much more than i did. With 33 players left, pays 27 (280 runners, $33k 1st) and blinds 4k but 2 mins b4 6k i moved allin 8handed on the button with 4s and ran into jacks. Gutted not to get into the cash and have a chance at big stuff but took it on the chin although 10 hours for nout aint the best feeling. Dnt regret the shove 1 bit, if ive got 60k there i either fold preflop or make it 12k ish then fold to reraise.

To sum up a much more solid performance, luck both ways to be honest but 33/280 aint so bad. Only twice almost allin b4 exit hand and called when sim stacks that KK vs 9,10 and kk vs 44 so cant do that much else.

Played some tired 1/3 after and went $300 down quickly before finishing $450 up so only $100 down live on the day anyway ! Today ive gone for couple of mtts online and fair bit of cash for a few hours. The others goin rio later for seafood buffet so may go over there but unsure yet. Obviously wsop final table on, think its there not binions so that may swing it.


Just played 2/5$ omaha and 2/5£ omaha hi lo for 3 hours and played/ran well. Bout £2000 profit :)) Right pool time and seafood buffet apparantly lol

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So Far

Plane journey was great, immed through customs and bag out one of first. Was quickest ive ever got to my hotel from touching down ever in Vegas. Rest of day was just drunk 1/3, ended up losing $100 and getting the usual reminder that only well timed bluffs wont get called out here.

Thursday i played the $540 2pm Bellagio. First time ive played there but again i bluffed at the wrong time and was out a few levels in. Only 30ish runners otherwise i would play them daily. Anyway went onto 1/3 in Caesars same table as Punterz and ended up $900 up b4 meal etc to finish it off. One hand of note ive been ordered to blog:

53dd early position and i limp as 2 a couple others b4 punterz pot boosts to 15 on the button. Bout 2 callers + me and flop is a juicy 24K with 2 diamonds. I lead for 25$ and just Punterz calls. Turn is a 2nd club but a 7 and now i lead for $50 after Punterz does a luvly im callin whateva u bet act and if u dont bet i will check the river. He then proceeds to say if i bet he is calling then putting all "these" chips in on river. He grabs 2 handfuls of what i would estimate to be around $200 give or take. River is a blank 10 and i dwell a while, he is giving his threatening speech hanging his handfuls of chips over the line. I so wanna win with the nut low :) and have to bet. I make it a $100 (looks like a good blocker or value bet to him). He looks disgusted and i immediately say come on you cant foold now. He reluctantly does but shows 63cc proudly saying i cant beat you anyway. When i show him and the table the 5 high where the 6 would have played he nearly collapsed and the rest of the table were in complete hoots. Think he luvved it more than i did claiming its one of best hands he has had. I guess it would have been for me too but i did bluff a similar amount off to him before. Anyway for entertainment value it was on the 10/10 scale and for image which paid off after that hand it helped me win the $900 profit too in the end, no one was ever folding to me again :)

Yesterday i stayed sober and played $540 venetian, again a badly timed bluff cost me loads level 2 but i had lost a chunk value bettting with trip 10s against a straight which could have took a lot more off me level 1. I played the short stack well though and patient but the hand to go out on wasnt huge but was a ridiculous gutshot flush draw and overs against a guy check raising me with 2nd pair when i had already committed to the pot and i miss, ah well. Played a $130 satellite to get $570 tourney chips more to cool off that anything and got through on what was an awful standard table as expected. The 3 of us then (pirus beign the 3rd) for fun played a $125 bounty in Treasure Island. Punterz pissed as a fart making most people luv or hate him, whats new. I got labelled a fish calling station cos i was first couple levels, so funny how serious people take the game in these tiny crapshoot fish type tourneys. Believe me if i told them how much i made from poker they just wouldnt have believed it :) Finished off with a steak and a good nights sleep.

Think im gonna play the Venetian again today $540 which is in 75mins. Could see me drinkin if i dont go deep although i wouldnt mind giving the $1000 a go tommorrow or played a wad of sunday mtts online so ill have to make that nice choice later as i go along.

Only played online for an hour or so since i got here and made a quick buck or 2. I keep that separate for the trip though and my Vegas gambling is +$235 currently....laters

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nearly There

A boozy Saturday was followed up by some relief when i checked my accounts the next day to confirm i hadnt played at all drunk. Too hungover to play properly or enjoy it so i didnt touch poker yesterday.

Today i got some nice rakeback and bonus to boost this months $£ tally. Ive been busy getting ready to leave 2moz and was still fairly tired but i did sit for 60-90 minutes just before midnight and made a tidy profit although bit gutted could/should been more but lost a £400 to a chaser chk caller on £2/5 omaha. He didnt even bet river when he hit and let me check in position for what was easiest non value bet of the night :( Still £1300 up on the day inc. bonuses and rakeback so happy with that obviously.

Next post should be from Vegas !!! yippeeeeeee

PS: also got cabin details for cruise 2nite, got private balcony which wasnt guaranteed (i think) so another bonus :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Quick loss post £1200, wasnt playing that great and didnt run well. Hope this blogs it out of my system as its time to go out on the piss....laters

3 Hour Review

Normally i let anything beyond midnight last day of month go into that month but i decided against that b4 tonight cos i knew i was drinking. Was supposed to discourage me but it didnt and a few hours into November and already £2800 up. All 2/4 - 10/20 although the 10/20 i had no allins just float steals etc so not as much luck as need sometimes. Keep it up all easy when running ok or good. Recession yeh not in poker loooooooooool.

Friday, October 31, 2008

October Review

Didnt play today, too busy. Final tally = £16,482 (incs £2900 from ept-->cpc package) and also a $2500 offline package.

Best month since February and best actual cash profits for 3 years. Also by a mile best month where cash profit solely from cash games and not mtts. I toned down the hi lo, most of my games were just omaha and i know im playing my best ever at that. More importantly i enjoy it more than i have for a long time whilst still seeing it as a challenge. I havent been as complacent this month, i havent tilted as much (not perfect though) and im learning finally to cope with the variance on a daily basis.

Sounds too easy, it aint and i know i have to put same effort in each session regardless of previous results. Looking forward to warmer weather more than anything in November and anything from poker is a bonus. If i dont donate back i need about £12,000 from the last 2 months to make it my best year ever. Another stat for the books, i started keeping poker records exactly four years ago and i can see that over that time ive averaged just over £1000 a week :)) Gonna celebrate tommorrow :))

More Days In October Please

Another highly successful day. All omaha 2/4 and 3/6, tiny bit of 5/10 hardly worth mentioning. Won about £1000 this afternoon and about £1500 tonight. Have put in a fair few hours today compared to the other days but still nothing exhausting by any means. Anyway felt i was getting complacent so despite being wide awake ive stopped for the night. Monthly tally obviously reached another high, if i play tommorrow it wont be much as out for evening.

October currently stands up there as almost as good a month as my best month February when i won 2 EPT packages and about £10k in cash. Mind you i have cashed in £2900 from one of those EPT packages into this months profit for the CPC so i guess not quite as good as February yet.

Now got ideas of getting my best ever years profit but would need to have a couple of steady months in November and December or a big win. Steady isnt really a word i would use to describe my profits this month so have to wait and see what November brings first.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Long Now

End of month and another trip away, much needed now the weather has gone so shitty.

Monday and Tuesday i only played an hour ish a day and made £200 and £400 respectively.

Today was a tale of 2 sessions. This afternoon i was golden and couldnt miss a thing, so easy when u getting the luck as well. Made about £2700 in the end in under 2 hours play.
This evening though i donated back, didnt play too bad just set ups and averaging out of the luck i had earlier in the day. Worst one was a $900 pot just before i stopped where i flopped the nut flush when i had raised to $45 pre on the button of a 9 handed 3/6 table with AQ35 dbl suited. I then got disconnected by the site. Managed to log back in with 10 seconds and just in time to see pot of $250 being bet at me. Anyway turns out he has 2nd nut flush but runner runner comes for the full house. Figured this pisstake was a good time to stop. Lost £1000 in total in evening, so "only" £1700 up on the day :( :)

All the last 3 days play was omaha and omaha hi lo 2/4 up to 5/10 . Ive stayed off the bigger tables for now. Ive also received the cash credit of my package so that has boosted my months profit even further. I had considered some sort of structured bankroll technique to help be more disciplined and stay at the right omaha levels but im not sure if i will use it especially now as im gonna be away playing as much live as online soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My First (Hopefully Not Last) Sponsorship

Just won a 19 player win only $5000 package freeroll. Nah i lie got HU and did a deal with even stacks for $2500 sponsorship package each. Basically on 70% but if was lucky enough to come top 3 in the live event a significant amount gets reinvested back in me. Sounds more impressive to say im sponsored anyway :)) even if its likely to be only one event.

Managed to lose all the preflop allins to win it though :( before the deal.

KJ vs 33 / 96 vs A3 / A4 vs K3 / AK vs Q9

Did win one allin preflop to stay in after the first 3 allins AJ vs A3. Oh and of course i won the allin with J5 after we had done a deal as well as flopping trips the hand b4 when still discussing the deal. Still im happy enough and it will buy me into a GUKPT event next year. Cash Profit is at peak for the month and hopefully will peak further. All is good, well apart from the mindblowing hangover ive still got :(

Another Drunk Weekend Escape

Plastered last night. Apparantly i was last on the dance floor going nuts to Rhianna's Disturbia, dont remember any of that.

Loaded up the laptop today hoping poker balances were intact as there was a fair bit of memory loss. Fortunately they were, i didnt play at all.

Did a short burst on 2/4$ omaha today though and held for a $1200 pot just before leaving. KJxx vs QJ109 vs J5xx on a KJ5 board. Too hungover for any lengthy play although i am playing a $5000 freeroll now, may update later if successful or annoyed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Go On The Swings

Wasnt hungover and fancied some high stuff again. Got well unlucky to begin with gettin rivered on a couple of $1k-$2k pots on 10/20 hi and hi/lo . Ended up losing £4000 at worst low after losing $1000 on 25/50 first hand. Moved to another 25/50 hu table with last $1000 and managed to spin it up to $8000 so ended up £1000 up on the afternoon.

God knows if i play later drunk what stakes ill be on..........eeeeeeeeeekk

Drunk High Stakes, Part 1 ???

Bust one account for £1600 fairly quickly on omaha errrr think on 5/10 could been 10/20 was fairly drunk then. Sobered up a bit after so can remember spinning $800 up to $5000 on another site on 10/20. Also lost $1600 on another site before sitting on 25/50 omaha (yeh my highest omaha stake to date) with my last $1000. Bust that quick and deposit another $1500 in and ended up leaving with $5000, table was unexpectly very weak. It did get better and bigger stacked and i left then as knew wasnt as much of an edge. Was also 6 handed then and most my profit came from 3 handed stuff so good time to leave. In end about + £2400 in total if calculations correct.

Mayb hav to do more withdrawals before 2moz night to limit any potential losses although worryingly (but thankfully tonight) i did deposit £650 which when im drunk is unheard of for me. Not a habit i want to get into for sure, dodgy as heck imo.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sober High Stakes

Made a bit this afternoon and went back just after 9pm tonight. Had no intent to play high but saw a soft 10/20 omaha game going and couldnt resist. I think i played damn well but again as always happens when i venture into the higher stakes the variance kicks me in the teeth. Anyways basically i was steadily making profit by avoiding allins and taking pots uncontested in the main. Then lose these within quick succession :

AAQ9 dbl suited $2k vs AA10,8 dbl suited $2k vs 8755 no suits $1.5k a $5500 pot gone. 24% to win 24% to split. A10 gets a straight. I believe thats the biggest single pot ive been involved in, although know i had an JJ vs AK for approx £3k once before so would have to check.

Allin on a turn, matey drawing to 6 outs and hits for $1300....... so $1300 pot gone

50/50 where i raised, continuation bet was pot committed with ace high $500 into $2000 when checkraised. Turned out he on a draw and checked in odds calc was 50/ $2000 pot gone

Allin on turn again, matey about 7 outs for $900 and hits.

At this point, bearing in mind these were all in quick succession i went down almost £4000 for the session. Strangely enough though i wasnt on tilt and was itching to keep playing with my £1100 left in the site as felt i had a significant edge given how i and the table was playing. I managed to spin back to £2000 down for the session but just stayed around that stack for ages. Ended up clocking almost 4 hours in total, made a debatably bad call at the end though to finish £3300 down on the session and £2700 down on the day when i take earlier profit into account.

Sounds bad but really gave me a thirst for the higher stakes when my minds as clear and focused as it was tonight. As they say it aint about the profit its about getting it in on the right side of the odds so the profit takes care of itself in the long run.

Still over £3000 up for the month. Expecting a £3000 cash credit from a package any day now and also got $1000 bonus to cash in within the next few days. Playing well and enjoying the majority of it. Only concern right now is i will probably drink the next couple of nights and i just hope i dont go too mad if i fire up any cash tables in a state, just have to see i guess.


For gods sake that was supposed to be the end of the night. I went to one site to do a withdrawal and it blocked my account. I went to another site to do a withdrawal and ended up on 2/5 5/10 and 10/20 omaha, the middle one for 3.5hours !!! Basically lost another £3000 but then got lucky allin flush draw with last $1000 when i was gnna go to bed on 5/10. Fortunately i was golden after that and ended up leaving that site in profit for £500ish. Still wtf am i doing, god knows.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Nightmare session. Lost my head but didnt tilt, just got completely done over all night. Wish i hadnt played more as was up for 1st session today. New i wasnt feeling it but went back on anyway but still dont think i did much wrong.

One of them omaha sessions where the idiots get rewarded. Dumbest pot had to be on 2/4 hi lo when opponent called $300 preflop with KQJ10 with only $400 more behind. It went in on a AJ6ccc flop despite neither of us having clubs and my AKJ4 was no match despite blocking some of the dumb nutcases outs. That was the start of a major downfall which was just so sick.

£1850 down on the evening session = £1600 down for the day :((

Choose Day

Played almost 3 hours this afternoon and a couple more this evening, usual games.

This afternoon went well and i steadily seemed to increase in profit, all be it losing a couple of chunky pots which could have made it another crazy streak. Finished about £700 up.

Tonight though i definitely didnt play as well, picked some bad spots and didnt run that well either. Fortunately for me i ran really well on the one 5/10 table i opened up otherwise it would have been a horrendous session. Probably was down over £1000 at one point but recovered to £500 up before losing £400 in the end.

So £300 for the day, could be more could be less, unsure if im happy with that or not :) :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

For Your Eyes Only

GUKPT not much to talk about im afraid, in terms of poker anyway. Bust level one losing 30% of stack on a bluff and the other 70% 3 betting a flush draw and missing. Wasnt too bothered, although maybe that was my downfall that i was in for £800 yet i didnt seem to care that much.

Had a great time away though, fair few drinks on the Thursday then i drove to Bournemouth Friday afternoon (after busting) to visit Uni mates i havent seen for ages. (Yes Adrian as promised i will mention you on here) More drinks there before returning home Saturday and ended up out on the town again !

Sunday i maybe played online for 30-60mins and was level but wasnt feeling it so left it until today to get in some proper games.

I still may play some more tonight but ive put in several sessions today and had a very good run. 2/4 - 5/10 omaha and hi lo i think i peaked at about £3000 up. I lost a $3400 pot soon after though (was behind though when money went in) and stopped soon after. About £2100 up on the day if i dont play any more, guess i'll update if it changes but well chuffed for now anyway.

........................later update
100 more minutes and another £1000 nearly all on 2/4 omaha , good times.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time For A Break

Well 2 hours after the last post i hit the tables again determined to get some back. Got a few hundred back but then seemed to get outdrawn every time i had a chance to get more. This went on a while then i lost more than my share and tilted 1 or 2 decisions and was in a hole for another several hundred £

Fortunately not a bad end though as shut the hi lo tables and focused on 2 omaha 2/4 tables and opened a 5/10 to try spin up. Had a nice 30-60mins end to get out of jail. Ended up £400 up for the evening or £1300 down for the day.

Whicheva way u look at it im not mad now (although was when playing), and that seems a fair loss for the day ive had as a whole. Just glad its not more to be honest !

Thanet GUKPT next........ (tempted to leave laptop behind !)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not So Good

Yesterday went £500 up early then lost it back before finishing £200 up. Disappointed though as i know the big pots werent going my way, still good to be up at all given that.

Just had a complete nightmare session 1-2hrs where absolutely nothing went my way. Cold decked outdraws u name it and put big dent back in my monthly profit. Lost about £1700 but think there was only 1 pot i might have played differently if not starting to tilt but wasnt that bad anyway. Anyway shut down quick before tilting anything off, just another omaha swing i guess and i need to learn to cope with them.

Still well in profit and probably going gukpt tommorrow although not 100% yet, may still play later but def taking 1-2hrs break from the tables just now minimum, ARRRGGGGHHHH.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sicker Sessions

Didnt play Sat or Sun due to 10 hour drinking session :) and recovery :(

Sat down today and played less than an hour this afternoon and maybe 3-4hours tonight. Totally sick i was, couldnt lose a big pot at all today, just kept gettin shipped to me. Got my fair share of luck but also played well with betting and bluffing included.

To summarize i won about $400 on 10/20 pl omaha hi lo, about $800 at 1/2 pl omaha hi lo and the rest at 3/6 omaha and 2/4 omaha hi lo. Dont think i had a single losing table out of the 7 or 8 played. In total i think i made just over £3k which is nuts for the stakes i was at.

Nice when it seems that easy, be interesting to see if i donate back or play too high in the coming week or so following that session. GUKPT drive up Thursday provided this sore throat ive obtained doesnt get any worse and lookin forward to it as well as Vegas/cpc which is now under 3 weeks away :):)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boozy Tales

Won approx £1000 during a boozy session last night but then had some sick beats and lost it back, finished £50 up or sommat which is better than a loss anyway. I know i was playing well anyway which was the main thing.

Have to see about tonight, havent made a clear decision on drinkin as a bit rough from last night, time well tell !

Friday, October 10, 2008

Reverse Reverse

Bllx just had a 4 hour session where i was up a grand£ for 3hrs of it then it totally went backwards. Bust one account but was still well up on a fishy table on other site. Then the beats and set ups came, so sick, was about to go on tilt and maybe donate more but the donut took piss out of me so i told him he lost my tilt money and left.

Ended up £1300 down so i guess combine that with the nutty session earlier and only a £700 profit for the day but feels like a loss. Still unsure if im cut out to play so much omaha, think i should stick to hi lo for the next few days. Easier said than done though but i hate bad variance and struggle to cope often on any downswing.

Right onto more pressing matters, gonna take 50% on my 1 account with significant money in it out so i cant do my nuts on the whole balance drunk tommorrow, or sober :(

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sick Session

Hi lo action was pretty dead this afternoon so sat on 3/6 and 5/10 omaha instead. Lost about £800 on some nasty rivers before going into a major golden session. Played to top of my game too but draws hitting and hands holding up etc. Peaked at £3300 up before losing this pot below (approx £2400 pot i believe) . Shame but still hit more than my share:

5/10 OmahaGameTable (PL) - Thu Oct 09 11:51:35 EDT 2008
Table Table 135451 (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: castof ( $2288.13)
Seat 2: Luiz0 ( $161)
Seat 3: HangaPanga ( $1514.24)
Seat 4: Roundhauskik ( $3817.50)
Seat 5: me ( $7604.90)
Seat 6: orangeland ( $1057)
Luiz0 posts small blind (5)
HangaPanga posts big blind (10)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to me [ Qh, Ah, As, Td ]
Roundhauskik folds
me raises (35) to 35
orangeland folds
castof raises (120) to 120
Luiz0 folds
HangaPanga folds
me raises (340) to 375
castof calls (255)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6c, 9d, 4h ]
me bets (762)
castof raises (1913.13) to 1913.13
castof is all-In.
me calls (1151.13)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 5c ]
** Dealing River ** : [ Jd ]
Creating Main Pot with $4588.26 with castof
** Summary **
Main Pot: $4588.26 Rake: $3
Board: [ 6c 9d 4h 5c Jd ]
castof balance $4588.26, bet $2288.13, collected $4588.26, net +$2300.13 [ Jh Kc 8c 9h ]

Glad that came at end of session and left shortly after about £2000 up for the session.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


1 week into October and to say its been a rollercoaster already would be accurate. I peaked for less than 24hrs at £5000 profit but quickly donated back and dropped to £1300 before i played Monday. Monday i lost £1250 in less than an hour running as bad as i have in a short period.

So £60 up i sat down yesterday. Began on 5/10 hi lo and lost 4 x $4000 pots within 30mins, major fav and 3 x 40-60%ers so was in a hole for around £2000. Knew i wasnt tilting though so kept at it and after a mammoth 8hrs+ session i got that all back to finish about £1000 up.

Anyways im booked for Thanet GUKPT and head up there next Thursday for the £1060 event. Cant come quick enough, itching for some live games and a change from the routine and obviously when i get back its damn close to vegas/cpc trip so lots to look fwd to.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

MTT Night

Long time since i played a load of these at once. Entered 7 fairly biggish ones in end, think on 7 different sites actually !

Bust 4/7 without getting anywhere significant although i know i was mad with 2 of the busts at other people.

Left with 3 all fairly deep. Just bust 500 player one on a pot to hav gone 5th/125 ish 66 vs 97 on a 754flop with matey timing out to almost fold b4 calling and me missing :( Had been top 20 the whole game nearly so that one hurt a bit, especially after losing a couple of flips for chunky pots b4 that hand as well.

So 2 left, was top 10 of 1100 player $60 rebuy but been overraised couple times and laid down, tourney has so many overbettors and nutcases so could get big stack again or bust any time really. 25/57 at mo.

Other one is crypto 40k , 41/58 pays 40.

Obviously cashed in one above but i aint counted entry fees prob need £1000 just to break even tonight :) Update later below gl me ..........

Damn it flips unavoidable at such a deep stage when im playin for top prizes. JJ vs AQ to have gone joint 2nd/31 (1111 entrants) but out 31st for awful $600. To put that into contxt jumps were nout then 10th-18th get $1575 so v annoyed to be forced to flip and not ladder more. At end of day top 3 payouts were what i was after as all multis normally :( :(

Still on bubble in 40k only one left, hope to at least cash then see how my luck goes............

17/33 now survived bubble then won A10 vs K4 and AK vs 10s keep it coming................

Damn it mad again, AQ vs JJ (eg other way round from prima bust) and i lose. muppet trys a stop and go on me with jacks too wtf r these people on. Calls a reraise so im committed then tries to get me to fold unbelievable how bad some people r in these games that obv think they r good. 30th for £280 :(:(

Would took me to 7th ish/30 so mad livid and gutted all in one.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Urrrrrrrgh , hangovas, sooooooo rough def aint boozin 2nite :(

But did do 4 hours drunk poker last night and made shed load, god knws how lol.


Damn it lost it all back playin hungova :( Dumb animal fish

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sluggish Start

Just aint fancied putting in the time so far. Played tiny bit yesterday and a little bit more today, profit ok steady both days but motivation definitely lacking. Probably a day off tommorrow (unless i play some drunk) which may help but i think i need some sort of rake target or promotion to focus on similar to last months really.

Maybe look at a few diff skins or even a new network or 2 and see whats about sometime this week.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Review

Didnt play tonight. A rollercoaster throughout the month with profits reaching just over £10,000 before dropping back to under £3000. Finally finished at £7,392. If i do decide to play Thanet GUKPT though i will take the reduced buy in out of that profit so it will be in the region of £6,500.

95% cash games and some good rakeback due for a couple of sites. Hopefully get some cash through from Littlewoods in October for the EPT/CPC package too.

Still need to take the game a bit more seriously when im well up for a month early and not get complacent. Easier said than done as are the drunken dodgy agression sessions.

Basically hoping for another good month in October to set me up for all the live games in November. In fact i will roll myself more in November if i sustain the profit level of the last couple of months.

Probs Again

Totally livid again. A few sick outdraws for huge pots set me off and tilted a significant chunk off again. My own fault shouldnt have been playing as tired but didnt fancy anything else so really was playing to avoid boredom = dumb.

So lost my head, my mind and my money, thank *** its the end of the month which is still a good month profit wise. Maybe i should avoid playing 2moz but ill c what mood im in.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Part 2

Wasnt too wild on the poker front in end as crashed at mates but did hav a small dabble. Had lost £400 b4 i went out in 30mins but managed to get half that back in the drunken early hours.

Sry but no more to say, dullest post of the year i know.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Part 1

1st drunk installment is good, raped 10/20 hi lo and made a wad that almost matches what i lost last Saturday !

Will it last out tommorrow when i know i'll be more drunk though !

Look out for part 2 coming sooooooooooooooooooooon

Friday, September 26, 2008

Calm Before The Storm ?

Been playing loads and loads last couple of days. Only break even Wednesday but made a few hundred £ tonight on usual hi lo games. Was more trying to clear a couple of bonuses which are almost done now.

Im now basically back to where i was before my last drunken session. Will i be able to resist playing this weekend if i have a few ? Will i lose my head and a wad again or maybe get lucky :) Who knows, i write this now in the hope i might be a tad more disciplined than last Saturday when i bust 2 of my accounts :(

On another note im considering playing the next GUKPT event in Thanet (Kent i think) a couple of weeks into October. Will decide in about a week but kind of makes sense as its been a while since live stuff. Also i have 2 x $270 tokens to use up in satellites but given my reluctance to play online mtts im confident they will let me trade them towards the £1060 buy in. If so i'll feel like im in at a reduced buyin which is always handy on the mental side of things.

Right off now hopefully for a lack of poker weekend, i know ive played more than enough this week !!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Drunk Funds

Didnt play Sunday combo of hangova and thought a day off needed after that drop sat night.
I managed to bust 2 sites Sat night. 1 of which i will leave as expecting a credit due soon. The other wouldnt let me deposit today so 2 networks kinda out of action for the time being !

So with just 2 sites to choose from (for hi lo) i sat today late afternoon on 1/2 & 2/4 for an hour then again this evening for several hours. I know i ran very good but i also played well with no tilt and managed to claw back a significant chunk of the Sat night losses.

Few more days yet before the weekend but if todays profit survives until then it will be a personal battle to not risk/lose it drunk again but hopefully at least it will be there and thats better than playing when down for the month :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Dear

Becoming a familiar story this month unfortunately. After a steady few days i lost a huge chunk last night drunk again. Im still in profit for the month but all my hard work last week undone in a few hours and still one more weekend left in the month to try and avoid blowing more. Get a grip... again !

Friday, September 19, 2008

November Holiday Schedule

For my use really may even repost it closer to departure.

04.11.08: 6pm Train in Exeter for Gatwick to hotel

05.11.08: 10:45am Virgin Flight to Las Vegas
05.11.08 - 15.11.08: HGVC Hotel Las Vegas (usual one link on blog)

15.11.08: 6:05am American Airlines Flight to Miami
15.11.08: Hilton Miami
16.11.08 - 23.11.08: Caribbean Poker Cruise

23.11.08: 9:15pm Virgin Flight to Heathrow
24.11.08: Home asap

Good Times

That last post stuck in my head and 95% of my play has been grinding successfully the last few days on lowish stakes tables. The only point of concern was a great afternoon today before i proceeded to donate back this evening with some nasty tilt. I got over it though and got lucky again to go even further up than i was in the afternoon !

Weekend approaching just a short reminder to myself to not push my luck although not yet sure if drinking as had a cold all week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hard Times

Profit dropped again significantly last night. Real moody again at the tables which i aint been for a while but definitely caused some arrogant tilt which cost me on at least one site.

Earlier i had entered 4 mtts for first time in ages, highlight losing flush draw and gutshot vs overpair to have gone 1/58 from a 200 runner 50euro rebuy. Maybe that got under my skin or some cash games outdraws but lost it again, all be it sober this time.

Anyway to sum up, need to get some respect for the game again. As arrogant as it sounds i know ive been winning too easily the last couple of months. Result = its far to easy to sit down and just assume im gonna win every time without putting proper effort or focus in. Ive done a load of withdrawals today partly cos i dont trust myself to stay at a steady stake level and partly to encourage me to grind again at the lower level despite still being approx £4000 up on this month. My poker roll sitting in accounts is lowest for months now which is obviously deliberate and tactics which i hope will change my mindset at least for the 2nd half of September anyway.

Hope i dont play today but happy hunting to those that do !

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Problem Solved Just Dont Get Drunk

Didnt touch the casino last night, miles more hammered than night b4 though and attacked high stakes poker. Basically lost huge chunk. At end of day if i compare monthly profit now with what it was Thursday its the same although it has swung both ways like nuts. Ah well at least i wont be drunk until next Friday, maybe i try hiding the Laptop (WJVR techinique) when im goin out drinking. Who knows ah well know i had good night out anyway :):):)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forget Banning Drunk Poker BAN DRUNK BLACKJACK

So basically last Friday i accidently clicked on a blackjack icon on a poker table and risked chunky money but got away with it with a lucky streak to win a nice chunk. Reality hits home today i was lucky not to bust my monthly profit playing eyewateringly high $ per hand last night, basically max $ per hand allowed on that site but wont say what that was. I went down a few bets and was more likely to bust that account than "escape" but escape i did and managed to stop a few bets up.

Reason for post = i know im drinkin tonight as well and i do not want a repeat of drunk Friday blackjack even though ive got away with it twice this month i know its a ticking time bomb to a big loss.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More Bookings

International flights sorted - into Vegas 5th Nov (my birthday) - return from Miami on the 23rd Nov

Still to book list (for my info really)

Gatwick Hotel
Vegas Hotel
Internal flight to Miami on the 15th Nov

Right onto poker, played loads tonight as know i wont play so much next few days as normal with weekends nowadays. Lost an absolute huge wad before recovering some and i guess im not too unhappy about losing £900-1000 on the day given all circumstances put together. Terrible in chat box again, just cant help myself far too often.

Awaiting approximately $6000 cash element of that EPT package used for CPC, hoping it will come before end of the month to boost me up. Months profit is still v good but lost my focus and discipline a bit last week and havent won nething before tonights loss which is first week for a while.

Pete or Kev if u read this get booked on CPC u know u wnna.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Registration Confirmation: Caribbean Poker Classic

Despite an excellent start to September i havent been getting into the games the last few days. Hopefully that will change now im confirmed on part of the Caribbean Poker Classic 2008. That EPT package i had on hold for 6 months has been used for what i hope should be a great holiday with a bonus chance of money obviously.

$10K CPC Main Package
• Stateroom for two with complimentary meal plan
• $2500+$200 Main Event buy-in
• $2300 in tournament vouchers
• $2000 cash for travel and expenses

I also think i will get the difference between 10,000euros and 10,000$ credit to my account also this month.;jsessionid=0000YqVdpS7ww3A-d3OxApXLUpZ:13dlhtaak?shipCode=FR

I feel excited already ! Anyway i havent mentioned i think im going to go to Las Vegas the week before as well, have to sort that out and the flights asap so i can relax.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Aug Review

Just quick post as knackered from a 14 hour road trip return from holiday.

Played less mtts than have done for months, stuck to cash mainly omaha hi lo and omaha with some other bits in there too. Had 1 drunken bad gamble but 2 drunken good gambles (so basically got away with 2/3 so lucky there i guess).

End result best month since Feb and definitely best profit made almost solely from cash games. +£10,735

Weather was awful so i did play a lot the first few weeks of August but less last 1/3 on holiday. A fair chunk of rakeback goes into the base of September anyway.

Bloggin = same, eg keepin goin at least once a month but dnt expect many posts.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Less Sick

Write this 30mins after waking up at 4pm. Im still drunk and know im gnna get a hangova v soon. Been tryin to piece bits of memory together from last night, think i had a gr8 night but my memory is so vague i really hav no idea. Anyway what i can say is i won back the losses from the night before with extra but i think i was playin dangerously high and probably risking a lot. Small memories of 25/50 omaha, 100/200 hu limit and £5/10 hi lo. Think there was some NL holdem in there too but i really aint got a clue.

Anyway to sum up i may hav got lucky or whateva but gonna try ban drunk poker its too dangerous and risky, sad i cant focus and play high stakes when im sober really !

But yeh will the ban be enforced no chance i think. Hmmmm lots of cider, sambuca mayb some lager god knws. A tad worryin im still pissed as a fart 12hrs after finishin drinkin but so be it.

Laterssssssss fishhhh

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Sick update been drinkin but well sobered up fast when the outdraws kicked in. I lost so so so so so many pots well ahead for $1000+ it was sick as hell. I aint gonna look at how much ive done but lost a chunk against an awful player night before to so ive defintely handed back a significant portion of what had been an excellent start to the month.

Also been goin nuts in chat a bit but at least i didnt tell someone to "go die" like i got back in response, real classy and just before he rivered me for $1400 then $1200 when he played both pots like a total idiot. Ah well he thinks he a good player so let him have his glory. Big big donk and i dont think ive played any pots bad tonight so in review i can just look back tommorrow at how damn sick this was. Obviously i was doin the play a bit higher thing i do when drunk but i wasnt that drunk and i know how damn ul i was. Similar to night b4 i guess when i was chipleader in the £10k with 22 left only to lose KK vs J2 std to have gone do double 2nd place and the rest was history finishin in a gay 8th for crap all.

Needed a rant neway prob take a day or too away from the tables after this, been playing too much neway but i hav been takin fair time off at wkend of late which generally works (if i avoid drunk poker i guess)

Later fisheys

Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Summary

Obviously ive lost interest in blogging this month and it will probably continue at least for the near future anyway. Anyway i still intend to do at least 1 post a month for the time being and maybe more if i feel im getting anything out of it again.

July started badly in vegas where i lost several hundred £ before returning. On my return nothing went right and then 1 night i lost about 3000euros on 5/10 omaha. I didnt play bad it was just one of those nightmare session where u miss all draws and others hit.

Anyway i didnt play for about 5 days after that and reckon i was about -£4000ish at that point.

When i returned to the tables i felt focused and stayed at lowish stakes the majority of the time for the rest of the month.

Cash wise has been as steady as ever the last 2 weeks, ive actually played hardly any NL holdem and have discovered a new love of omaha hi lo. Hopefully my rakeback should be good despite hardly any play first 2 weeks.

As usual it would have been nice to have played more tournaments. Its definitely my best form of income but i can only enter so many and i have put a lot of effort into the ones i did enter this month. A win for $6000 and several final tables also helped to get me back on track profitwise.

Anyways all for now but bound to post that final figure of profit below this sometime soon.
A crazy last day with profits swinging right up then down then back up a bit. Finished at +£3,682 for the records.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vegas Review

Im done. Unsuccessful trip in terms of cash but very happy with my play. I know for future not to book more than 14 nights or book a flexible flight if im thinking of trying longer again. In the airport now, prob bout an hour delay but ive upgraded so hopefully trip will be as smooth as poss. Figures below: (some of which go into this month and some already absorbed into June profits)

Tourney Losses: $3180 (played 9 with 1 cash)

Cash Losses: $1310 (always drunk on lowest stakes as couldnt be patient and take it serious enough but had fun)

Other Gambling: + $585 (thanks to a lucky video poker hit but hardly played much anyway)

Total For Trip: -$3905 (about budget really and happy to lose that much playing so much live without any lucky chunky cashes)

It maybe my 5th trip to vegas but its the first time in 4 trips ive come back with less cash. Not bothered at the moment though, just happy to be on way out of here. Havent ruled out a return in November but just see how the next few months go.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


No more daily updates im afraid. 14 nights is long enough here and im really not feeling the vegas vibe any more.

Did play the Venetian $550 today. My 15k starting stack varied wildly as normal i guess and i would say my luck ran fairly even with bits both way. Still sitting on 55k i did lose a 50% to go to 90k at 800 blinds which would have probably been a top 10 stack at the time. left on 30k my stack peaked again at 53k before eventually going out on a 70k pot at 800/1600 with KJ on a J23 flop vs AJ. Bust about 120/340ish.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Vegas - Day 10 & 11 (Wed/Thur)

Ended up playing a wsop satellite late afternoon Wednesday. Structure wasnt great but full of awful players and i knew it was probably going to be my last shot at the big one. $550 4000 chips with a 30 minute clock (compare that to a caesars 15,000 and 50 minutes !) so not much room for errors. Anyway without going into too much detail i climbed to just over 12,000 chips with some well timed plays and never allin preflop before i moved tables and slipped away. A few hands into the new table i was in the cutoff and a weak limper for 600 saw me raising Q7std to 3100. Unfortunately button had KK and sb had AA so i was left on 8200ish but limper did gamble his 6000 stack anyway with J10std so at least my read was right ! I then didnt find any spots and in the end bust next level 88 vs AK , ace on river to have gone to 14,000.

After the bust 4 of us went on the a party at the palms in the kingpin suite. This was apparantly a $8000 a night suite with 2 bedrooms, pool table, 2 bowling alleys etc. Azimut only won the little bowling comp they had there which meant we were left free in the suite for the rest of the night with beer and vodka remaining at the bar. Anyway after a long night we taxi back to the HGVC at 9am in time for a club sandwich before i crashed out waking up at 4pm the next day ! Conclusion - its definitely more difficult to focus on poker now a few mates are out !

Played the 7pm at the Rio yesterday, again structure not great but there aint much better in the evenings over here and i prob should have played a few more of these the first week. 5000 chips with a 30min clock. I never got going despite making a couple of well timed bluffs and having a good image i couldnt make use of it and eventually the crapshoot caught me up. Moving tables and on 2800 at 100/200 with blinds going to 200/400 50ante in a few minutes i knew i had to shove quickly. 10,8off got through from the hijack, think a guy said he didnt know my play and folded 10s on the button ! I then shoved 3200 next level with A4off , bb called with 33 but i hit and suddenly thought it might be my day. A couple of AQoffs later overshoving after a limper and continue betting on flop and turn allin on a 10,10,3,4 board to a fold i had risen to 12,000.

I then folded (hated it wanted to gamble but would have lost) 22 in the bb after an 8xbb shove and a 6xbb allin at 600bb level. Next hand i get the bullets and a shove of 4625 from early position shows the mighty 96off. Board comes J,5,7,4,3 and im on 6500 instead of 18,000ish. A round or so later very basic played limps utg which is always weak and i decide to shove any 2 from the hijack with more in the pot and we are only 7 handed at this point. I actually had 79std but after dwelling for ages same stack on button comes in with AJstd and i dont get any help. Pot was 15,000 but i cant complain, u cant do much in these tourneys if the preflop allins fail. Guess i was about 86% first one and 40% 2nd after winning the 45-50% flip.

That was it for the night as 11pm apart from a quick 16oz steak before a decents nights sleep.

Still trying to decide on today action. Probably gonna do a deepstack although wish it wasnt so early at midday, would luv to hav gone by the pool more maybe. $330 at caesars or $1050 at venetian. Im short of $ unless i attack the ATM so i guess its caesars or just wait until that rio 7pm again.

Other news i see littlewoods are moving to 888 network probably before the end of the year.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vegas Day 9 - Tuesday

No poker just many lagers with Karlos and a nice steak to top it off.

Playing a $550 wsop satellite at the rio in 3 hours, last ditch effort to make the main event. If bust that early enough should be off to the palms for a party.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vegas - Day 8 (Monday) + Reviews

Nout too exciting, pool, caesars way too drunk cash. Lost over $900 before finishing $540. Wasnt too bothered though as played online for under 30 minutes earlier in day and made $1000 so was kind of freerolling so to speak.

Was supposed to do binions or venetian today but couldnt get up in time so plan reviewed. Ive heard satelites for the main event mtt in the rio are at 3pm $500 so may well give that one last shot. Wanna have a look anyway as aint made it over to the rio yet.


Not gonna waffle on as didnt play that much at home and obviously in a different mode out here anyway. Including vegas losses so far of $2600 my monthly profit finished at a £932 profit. Also got a $320 ticket to play one of the next 2 sundays.


Profit stands at just under £19,500 this year so far. Obviously been to Australia and San Remo and played the Newcastle GUKPT. More importantly i still have an EPT package on hold. Currently its most likely i may play London EPT with it but im not going to make a final decision until after Vegas as still could use for CPC or others. Hoping this Vegas trip will renew my love of the online game when i return but that remains to be seen, watch this space !

Monday, June 30, 2008

Vegas - Day 8 (Sunday)

Blimey im so tired i dont think i'll put much into this post. Played the $550 Caesars, thoroughly enjoyed it and got my 15k up to a peak of 43k before finally shoving 15xbb 66 into TJ Cloutier's QQ . 9 hours in and a quarter ish of the 440 field left, pot was to go back to just over average stack but not to be and cant complain too much. Back to room early but so tired no idea what im doing tommorrow until i wake up.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 7 (Saturday)

Wow ive been here a week already ! Seems to have gone quick so im guessing 18 nights wont be too long a stay based on that. Nout too much of interest yesterday, pool, meal, white russians, caesars cash (usual where im down most of session but finish dead level after many hours) .

Prob play the $550 at caesars today in 75 minutes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vegas - Day 5 & 6 (Thur/Fri)

Day 5 totally uneventful. Basically the 4 day white russian frenzy had left my body in a weird state of limbo so i had to take a day out to just relax and recharge.

Yesterday i played the $550 venetian 12pm again. I generally didnt hit many flops but was 100% happy with my play and managed to sustain my stack throughout with some nicely timed bluffs, resteals and steals. Fast forward to the 2 key hands and left on 10,400 in a 1200 bb i had to move in over a button raiser with 55 knowing he was prob committed. Donk takes ages to make whats an instant call and i hold vs J9off suit. I float around 20-26k for a bit then another bb hand and american "im a god at poker, shades and headphones and gut as big as i would hav if i lived in america" makes a weak as hell 4100 from the cutoff when bb is now 1600. My reads had been spot on most of the time in this mtt and my range to move allin with weakened now as i was playin just over 20k. Lookin down at Q7off i know my move and amazingly this dummy calls instantly. I say good call thinking shit my read was wrong but he turns over 98off !!! Lets just say there was a bit of history between us so maybe he was itching to knock me out. Anyway im only what 54 55% mayb and he hits and im gone but incredibly satisfied with my play and a bit gutted not to have the 43k stack with a 40k average. I finished about 150/400 anyway for the record.

So again in limbo as to what to do i headed for a steak then decided to give caesars cash a bash again. Nout too eventful really losing $400 recovering to level and finishing at 2am. Did get cold decked again top2 vs top set but fortunately the guy only had $150 and i did get reverse luck at end of session making some dubious calls and hitting for a change.

1:30pm now and im playin a bit online for a change having woke too late for a 12pm game. Probably look to play a 12pm deepstack tommorrow, expect ill head out for some cash games later but im in no rush and will prob hit the pool for a bit first.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vegas - Day 4 (Wednesday)

Went for the PL omaha $550 in the end. Gotta say i luved playing this regardless of the outcome. Was the first time ive played a proper live omaha tournament and i enjoyed so much of it from start to finish.

Starting stack 12k, my table was pretty easy and i took down some nice pots against obv chases and pulled off one nice semi bluff early too. I then had a huge hand QsJx10s9x on a AsKxXs flop. Was looking to gamble here and matey refused to lay down his AKQx and spade on the turn gave me a more than double stack and room for more play. This was only level 2 and by the end of level 3 i had 50k and was well relaxed at the break.

Unfortunately after shitting on the deck a bit it often comes back at ya especially in omaha and this was no different. I knew had "extra lives" so to speak to play some hands more aggressively and easily call anything closely resembling pot odds and i managed to just lose nearly all key pots in the next few levels after being moved to a new table where nothing seemed to go right. Wont go into detail cos there was so many 20-30k pots but even my bust pot was pretty nuts.

limp 600utg AA72hhxx and another limper before table arrogant english twat makes it 3100. comes back to me and i reraise pot to 10,800 total (ive only got 7000 behind) but fish still calls and flop is K89 2 diamonds. He had AJJ10 with 2 diamonds so i was in trouble but still ridiculous call preflop from him, i mean if he even considers folding on blank flop for 7000 into a 35800 total pot potentially. Obv he hit and i was gone to the rail finishing about 115/280 in the end which was disappointing but still very enjoyable.

Unfortunately after that magical first few levels the luck factor just went nasty and more unfortunately it transferred over to a 1/3 cash table i sat on in caesars an hour or so later. I know i have never run so bad at a live cash table, nothing would hit, hold up or i just got complete and utter junk the whole time. Im not one to moan about this live normally but this was truly something else and maybe a good learning experience on how to cope with such stuff. Could put so many hands on here but i know the swing affected my play and i mad a few bad marginal calls but i also made some good ones so i will put the 2 big key pots on here and no others.

Call $15 raise with 99 utg+1 and 3 of us see a flop. flop is 986 2 spades and utg checks to me and i lead out for 25$. button makes it 100$ to go and back to me. At this point ive been losing so badly and the table knows it so i know i can play this v fast and make it look like classic gambler flushdraw and hope matey is goin nowhere. So i move allin for 450$ maybe and he calls with 86. At this point i was in for $1400 so i was still down after this pot but hoped this would be the change of luck required. Also worth noting im certain this was only set i hit in the 8.5hrs i was at the table.

Another hour or 2 later and im floating around the $1050 mark when this interesting hand comes up. QQ utg +1 and i make it $15 to go. Get couple callers behind then sb makes it $70 total to go. I know his play and range is AK AA KK and slimer chance JJ but also know i could get a good feel from his betting and reaction of his holding. After careful consideration i flat call as im very very confident he has AK from my read. Flop is J9x and i check looking to confirm my read and obviously check raise if im still happy. He has $300ish behind and sticks $150 out. Everything about the bet and the way he made it and sat there told me AK and it wasnt long before i moved him allin. He took 30-60secs so i knew i had him and hoped he didnt understand pot odds but he made the call eventually. Guy to my left immediately asks me if i have a set of 9s. Before any more cards come i say no ive got QQ but im good if no ace or king comes. Bam K on the turn and $750-$800 pot shipped away. At this point i would have been only $50 down if this had held up but obviously i was crippled again and dribbled some more cash off before calling it a night $950 down on the table.

Anyway glad thats all blogged out of my system. Dunno what im doing today, im hoping i can avoid playing much live at all so im itching to get in the weekend $550 deepstacks. Pretty tired as stayed too late at that table and still woke up at 10am despite knowing another couple of hours sleep would have set me up good for today.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vegas - Day 3 (Tuesday)

Gym (Yes really !) , Pool, and was gonna hang in local casino for a change but had last minute change of heart and went to Caesars. Even though 7pm was tiny felt like playing a more relaxed tourney so entered the $150. Got 201 runners i think and after 8 hours i bust in 7th for $800 profit. Enjoyed it thoroughly but obv pissed off busting where i did as top 2 were usual heavy payouts

Was a crapshoot for long periods but i was deepstacked all day until the final table where it caught up with everyone. Despite a few short stacks laddering i was playing for 1st and shoving a fair bit but then the pot odds syndrome got me. bb 47k more for a 158k pot so about 30%, bb = 20k too so have to call any 2 really with 97k left behind as well. my 92off was no match for K5off. Next hand in sb i know i need sommat as bb chipleader and i know will call with reasonable holding. Anyway AJ shove and he calls with Q7off , rather a bit too quick for my liking to be honest. it was sim to mine but still 75k for a 205k pot. Anyway flop A7x , turn 7 and the classless cocky young muppet hollers and high 5s his mate and i hit the rail in a mood which is still about a bit this morning although i know it wont last.

1million chips in play, 1st pot would have put me just over 250k with 6 left and 2nd one just over 200k with 7 left. both would have been my peak stack up to that point so knw couldnt do anything else and once again let down at end of game just like some prev final tables at caesars last year :)

Not sure about today yet, pool or venetian $550 12pm omaha PL . May try caesars cash later as well as got urge last night but didnt finish f t until 4am :)