Friday, December 19, 2008

Mental Times

Got over some of the headfuk from yesterday but theres still some way to go. Still i will be limited the next few days with my hours i put in anyway so hopefully start a fresh next week.

Right first things first, after that post last night i was stupid enough to go back on and the beats kept coming. £6000 later and i left and hit the online casino. £1000 later i managed to win £3000 so basically lost another £4,000 and a nice round £20k on the day.

So onto today, i know the best thing i have done today is to not play above 3/6. I have actually been in profit £0-£1,500 all night then the beats come at the end and i finish £300 down. A nice rivered $2,500 pot on 2/4 against guy that was just golden against me all night in every big pot, so sick. I probably put too many hours in today but i woke up so late i didnt have anything else to do and i know i played solid for the 8hours+ that ive put in anyway. Still up just under £8,000 for the month and determined not to do sommat silly and turn that into a losing month as that would truly hurt.

Also confused to high heaven bout holidays now. Aussie, Fuerventura, Thailand, Vegas as well as a few other less likely but possible locations, just cant seem to make any firm decisions. Given how messed up i was from yesterday its not surprising. Well Vegas is end April and fares seem cheap but im gnna wait as dnt see a rush to book given the current global climate.

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