Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another Chance Gone

Another shot at huge prize money (with 30% reinvested which could potentially have led to anything) bit the dust yesterday 5 levels in. I got the start i wanted on a potentially tough table of Surindar Sunar, Joe Beevers, James Dempsey and James Akenhead with a couple of marginal reraises getting through. Passed 66 to Beevers QQ pre before busting him hitting nut flush vs his top pair a while later. I then lost a chunk back trying to find where i was on a K62 flop with A6 (i was the raiser so wsnt too unhappy to lose some chips there). I then survived a 10s vs AK which would have left me on 10k or less which was a very key flip for me.

I moved and got a nice chunky pot with KK before losing some back again when sb insisted on seeing a flop with 45 and beating my bb A5 hand. I moved again and last hand before dinner i lost JJ vs 10s pre to have gone to average chips and was left with only 4600 utg with a 3000bb and 300 ante on return. Went straight on the cider in the break and came back and luckily tripled first hand 10,8 vs Q4 then doubled next hand KJ vs 75std.

Back to 26k i then moved again to the live stream table but within 5 minutes i was allin utg+1 7 handed i think with A8std only for my nemesis (Dennis the Menace i had named him, this is the guy from prev post that had set over set hand after getting runner runner flush cards to split a pot against me) to call with KJoff in the hijack. Board 445JJ and i was gone in about 25th/177 paying 18. Was more gutted not to be still in than the money which i know is a good sign i played well and enjoyed it big time anyway. Dennis now has 500k b4 final table started today, good luck to him as he was a nice chap and everyone has that tournament sometimes where they are so golden they can do no wrong no matter how well they are playing or what standard they are. Some things in poker are destiny and it seemed bizzarre that i managed to move to 4 tables on day 2 and end up busting against him after all the history we had from day 1. Still i will be surprised if he wins it but you never know and i will check later. Dave Colclough was prob favourite left in for me anyway.


Poker play the Soap way said...

good effort

TEAMDOBB said...

as requested and as promised

GUKPT 2009

Brighton in Jan
Walsall in Feb
London in March
Manchester in April
Newcastle in May
Luton in August
Cardiff in Sept
Thanet in Oct
Blackpool in Nov

Grand Final in London at the end of Nov

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Cool ta bud. At first glance Cardiff and Newcastle for me but after such a fun Bristol i may play more next year, grosvenor or gala.