Monday, December 01, 2008

New Month New Grind

Set about it today putting £500 into another 3 sites and spreading my play across them. The plan was to play nearly all 2/4$ this month until i won enough to speculate higher. Bust 2 of them and only stayed level on the other. Also had 2 of my regular sites up and i couldnt resist dabbling higher even though its only the 1st of the month. My $1000 on 5/10 lasted all of 5 minutes before losing QJ105ss on a AKxss flop vs AAxx. Fortunately my luck turned on that table after and i ended up leaving with $4500. Alongside that i saw a fish at 25/50 on another site 5 handed so couldnt resist trying a spin up. 2 Lots of $1000 later vs higher full house and 3 way allin pre KKxx i stuck my $3500 left in the account on the table. This time i was golden and ended up leaving with $12,500. Best pot being a $950 pot on flop where i stuck gold with AK89dbl suited vs AAxx for his full $5000 stack, flop 883 and he goin nowhere. May go back on later so if any major diff i blog below but i need to pack some stuff for tommorrow.

Run good at 25/50, run bad below. Went back on followed a similar pattern, losing on 5/10 before trying $1000 spin ups on 25/50 again. Bust 1 then on 2nd i sucked out on a set up hand then almost tripled with top set to leave with $7k. Overall a further £2000 to add to the £5500 earlier.

Summary, maybe a good job im playin live a bit more the next few days cos i dnno what the *** to play online when i get back. The temptations of the 25/50 are huge given its 1st Dec and im now £7,500 in profit. Nice problem to have i guess, although i know wins like these sometimes can be dangerous for future sessions and stakes, just have to see how my mindset copes.


Amatay said...

you are a sik fucking cunt! teach me how to run like god pls. gl in Bristol or where ever your golden ass is off you lucky fucking fish

Michael said...

Seen your link to Laddies Poker Two, have you got a share?
If so what do you think of the decision to sell?
I can't believe everyone wanted to sell when they were going to pay for the training fees again this year!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

yip, had one share. said b4 the sale to a couple of mates muppets are going to vote to sell it. complete joke as knew would b ripped off again (as with laddies poker first horse) and the fact they were goin to pay for another year its unreal donkeys want to cash out a few hundred quid now. saw it went for 100,000 guineas so guess get bout £400-£500 per share, what a joke. None of this is hindsight by the way, was all stated prior to sale.

Poker play the Soap way said...

gl sir

just get pished and run golden