Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Long Day, Early Night

Put a fair few hours in today and am definitely stopping playing now. Even entered 2 cash multis along with a freeroll. freeroll bust 1st with nuts vs trips allin on turn for river to pair. lost huge pot to bust in 150euro game to have prob gone top 10 10s vs AJ vs AK board coming A105JJ not that it matters really what order obviously. Other £55 managed to cash but lost 33 vs AK to have got a decent average stack in the money and crashed out 14th i think.

Cash games were nice and steady yesterday (+£700) and even better this afternoon (+£1,500) but the downside came a couple of hours ago on 10/20 when i lost the above profit all back in hands playing themselves really, actually cant remember them so know just variance type ones. Moved sites and lost $500 more on 10/20 again before finally getting some variance in my favour and getting $2-$3k back. Just this second done overall tally and +£1,400 for today so obviously well chuffed really and almost at peak for the month again.

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