Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Gettin Boring

Didnt play yesterday due to monster hangover but hit the tables with a vengeance today. The first hour session i made £1,600 and even had about 20 hands at 50/100 omaha which i havent touched before.

Moving on to the evening i didnt run well at all and found myself in the hole for £2-3k for the majority of it but not at high stakes thankfully. Eventually patience paid off and variance came back and i finished only £300 down for the 4-5hours i had played.

That was going to be it for the night and i then watched tv before searching more Thailand info and Vegas stuff also. Lookin like Feb and April respectively for both and im keen to book them both this week just to make Xmas that little bit sweeter.

Anyways i decided to go back on at almost 3am as i didnt feel tired at all. Golden session playing 5/10 10/20 and 2 x 25/50 although i shut one of these after not playing that long to focus better. Ran bad on the 5/10 but the 25/50 was sweet and i even induced bluffs playing the right hands slow which can backfire sometimes. Result was £5,100 up for that hour and a total of £6,400 up on the day.

Im sure a losing (and probably a chunky one) session will knock me back soon but whilst im golden and playing well i will continue to blog my daily results. Im keeping each day separate and, more imporantly, keeping my feet on the ground. I know a few factors have increased my level but im also aware ive probably ran incredibly well this month so far.


Amatay said...

sick fuck!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, keep it up.


JoppaRoad said...

I would settle for some of that kind of boring! Well played.