Sunday, May 29, 2011

May It Be Over

A strange month and its finished apart from possible sessions at hilton heathrow tommorrow if i cant sleep and fancy one last attack, will edit below figure if do.  I'll treat my vegas trip as my June profit and loss as its close to the dates anyway. It doesnt make sense mixing a few days either side on the spreadsheet anyway.  29+ days of no online poker, will be interesting to see how i cope.  win or lose live i'll probably be itching to play online again once i return.

As for May, certainly had its ups and downs but not massive swings.  Certainly a bad month for me but then to have a bad month thats in profit with good rakeback earned, is that really a bad month ?

My final profit figure is £1,107 hard cash.   If i just look at stars (as the other sites were minimal rake anyway) im 2/3 towards a $2,600 milestone and im over 80% towards a $4,000 cash bonus.  So in reality im over £4,000 up for the month on paper so its certainly not all bad.  

Was good to go deep in lots of big hi lo and mixed games and hopefully i can ride my luck better in vegas.  Im still a bit gutted at that $109 1300 entrants pl hi lo 12th place finish because i had a massive stack and it just didnt work out.

Leave home in just under 12 hours.  Vegas mtts will range from $240-$2,500 and i dont intend to play much/any nl holdem at this time.   Cash games could be from the lowest stakes right up to 75/150$ (with a 100/200kill) limit hi lo or the 5 card pl hi lo game 5/10 with a compulsory $25 button straddle ive been hearing about that ran last year.  Ive no plan as such as to what im going to play although ive obviously listed all potential tournaments with a couple of limit hi lo ones near the start that i will definitely play (including the one i final tabled the last time i was at the wsop).   Ive got a $20,000 roll out there which obviously i dont want to lose, but i have to be prepared to lose it and i think i am.  Worst case scenario is coming back £12,000 down which would come off this years profits and i guess just push me to put even more effort in online when i return.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing Much

Boring title and boring post.  Didnt fancy it yesterday and should have not even played the 1-2hours i did as i lost a chunk (circa £500) fast.   Shame to miss some decent sunday games but the volume of last week caught up with me i guess.  

Today ive played several 1-2hours sessions and im just finishing early now at 1:10am.   Went well up first couple of session but just been gradually donating it back the rest of the day.  Still looks like i finished about £170 up on the day and plenty of rake done.

Fingers crossed this different iceland volcano doesnt disrupt my flight next week, gonna be watching the news daily but not worried as monday is still a long way away so who knows what it could be like then.

Month sits at +£872

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rockin Orse

Horse SCOOP time and it didnt disappoint for action.    Went deep on both but luck eluded me in the $215 (i had been top 20 in this a lot of the time too) on a couple of huge pots and i bubbled 75ish/485 paid 63.  $22 i did better and was a top 10 players with 300odd of the 2800 left before once again luck deserted me and i eventually crashed out in 163rd for not much more than my buy in. 

Cashed in supernova freeroll for $300 but no other cashes but some huge pots and outdraws, especially in the pl hi lo games.   Happy with my game and play and amazingly relaxed about it all tonight for a change.  Prob bought into around $1,400 of mtts all night but i think cash games earlier on subbed a chunk of that winning £400 may be a bit more.

On the day -£200ish, update below if play any more but im not sure right now, prob done although was tempted to 30/60 limit it a mo ago ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another SCOOP Non Significant Cash

3rd cash in a row in the $215 NL hi lo.  Almost didnt play this one cos of the slog yesterday but come 10pm last minute i figured i would just 1 table it while watching tv/dvds as i cant face cash games after a 30min trial earlier.

Need a lot of luck in this one and i had my fair share but got a bit weak at the end and lost a 3way allin AAQ9 vs AKJ4 vs A278 1 suit each on the river.   Pot would have put me 8th/25 but obviously out in 25th instead.   Once again huge prizes as 449 runners and close to yesterday at $17k first and big stuff for top 5 but i was never up there apart from the first half hour when i got an early double up. 

Still its promising stuff for wsop and the $539 is a small profit.   horse mtt tommorrow along with supernova elite million $ freeroll to test my NL holdem skills for a change from 7pm.  +£1,370 for May.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Double SCOOP In Running

$320 340 entrants 8 game, currently 26/34 but things can change very quick in this format.   Money (paid 48) flat until last table or so, lookin to spin up or bust while its like that.  on 15min break at mo as 6 hours in !

$109 PL hi lo  1326 entrants, currently 81/756 (pays 171).   Obviously a long way to go but top payouts are huge for a rare big field online in this format and stake.


sorry for lake of updates, been busy each break.   just bust the $320 in 21st, gutted.   you need so much luck at end of one of these and i was looking good at peak stack sitting about 15/28 left.  it all went rapidly though when i lost 4 pots in a row to bust.   worst one was coming in with A1010 and table donk defending 932 suited in the stud.   he was shortish so pretty much playing for his stack and if won that i jump to new peak but it was not to be and lost the next 3 after that.  $21k for winner and i got a poor $816 :(    honestly shocked at some of the players left in though !

still in the $109 but havent moved and probably gonna try and get a stack or bust now as i dont fancy going deep for small money.  average stack 472 left, 171 paid.


well gettin involved has worked so far with a bit of bluff and a lot of luck.
key pot just before break. stting on 18k and 15k stack makes 400--->>900 utg , 2 big stacks flat and i repop to 5900 i think it was with AA58 1 suit.  all 3 flat call !!!   flop is a K1010 rainbow and matey leads allin 10k, other 2 fold and i cringe call.   he shows QJ109, and just when i think ah well big pot to nearly bust on = fine, the turns a king, and the rivers a king !!!

gone from average stack before that hand to 19th/343 left.   dnt think ill sit back though and lots chunky stacks on table and we will see what happens.


82/225 pays 171.   30k stack. was 46k last update , went down to 24k before goin up to 36k and back to this.


smackin headache, guess thats 10.5 hours straight damage.  cashed anyway  63/162 at mo about average stack but blinds chunky now.


just had massive key pot, i didnt realise how bad some people still in were !  raise and a call before me and by no means committed.   i re pop AKK3 and called by shorter (priced in really assuming other huge stack folds).   Big stack calls as well, shorter guy has AQJJ , big stack has J677 .....!!!....neway not a problem as i flop quad kings to leave them drawing dead  on the flop !!! 
blinds are brutal but ive got extra lives now.  5th/60 .


lost first biggish pot for a while outflushed, but had been flopping well before that and got as high as 4th so cant compain yet.   sitting 13th/39


arrgh got fish on hook but missed about 15outs freeroll to have gone to 3rd allin on turn virtually.


argggggggggggggh bad to worse same fish outflop me high board when ive raised AQ23 and chkraises for prob the first time since i sat at this table, had to fold. damaged.

9th/29 reraised AQJ2 dbl suited and matey flatted and folded on a KJx flop.


such a crapshoot :(  10k blinds but i just rerraised and got a caller and fold on flop (ideal scenario really as cant b outdrawn or get just half, quarter pot etc).       had AA35 on a K95 flop with as much in pot as my stack left !       6/28, highest for a long time but gonna need a lot of luck.

monster pot, allin preflop when i was 7th/20 with AA105 dbl std vs chipleaders AKQ2 and i scooped on a dodgy Qc6c4cQxJc with flush.  3/20 now but kind of joint 2nd-4th.   could easily clash with chippie again as he still leader.


4th/15 played a flopped 2 pair f draw slow vs aggressive chippie and he bluffed flushey turn then chk called my river pot bet (lookin like busted draw) with just top pair when i had filled up.

first hand back after break lost 1/5 stack (still in 4th)   AQ35 vs KK23 allin preflop


got back with AAxx hand then lost 200k shoving into a short stack.     not  good news now as back in pack after losing A234 vs A277 pretty much allin on flop of J56

LOL this stupid things just deleted what i wrote after.   Basically lost 3 pots in a row to bust in 12th.  Could have laddered thousands but was going for win and wouldnt even consider laddering until final table anyway.    2 cashes/2 but no big money yet again.

Anyway +£1,208 for the month (+655 for the day)   14.5 hours session, that last mtt was 11.5hours to bust.   i guess its good practise mentally if i go deep in any vegas multis.  

Possible NL hi lo at 10pm $215 2moz but i have a feelin i need a day off.  we'll see.

Ready For More SCOOP

Did well last night on limit to wipe out that mtt buyins and leave me +£40 at stat of today.   Today has been slow but steady until last session.  I seemed to win a buyin before losing 2 buyins and then got 2 triple ups just as i had clicked autoshut on next bb all in the space of bout 10 minutes.   Was first time i played plo today as not fancied it.  Anyway end result is sitting on +£553 for the month.

Tommorrow SCOOP options are:
8 game at 4pm  $320 (may be +$33 for fun alongside)
pl hi lo at 7pm   $109 (dnt think i can justify paying into the $1050 one, should have tried a satellite or 2 i guess, sigh)

I think i will play both.  Seem to be on a dry run without cashing in last chunk of mtts and added 1 more today at cost of $109 but i was happy with play and it was funny to watch some truly shocking play in it :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini FTOPS In Running


If i can be bothered i will update this at least every hour, 10pm start.   Its a 10game mtt  $109 buyin with multi entries.  Ive not played one of these before but as i understand it allows you to play different tables in the same tournament with up to 4 buyins.  If u get to the point where there is less tables than you have players, stacks are merged.   I didnt realise until i just checked that it was multi entry but what the hell.  Ive had a good day so far today even gettin back into profit for the month prior to buying into this.  For this reason and also that i expect it to be full of clueless players ive entered it the full 4 times !!!


lol 6 handed didnt realise that !!! intense


doing ok, very fast structure.  also i didnt know NL 2-7 single draw was listed, ive never played it so im off to read strategy.  obv played limit triple draw version so got rough idea and can make it up lol.
all 4 left.
274th, 139th,103rd and 19th of 419 left.     464 entrants


3 left, just bust 1 in NL holdem when i raised cutoff with 87off.  flop juicy 865 and matey min chkraises my cont bet.  i ship 4000 into what initially was a 600 pot flop.   He calls 10,7off and spikes a 10 on the river.  

74,91 and 269 of 345 left.


blinds chunky now but surviving with 3 mid stacks
87,125 and 139 of 273 left  , pays 66


2 left. nout interesting on other bust.
61 and 166 of 175 left.

///bust that short one 5 mins later shoving junk into A8 NL holdem sb vs bb


arrgh bust in 90th/554, gutted , had fun but really wanted to cash in at least 1 of them 4 !
still given me taste for it though and might have to play the WSOP event now although it is $2,500 and towards end of trip so just have to see how well ive done up to then.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chunk Back But Mtt Mare

Ran much better today on cash overall at all stakes and put in some good volume too.   Multis were another story though with no cash in over $800 worth of buy ins.   I went deep in 2 and was big favourite to complete fish for big big pots which would have almost guaranteed a cash and a chance to go for something bigger before the bubble went too.  Played well so i guess thats the main thing but im still losing my tempter way too often at the smallest insignificant thing.

Finished +£820 on the day but still -£507 for the month, a step back in the right direction though.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Big Loss

I guess this was coming.   I havent been feeling it this month and in hindsight the bad luck ive had up until yesterday meant being in any profit was still really good.   Despite this though i had my usual attitude like i somehow deserve to win and i dont have to put effort in and have downswings like any other person playin the game, winner or loser.   Result yesterday was losing appro. £2,000 in less than 3 hours across all my games i play although obviously most of it was on the usual run bad 30/60 limit.   Havent played today as i know i need time off, i dont want to feel like this when im abroad so i need to sort my head out and my game out before i go in which ever way i feel best.   Anyways off here for now to forget about poker and wait till tommorrow to decide whether to hit the tables again.  Sit on -£1,327 right now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Profit But No Volume And Not Feeling It

Been back on the 30/60 tonight and turned a ok profit after a couple of hours of break even earlier at lower stakes.   Not been in mood to play much today though, maybe i should try some plo or sommat different to get my interest back during the week.  When i returned for a late session it was a bit of carnage on high limit stakes and sick outdraws/coolers on pl hi lo before an abrupt end to the night when my broadband failed.   This rarely happens and its always been instant to reset and get back in but i was shut out for over an hour so finished early, maybe a blessing in disguise on how that session was going.   Seems to be a bad month for things crashing or failing to work in a simple and straightforward manner but im now on +£947 for May so its certainly not all bad.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1st SCOOP attempts and WSOP Trip Booked

Badugi $165 arrrgh another bubble 44th/300ish paid 40.    Im still learning the game but there was some shocking players in there as expected.   Im not sure yet if im a good, average or bad badugi player but i know ive won plenty on low stakes cash when ive played several sessions.  Unfortunately my pokertracker doesnt pick it up though :(
I did cash in the $109 pl hi lo daily for the 2nd night running but once again the decent big pots eluded me but i defintely was much luckier than normal just to cash so cant complain.

Lost a $240 buyin on pl hi lo 3/6 to a guy callin reraise with K782 too good for my AA35.  Elsewhere though limit cash has been pretty solid and im just tallying up the day now.  

Didnt play a great deal of volume as badugi is a bit confusing with lots of hi lo tables alongside and also i was busy booking my WSOP Las Vegas trip.

Right thanks to limit cash tables and that small mtt cash for 300ish$ im up on the day and now sit on a months profit of £577, happy with that.

VEGAS:  Should be there 30th May, leaving 25th June.  Staying Gold Coast first 10 nights and Vdara the last 16.    Definitely on a bit of a feel good rush after finally getting around to booking that :)

Oh also now Ultimate Bet says they are allowing withdrawals again so i await to see if i can get my £750 out of there a bit more confidently. 

Monday, May 09, 2011

Blog Up, Im Down

Arrrgh just had major frustrating session.   Deep and chipleader in a $109 and get table nutcase allin twice with A245dbl std vs AKJ10 and AA810 vs J10104  and he splits one and scoops the other.   To put into context there was 11 players left, paid 8 (where i finally finished) and scoop either of those pots and im 1/10 with 55k with 2nd sitting on less than 20k and everyone else between 10-15k.  

Just compounded my loss though and hit the 30/60 cash only to lose like 80% of pots i entered, see you later $1,600.    Silly but i still feel i have an edge at that, i just run soooooooo bad every time i load it up and none more than the 2 times this month.  

So im now on +£456 as i write this for May :(    I hadnt ruled out horse and hi lo limit mtts in the next hour but im pretty sure i just cant face them now.

At least ive found out how to post again on this which was frustrating me a bit as well.   Just need to sort out my messenger that crashes immediately 95% of the time i load it and i'll be running good again.

Close to booking vegas, been on phone to virgin and someone gettin back to me tommorrow.  Having said that ive found what i consider to be a great deal elsewhere so ill prob take that up if i cant make use of my air miles this trip.

Right off to spout some rage elsewhere.

EDIT:: 3:50am

calmed down enough to enter 2x $215 horse and limit hi lo.    horse 3rd b4 blinds caught up and lose 3 big pots in row to bust.    hi lo early chipleader for ages and top 2 then lose count of how many pots in a row i lose or get quartered on to bust that nowhere either.   +£123 only for May now, not what i wanted but have to take it on the chin, worst day for a long time.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Poor Start

Plenty of volume but cash games were not much short of a disaster.
I did cash in 2 mtts but both were min cashes so not much help there either.
-£840, prob pretty much all cash as those min cashes roughly paid for all mtts entered :(