Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ready For More SCOOP

Did well last night on limit to wipe out that mtt buyins and leave me +£40 at stat of today.   Today has been slow but steady until last session.  I seemed to win a buyin before losing 2 buyins and then got 2 triple ups just as i had clicked autoshut on next bb all in the space of bout 10 minutes.   Was first time i played plo today as not fancied it.  Anyway end result is sitting on +£553 for the month.

Tommorrow SCOOP options are:
8 game at 4pm  $320 (may be +$33 for fun alongside)
pl hi lo at 7pm   $109 (dnt think i can justify paying into the $1050 one, should have tried a satellite or 2 i guess, sigh)

I think i will play both.  Seem to be on a dry run without cashing in last chunk of mtts and added 1 more today at cost of $109 but i was happy with play and it was funny to watch some truly shocking play in it :)

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Nathan said...

Finishing up on the month is a great thing! I enjoyed reading the different stages of the game... but now take a day off! Your brain needs time to relax and refresh.