Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rockin Orse

Horse SCOOP time and it didnt disappoint for action.    Went deep on both but luck eluded me in the $215 (i had been top 20 in this a lot of the time too) on a couple of huge pots and i bubbled 75ish/485 paid 63.  $22 i did better and was a top 10 players with 300odd of the 2800 left before once again luck deserted me and i eventually crashed out in 163rd for not much more than my buy in. 

Cashed in supernova freeroll for $300 but no other cashes but some huge pots and outdraws, especially in the pl hi lo games.   Happy with my game and play and amazingly relaxed about it all tonight for a change.  Prob bought into around $1,400 of mtts all night but i think cash games earlier on subbed a chunk of that winning £400 may be a bit more.

On the day -£200ish, update below if play any more but im not sure right now, prob done although was tempted to 30/60 limit it a mo ago ;)

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