Sunday, May 29, 2011

May It Be Over

A strange month and its finished apart from possible sessions at hilton heathrow tommorrow if i cant sleep and fancy one last attack, will edit below figure if do.  I'll treat my vegas trip as my June profit and loss as its close to the dates anyway. It doesnt make sense mixing a few days either side on the spreadsheet anyway.  29+ days of no online poker, will be interesting to see how i cope.  win or lose live i'll probably be itching to play online again once i return.

As for May, certainly had its ups and downs but not massive swings.  Certainly a bad month for me but then to have a bad month thats in profit with good rakeback earned, is that really a bad month ?

My final profit figure is £1,107 hard cash.   If i just look at stars (as the other sites were minimal rake anyway) im 2/3 towards a $2,600 milestone and im over 80% towards a $4,000 cash bonus.  So in reality im over £4,000 up for the month on paper so its certainly not all bad.  

Was good to go deep in lots of big hi lo and mixed games and hopefully i can ride my luck better in vegas.  Im still a bit gutted at that $109 1300 entrants pl hi lo 12th place finish because i had a massive stack and it just didnt work out.

Leave home in just under 12 hours.  Vegas mtts will range from $240-$2,500 and i dont intend to play much/any nl holdem at this time.   Cash games could be from the lowest stakes right up to 75/150$ (with a 100/200kill) limit hi lo or the 5 card pl hi lo game 5/10 with a compulsory $25 button straddle ive been hearing about that ran last year.  Ive no plan as such as to what im going to play although ive obviously listed all potential tournaments with a couple of limit hi lo ones near the start that i will definitely play (including the one i final tabled the last time i was at the wsop).   Ive got a $20,000 roll out there which obviously i dont want to lose, but i have to be prepared to lose it and i think i am.  Worst case scenario is coming back £12,000 down which would come off this years profits and i guess just push me to put even more effort in online when i return.


Gavin said...

Good luck with it mate. Hope it goes well for you

Robert "Animal" Price said...


stumpy said...

good luck rob, i feel a bracelet for you

Robert "Animal" Price said...

thx, u making it over this year ?

pokershades1 said...

good luck mate , try and keep us updated on how u doing .

Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck out in Vegas, look forward to reading about you taking down one of those 8 or betters.