Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing Much

Boring title and boring post.  Didnt fancy it yesterday and should have not even played the 1-2hours i did as i lost a chunk (circa £500) fast.   Shame to miss some decent sunday games but the volume of last week caught up with me i guess.  

Today ive played several 1-2hours sessions and im just finishing early now at 1:10am.   Went well up first couple of session but just been gradually donating it back the rest of the day.  Still looks like i finished about £170 up on the day and plenty of rake done.

Fingers crossed this different iceland volcano doesnt disrupt my flight next week, gonna be watching the news daily but not worried as monday is still a long way away so who knows what it could be like then.

Month sits at +£872


Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck out in Vegas Sir, are you still playing the Euro sites or since the Americans left have you looked at FTP and Stars? Would imagine thoses games have got a bit softer.

I arrive on 5 july so if your around would love a beer.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

a bit of euro sites still but a lot more on stars and some on full tilt. none of the euro sites offer horse, pl hi lo or other mixed games mtts at $100+ and i seem to be doing well in these. i didnt play them much before but agree its prob softer. will definitely be home b4 5th july but gl out in there.