Thursday, May 19, 2011

Double SCOOP In Running

$320 340 entrants 8 game, currently 26/34 but things can change very quick in this format.   Money (paid 48) flat until last table or so, lookin to spin up or bust while its like that.  on 15min break at mo as 6 hours in !

$109 PL hi lo  1326 entrants, currently 81/756 (pays 171).   Obviously a long way to go but top payouts are huge for a rare big field online in this format and stake.


sorry for lake of updates, been busy each break.   just bust the $320 in 21st, gutted.   you need so much luck at end of one of these and i was looking good at peak stack sitting about 15/28 left.  it all went rapidly though when i lost 4 pots in a row to bust.   worst one was coming in with A1010 and table donk defending 932 suited in the stud.   he was shortish so pretty much playing for his stack and if won that i jump to new peak but it was not to be and lost the next 3 after that.  $21k for winner and i got a poor $816 :(    honestly shocked at some of the players left in though !

still in the $109 but havent moved and probably gonna try and get a stack or bust now as i dont fancy going deep for small money.  average stack 472 left, 171 paid.


well gettin involved has worked so far with a bit of bluff and a lot of luck.
key pot just before break. stting on 18k and 15k stack makes 400--->>900 utg , 2 big stacks flat and i repop to 5900 i think it was with AA58 1 suit.  all 3 flat call !!!   flop is a K1010 rainbow and matey leads allin 10k, other 2 fold and i cringe call.   he shows QJ109, and just when i think ah well big pot to nearly bust on = fine, the turns a king, and the rivers a king !!!

gone from average stack before that hand to 19th/343 left.   dnt think ill sit back though and lots chunky stacks on table and we will see what happens.


82/225 pays 171.   30k stack. was 46k last update , went down to 24k before goin up to 36k and back to this.


smackin headache, guess thats 10.5 hours straight damage.  cashed anyway  63/162 at mo about average stack but blinds chunky now.


just had massive key pot, i didnt realise how bad some people still in were !  raise and a call before me and by no means committed.   i re pop AKK3 and called by shorter (priced in really assuming other huge stack folds).   Big stack calls as well, shorter guy has AQJJ , big stack has J677 .....!!!....neway not a problem as i flop quad kings to leave them drawing dead  on the flop !!! 
blinds are brutal but ive got extra lives now.  5th/60 .


lost first biggish pot for a while outflushed, but had been flopping well before that and got as high as 4th so cant compain yet.   sitting 13th/39


arrgh got fish on hook but missed about 15outs freeroll to have gone to 3rd allin on turn virtually.


argggggggggggggh bad to worse same fish outflop me high board when ive raised AQ23 and chkraises for prob the first time since i sat at this table, had to fold. damaged.

9th/29 reraised AQJ2 dbl suited and matey flatted and folded on a KJx flop.


such a crapshoot :(  10k blinds but i just rerraised and got a caller and fold on flop (ideal scenario really as cant b outdrawn or get just half, quarter pot etc).       had AA35 on a K95 flop with as much in pot as my stack left !       6/28, highest for a long time but gonna need a lot of luck.

monster pot, allin preflop when i was 7th/20 with AA105 dbl std vs chipleaders AKQ2 and i scooped on a dodgy Qc6c4cQxJc with flush.  3/20 now but kind of joint 2nd-4th.   could easily clash with chippie again as he still leader.


4th/15 played a flopped 2 pair f draw slow vs aggressive chippie and he bluffed flushey turn then chk called my river pot bet (lookin like busted draw) with just top pair when i had filled up.

first hand back after break lost 1/5 stack (still in 4th)   AQ35 vs KK23 allin preflop


got back with AAxx hand then lost 200k shoving into a short stack.     not  good news now as back in pack after losing A234 vs A277 pretty much allin on flop of J56

LOL this stupid things just deleted what i wrote after.   Basically lost 3 pots in a row to bust in 12th.  Could have laddered thousands but was going for win and wouldnt even consider laddering until final table anyway.    2 cashes/2 but no big money yet again.

Anyway +£1,208 for the month (+655 for the day)   14.5 hours session, that last mtt was 11.5hours to bust.   i guess its good practise mentally if i go deep in any vegas multis.  

Possible NL hi lo at 10pm $215 2moz but i have a feelin i need a day off.  we'll see.


Daly said...

wow late night! unlucky fella hopefully the luck willhold when it matters in vegas!

thanks for your offer for my stake, there is 19% which i have reserved for you which works out $21.28 send to ebouesnan on FTP

Anonymous said...

WP Sir