Monday, May 02, 2011

Poor Start

Plenty of volume but cash games were not much short of a disaster.
I did cash in 2 mtts but both were min cashes so not much help there either.
-£840, prob pretty much all cash as those min cashes roughly paid for all mtts entered :(


Book of Ra Tipps said...

hey dude...this is really a good blog. keep it up;)

Fenix35 said...

Yup APs gone bankrupt :(

Robert "Animal" Price said...

arrrgh yuk :( thx for the link

Robert "Animal" Price said...

OK since downloading the latest windows update things are getting a bit annoying and going wrong. First of all it wont let me publish a blogpost so the one posts will be here in comments for near future. I dnt wnna waste time tryin to fix it as im determined to hammer the poker for as much as poss. Latest post shows me grinding ok although been out last night and out last couple of nights. Won a little so far today but still just in negative at -£82 for May so far.

Appears Ultimate bet filed for bankruptcy (see above link) so that could be goodbye £750 but ill wait and see and take it off last months profit it so.

Also my yahoo messenger dnt work despite deleting and downloading, god i hate dumb updates they seem to be so common these days.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

best cash session for a long time for 3 hours just now. players sooooo bad and i was sooooo golden = now sitting on May profit of £1,103 .

40,000vpps gives me enough fpps to buy the $4,000 bonus. another 20,000vpps and hit milestone bonus for $2,600. currently 2,100 average a day for May. assume leave for vegas on 29th gives me 23 days = 2600 a day so need to up volume quite a bit if im to meet both of those bonuses. not sure if i will manage that, have to see. did manage 3400 today so still well in reach i guess.