Saturday, April 30, 2011

MTT Night - In Running + April Final Figures


Started 30 minutes ago and already bust one mtt losing with overcards and flush draw vs top pair. Was a loyalty one though so no physical cash lost.

Entered another 8 mtts from 7:30pm through to 9:45pm so i hope its a long night and will try to update here if anything gets interesting and im not too hectic. About $1,000 worth entered so could be a big swing one way or the other. Main concern is the thunder and lightning causing me problems, although none yet.


1st power cut of night outted me for 2-3minutes. The thunder quite literally shook my sunroom too, must have been right overhead !!!


bust the smallest loyalty one, nothing too interesting in others yet, 5 going at mo.


arrgh busts galore and just lost a pot to a 2 outer to go huge on one of the mtts left. Also lost a flip to have gone 4th/20 in the 60 entrants $215 pl hi lo ....yuk. Left in 8 game just started $215 , $75 pl hi lo just started, $162 pl hi lo and $216 pl hi lo. Cash games alongside not too bad, few hundred up today, prob start em up again now im down to 4 mtts.


3 left. not doing as well on 3 lots of cash either :(


2 left bubbled the $216 9th paid 8 :(
2/7 pays 5 in the $162 amazing how loose it is despite the bubble
yoyo on the 8game 5/11 pays 5 at mo


cashed in 2.
card dead 3/3 in the hi lo pl $162 but its turning into a crapshoot so hopefully get lucky
8game wide open basically equal 5th but also equal 2nd / 5 left

In the hole for about $1,800 today before these cashes.
$1,280 minimum cashes at mo


finished 2nd in that $162 for $1,250. Good but disappointed as was only 30k vs 100k HU but turned it right around but couldnt finish them off.

still in other, been lucky as u need to be at end of these and sitting 1/3


luckboxed that on 2-7 triple draw and limit holdem to take the 8 game down 1st/30 for $2,400.
NOTE: only played 2-7 triple draw once before i think and that was a couple of years ago. read up on rules and strategy earlier and it seemed to pay off !!!

Really nice to finally take one down, ive been knocking on the door so much but you do seem to need a lot of luck in these mixed games final tables to win them as your stack can go up and down like mad.

April final figures done, i wont review it as i basically was -£1,500 down 2 weeks ago and you can read the blog to see how it turned around if you are bored.

Final profit at £5,286. I really hope to do the same or more in May to set me up for bigger stakes cash and mtts in Vegas at the WSOP.

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