Thursday, April 21, 2011

FTOPS Final Table

26 months after my only other FTOPS final table ive just bust in 9th/389 in their $216 rush plo hi lo mtt. Gutted as whole game was super soft and fun cos it was only just over 3 hours to make the final table !!! top 3 payouts were like $25k , $15k and $11k , bust hand would put me in middle of pack and wide open but i was 8/9 when i bust :((

Has dropped a chunk back yesterday after i had climbed to +£1,350 for the month. Maybe i shouldnt have attacked the 30/60 limit but it was fun. Anyway before tonight i was back to around +£600 but that $1,950 cash and $200 bounty for eliminating some pro has put me to peak for April of +£1,729. Hmmmm 2am maybe done for night, although gnna take a break and see if anything else takes my fancy.

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