Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sanity Back ?

Right since last post i think i won a chunk back to -£1,000 before losing it all back and more the following day. Got a little back since mostly on lower stakes. I know ive run bad this month so far but i also know ive been playin far too many marginal hands and paying the price for doing so. Anyways i seem calmer and seem to have a clearer head now ive almost shaken off a chest infection ive had for a week. Just gonna start month again effectively because i know i wasnt playing my best last week and i still want to give this a proper go. Currently sit on -£1,628 but im less than 5k vpps from supernova status. That will give me a $200 bonus and about 3000 vpps later i will be able to cash out the $4,000 bonus and put myself into profit for the month. I would hope those steps will put me in a better mood and hopefully ill play more like ive done today. Plenty of breaks and plenty of marginal folds and not gettin involved when i dont have to in a pot. Ive only done 31k vpps but given the last week ive had thats actually not too bad. If i carry that on at that rate it would be 84.5k vpps for April so i guess it will be interesting to see where i do end up assuming i dont lose loads on higher stakes and stop playing as much.

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