Friday, April 22, 2011

FTOPS Almost Final Table

Arrrrrgh cant get the luck at the business end once again. This time ive finished 10th/235 in the 7 game mixed $322 FTOPS. It was sooooooo wide open and my most hopeful was sitting 5th/11 (a double at that point would have put me joint top) but not to be when i lost 4 pots in a row to bust :(( for a paltry $1012.50 . Was fun but did go on forever taking 7 hours exactly until my untimely departure. $20k,$13k,$9k top 3 tonight :(

Think im off to check when the mixed games are on the WSOP schedule, i think ive made a big case for me playing the horse and/or 7 game again. Before tonight i had only played 7 game once before in wsop 2009 but i seem to be more experienced (in most of the games) and patient in these nowadays.

April +£1,657 .....hmmm could been so much more. Next stop could be a 2am start tommorrow for the $216 omaha hi lo limit FTOPS. Ill be tired and drunk though so its prob 50/50 at mo.

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