Friday, June 15, 2012

C U In July

I see i havent posted for a week and nouts changed.  Either not played, broke even or had big loss, 2 of the latter to be precise.   Feel im playing well but just cant catch a break or get any sort of run going and its been like that for 6 weeks now on cash tables.  Im down around £400 now for this month which i guess i should be happy with when im gettin the reverse of running so well the first 4 months of the year.  Dnt intend to blog again until a week or so into July unless anything of note occurs.  Feel like i should be taking a holiday from poker not going on holiday to play poker but what the hell maybe offline games will get my juices flowing again :)

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Better Times

Finally scraped myself back into profit for June after what lately seems a rare 2 winning days in a row.  Sitting at +£669 and hoping to keep the upward trend going when i play later tonight.  Vegas so close now im getting excited and it would be nice to get a chunky profit down for June before i probably demolish it out there.  That said ive still got lots to do around the house and packing etc.  Euros starting tommorrow will be another distraction so just have to play when i get the chance and am in the mood.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Poor Start

Only played a few hours Friday and it wasnt great.  Still similar to last month just not happening money or enjoyment wise.  Took Saturday and Sunday off but played a fair bit tonight in the end.   Same sort of story, think i actually lose nearly £1,000 first session before recovering towards the end of it to -£200.   Later sessions went better then hit a wall again around midnight.   Sit on -£189 for the month but have cleared a £250 bonus today so really it would have been a £250 loss on the day as i started around -£200 after Friday.   Thats not too bad in reality as tracker says im about £800 below ev for the month.  Not even been looking at that lately but anything to make me feel better about the game is welcomed !!!  Prob try and bash out some more hours tommorrow if im feeling it.

Friday, June 01, 2012

May Review

Not the best of months for me of late.    Yes i got a half decent result in SCOOP on pokerstars but without that and a bonus cash in i would only have broke even or even made a small loss.   Rake on main site ended up being bang on $4,000 which isnt huge buts ok i guess.   The current promotion isnt great so its difficult to put in the hours lately.   Also been struggling mentally big time.  Im either losing and getting mad about it or winning and getting very bored playing.  Not too sure why, guess im not running or playing well and i certainly dnt think the great weather outside has helped me play.   A change of scene is on the horizon in the shape of a vegas trip fast approaching.  The euros will be another distraction to contend with also.

Final profit of £6,582

June is kid of split into 2 with online play then live stuff in Vegas.  Ive got over $7,000 of mtts im likely to play out there.   Combine that with plenty of cash games and it could be a chunky loss if i fail to perform or am unlucky.   At it stands in 2012 at £32,760 im pretty much bang on 2010s (£30k) or 2011s (£33k) total profit but i do have about another £12k in uncashed rakeback too.   The biggest dent i could put in that with live play is about £10k but obviously im hoping for a more successful trip this year.