Monday, May 28, 2012

Beyond Tilt

Arrrgh i was due and due again i guess.   Just had complete shocker of session.  No higher than 2/4 and all hi lo and good games too.  Bloggin here to draw a line under it and move on tommorrow :(
Was only sposed to be a 45min session but games were so good i couldnt stop and it ended up with sommat like a £900 loss :(( over 4 hours.

On a positive note ive xtended my vegas trip and leave in about 3 weeks staying for 19nights.
Still +£6,368, try to focus on that and not todays results :)

Edit: Checked tables in bed and an awful 5/10 game going.  Run bad more another £369 goner.  Start Tues at +£5,999 !!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lazy Stuff

Plan of last post didnt happen.  Only had 1 day where i put in a full days hours.  Bits here and there but found other stuff to occupy me and then spent 2 days of weekend drunk and the other today hungover. Not complaining, games ok just now but been on an hour and just absolutely knackered so gnna hit sack early.   Did well the games i did play although had a mare 30min session Friday that knocked me back a bit.   Still looking good though sitting on £7,267.  Got Vegas on the mind at mo.  Cant decide whether to move my trip fwd and stay an extra week or so for 18nights total hmmmmmm.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bonus Report

Just cleared $4,000 bonus on stars.   Gonna reduce my play there now and focus elsewhere where ive been been much more consistent and focused this year.  I will decide in July whether to keep supernova as i dnt think ill play there much until then. Since last post i took Friday off (got drunk) and Saturday off (Hungover).    Didnt play much until late evening on either yesterday or tonight, weathers been so good and trying to make most of it while it lasts.  So not really too much to report.  Still 1/3 of the month left and i feel like im winding down already, oops.   Figures for May now below:


Ive only raked $2,700 total this month on my primary site so im gonna play there 90%+ of time now till end of month.  Would expect if not too lazy to at least double that by June 1st.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Double SCOOP Time

4pm 8game:  low and medium
7pm pl hi lo: low and medium

will try and update if anything is interesting in running.

had long lie in today badly needed and not starting until 4pm.  only broke about even yesterday but games were good just couldnt get in the right spots often enough.   +£5,167 for May hope to add to that shortly :)

6:40pm:  Yuk frustrating as hell again, out of both inside 2hrs 40 and getting beaten up on some horribly great cash tables of late too.  At least i get a 15min break b4 nxt batch cos im that bad :(

9pm:    2hours in and good start in both hi los.
23/708  (912 entrants)  $215
644/2685 (4282 entrants)  $27

1:20am:  Nah crap bust both a while ago, small one for mini cash and nowhere in other.   hate the fact it was 9 handed so much i might not even bother with the NL hi lo at 10pm 2moz, see what moods like.  Lost on cash alongside too, just not feeling it at mo :(   Nout too big though and sit £4,748 up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deep In SCOOP Stud8

Only the $27 but having fun as every pot i enter is crucial

Currently 12/68 with 2178 entered.  Lots of luck needed , had plenty so far !

3am:   10/33

3:45am: sick as parrot on bust hand with 888 multiway, get max value going hu to river and matey hits straight to scoop.    finished 18th/2178 for a paltry $231.41.   sounds far from big stuff but it wasnt as blinds so high and i had several pots to get in top positions but just couldnt push on arrrrgh.  $9.3k winner :(

Turbulent day on cash tables with mad swings both ways.  In the end broke evn on main site where raked $500 but lost $600ish on pokerstars :(   Weird to have £414 loss overall on a day that felt a lot better :((    See how i feel tommorrow, may rake same or may take a lot of day off if knackered.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heavy Rake

Done $500 rake on my main site tonight and knackered.   Was doing well this afternoon but this evening dragged on and i hit some real bad coolers and beats to wipe out my profit on the day.   In fact if it wasnt for winning $500 in the promotion i would have gone from £300 up to £300 down but as it is im pretty much break even for the day and sit now on +£5,596 for the month.  Did some play on stars too and getting closer to that $4k bonus there.   May play the Stud8 SCOOP 2moz 4pm, just see if im up for it on the day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

3rd SCOOP Night

Not expecting anything exciting tonight as its only $215 and $27 FL hi lo and full ring.   So annoying when cash games 9/10 now are 6handed that they still see the need to keep this full ring.  So dull and so much more luck needed and less action as not in as many pots.  Still rant over lets run good now....

Started today at about £4,800 up for May.  £300 of that was won yesterday on my day off when i decided to play for an hour and 3.5hours later managed to shut the tables !

Gonna hammer cash games alongside the 2 mtts as i cant take them that seriously for the reasons above so hopefully win back the buyins at the least :)

Edit: Saturday 10:30pm
Very uneventful scoop yesterday and decided not to bother with the plo tonight.  Had a full day off but was golden on cash games yesterday alongside the mtts.   Sitting £5,300 above for May.   Possible new promo starts Monday but not sure whether to attack it fully as its 10hours a day for maybe several weeks.   Lots of luck in it too so maybe see if get off to a good start or  ditch it early.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

SCOOP $700 PL Hi Lo Final Table

Im posting before i bust lol 6/6.  Been golden as short stack but not enough to build a stack.   Need a fast double, lucky to ladder to here without even trying to ladder.

10:45am - just got 3/4 but still weak 6/6.

11:15am - LOL doubled quartered, split, won 3/4, and still in same spot and stack !!

11:30am - OUT :(  :( :( :( :(
Committed to Q9ss10,3hh utg playing 58k at 3k/6k. ,  utg +1 comes along with A7ccAJxx and nutcase pole committed to A6ss23cc after a raise and reraise from tightest player at table.  Flop K,7ss3x but turn 4c6c and pole scoops to put me out in 6th.    Happy with shove, already shoved worse and doubled or got it through as a resteal.   Scoop a high board there and go to 3rd/5 so got great value just not to be.

So in the end 6th/321 for $8,602.80, i cant moan too much as i was a short stack for about 2.5hrs !

May return for FL hi lo 7pm Friday but i dnnno if ill be able to face it LOL.  $47k/$33k/$24k 1/2/3  :(

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Scoop The SCOOP Time

10pm start tonight urrgh.  At least if i bust out i can go to bed !!!   This will probably be the only 1 i will play all levels on which are $7.5, $82 and $700.    Its 6 max pl hi lo which i play cash games in all the time so no excuses although im sure ill be able to make some up.   If it gets interested or if im bored or got spare time ill do updates below.  Didnt play yesterday but still feel drained and knackered already.  Didnt sleep well last night but hoping to wake up in the next 2 hours.

EDIT:- 1am

Still in all 3.  flipped double in $82 early but couldnt really get going in the others and played well to survive the big un.  Got a lucky x2.5 with 3 pair holding up when allin 3way and had a couple of nice huge pots/coolers my way since in the big one.

At 1am i was 6/193  :  69/720  :  341/1786    in high/mid/low which had 321:1591:5925 entrants respectively.  Hopefully this wont be my peak and i can keep it going.  Structure in the high game is just crazy, it could be a long night.

EDIT:-  1:50am:

Bit tired this hour so wnna get the full 5 mins break away from the screen in a mo.
11/139  :  26/527  :  360/1045

Key pot i won was set over set vs sim stack in the $82.   Couple of big chops in the biggie but cant complain.

EDIT:-   3:30am
Just bust the $7.5 for double my money 387/5925
Still going well in the others  :    16/86 pays 36  and  57/241 pays 20pays 204

EDIT:- 4am
11/69 pays 36  :   74/207  pays 204     6 hours in ...........!!!!!

EDIT:- 5am
Knackered , looked forward to bed when i bust !
20/46 and 41/115

EDIT:-  6:05am

Bubble time still not safe even though highest spot for ages 8th/37

oops forgot to mention i bust the middle one about 30mins ago.  AKQ2 vs A359 to get to average chips.  87/1591 for $220ish.   Save my run good for the big one !!!!!

‎8am:- been dribbling away and a bit card dead on fishey as i wrote that i got a double just b4 break !!!!!!! gone from 15th to 7th/18

EDIT 9am

Darn just lost big pot to fish thats gettin away with murder.   Still in but 11/12 onn 22xbb, need to use that luckbox again.  "decent" payout is top 6 :(

Edit 10am:

Still in just b4 break although AAxx now.  weak 8/9.  Just stole blinds breaktime so lucky to still be in 17xbb stack.  Need 2 double ups to be in the thick of it really.   12hours in, at least ive got a good score of at least $5,800 now.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Arrrghh Punished

Looks like it could be a tough month mentally.   Ive only just noticed my stars site hasnt been saving histories since over a month ago.  I didnt play there last month much which is why ive only noticed this now when i wanted to see just how bad i'd run today.

Anyways today was a shocker assuming i dont play more.   The Badugi was rubbish on the $215 game with a tight solid table with nothing happening and an early exit.   The $27 faired better and was top 10 after an hour but just couldnt get above 25k (started 5k)   Every time i won a pot i would lose one back etc... eventually lost several in a row and crashed out with about 20% of the field left.

Cash games were just disasterous again.  Whilst i think i was playing much better the coolers and outdraws were just coming in force.  Gone to -£996 which im not concerned about yet as i feel it could have been a lot worse.  I even won prob £500ish back before i stopped after busting the mtts.

Considering reducing the no of sites im playing to try and focus better but im not sure if that would make much difference just yet.  

Whatever anyways im still miles above ev for the year so cant complain, just start a fresh tommorrow...;)

Edit:  only had a few mins break and couldnt resist going back on as head was clear enough.   2 hrs session and ran a lot better although at lower stakes but much more respectable -£484 now :)

May It Start Soon

Very slow start to this month.   Dunno quite what happened but just lost a lot of motivation to play.   I was doing ok with the limited volume then i had a horrendous 90min session Thursday where i lost £1,000.   I followed that up with a -£400 the next days first and only session as well.  Have cashed in £500ish rakeback but still started today about -£200.  

Money dont concern me but my attitude does and its definitely affected my play a bit in some sessions.  At end of day no point playing when not in the mood and hense the low volume last week.  I guess its a bit of complacency kicking in.  Stars SCOOP starts today assuming i play the Badugi 7pm which i think im gonna.   Just played some low limit stuff as aint played it in months and was ok for a change so i prob will put myself through it. Report later if do.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April Review

Another decent month under my belt.   Since the last post ive made nearly £2,000 more.   Hardly played over the weekend as was either drunk or hungover for most of it :)  :(

Final profit came to +£9,313.   Whilst i didnt go nuts on the rake it still probably added up across the several sites to somewhere over the $5k mark for the whole month.

Plenty on in May to attack.  Probably keep playing sim to last month generally.

Pokerstars SCOOP for me starts 7th May if i play the Badugi or 9th May if i wait until the PLO8 starts.  Over $2,000 of mtts i definitely want to play anyway and im sure ill review most of them as they occur.

All being well i should clear a $4,000 bonus on Pokerstars at some point along with the reload bonus for SCOOP $250.   Theres still a promotion on my main site for 10 days or so that appears to be yielding somewhere in the region of 20% extra rakeback so that will be my other focus for the time being.

Still debating changing Vegas dates to longer but its probably something i wont finalise until June now.  Prob let my body clock slide right back to a nightowl too, hopefully after deep SCOOP runs force me to !

Right thats it for now, try and keep this really decent year so far going.  Ive pretty much made the same as the whole of last year or 2010 already but i dont wanna get complacent.   Would be nice to end up with 2 or 3 times that amount by the end of the year or more if i run well in vegas !