Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Scoop The SCOOP Time

10pm start tonight urrgh.  At least if i bust out i can go to bed !!!   This will probably be the only 1 i will play all levels on which are $7.5, $82 and $700.    Its 6 max pl hi lo which i play cash games in all the time so no excuses although im sure ill be able to make some up.   If it gets interested or if im bored or got spare time ill do updates below.  Didnt play yesterday but still feel drained and knackered already.  Didnt sleep well last night but hoping to wake up in the next 2 hours.

EDIT:- 1am

Still in all 3.  flipped double in $82 early but couldnt really get going in the others and played well to survive the big un.  Got a lucky x2.5 with 3 pair holding up when allin 3way and had a couple of nice huge pots/coolers my way since in the big one.

At 1am i was 6/193  :  69/720  :  341/1786    in high/mid/low which had 321:1591:5925 entrants respectively.  Hopefully this wont be my peak and i can keep it going.  Structure in the high game is just crazy, it could be a long night.

EDIT:-  1:50am:

Bit tired this hour so wnna get the full 5 mins break away from the screen in a mo.
11/139  :  26/527  :  360/1045

Key pot i won was set over set vs sim stack in the $82.   Couple of big chops in the biggie but cant complain.

EDIT:-   3:30am
Just bust the $7.5 for double my money 387/5925
Still going well in the others  :    16/86 pays 36  and  57/241 pays 20pays 204

EDIT:- 4am
11/69 pays 36  :   74/207  pays 204     6 hours in ...........!!!!!

EDIT:- 5am
Knackered , looked forward to bed when i bust !
20/46 and 41/115

EDIT:-  6:05am

Bubble time still not safe even though highest spot for ages 8th/37

oops forgot to mention i bust the middle one about 30mins ago.  AKQ2 vs A359 to get to average chips.  87/1591 for $220ish.   Save my run good for the big one !!!!!

‎8am:- been dribbling away and a bit card dead on fishey as i wrote that i got a double just b4 break !!!!!!! gone from 15th to 7th/18

EDIT 9am

Darn just lost big pot to fish thats gettin away with murder.   Still in but 11/12 onn 22xbb, need to use that luckbox again.  "decent" payout is top 6 :(

Edit 10am:

Still in just b4 break although AAxx now.  weak 8/9.  Just stole blinds breaktime so lucky to still be in 17xbb stack.  Need 2 double ups to be in the thick of it really.   12hours in, at least ive got a good score of at least $5,800 now.


Daly said...

railing now, hope youre horny animal (in a username sense lol)

cant chat in rail as have like 10 cents on stars lol


pokershades1 said...

railing mate , best of luck , get some of that nice moneyz near the top

pokershades1 said...

final table weeeeeeee !! double double double !!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

thx guys hope uad as much fun as me :)