Monday, May 28, 2012

Beyond Tilt

Arrrgh i was due and due again i guess.   Just had complete shocker of session.  No higher than 2/4 and all hi lo and good games too.  Bloggin here to draw a line under it and move on tommorrow :(
Was only sposed to be a 45min session but games were so good i couldnt stop and it ended up with sommat like a £900 loss :(( over 4 hours.

On a positive note ive xtended my vegas trip and leave in about 3 weeks staying for 19nights.
Still +£6,368, try to focus on that and not todays results :)

Edit: Checked tables in bed and an awful 5/10 game going.  Run bad more another £369 goner.  Start Tues at +£5,999 !!!

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