Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deep In SCOOP Stud8

Only the $27 but having fun as every pot i enter is crucial

Currently 12/68 with 2178 entered.  Lots of luck needed , had plenty so far !

3am:   10/33

3:45am: sick as parrot on bust hand with 888 multiway, get max value going hu to river and matey hits straight to scoop.    finished 18th/2178 for a paltry $231.41.   sounds far from big stuff but it wasnt as blinds so high and i had several pots to get in top positions but just couldnt push on arrrrgh.  $9.3k winner :(

Turbulent day on cash tables with mad swings both ways.  In the end broke evn on main site where raked $500 but lost $600ish on pokerstars :(   Weird to have £414 loss overall on a day that felt a lot better :((    See how i feel tommorrow, may rake same or may take a lot of day off if knackered.

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