Thursday, May 10, 2012

SCOOP $700 PL Hi Lo Final Table

Im posting before i bust lol 6/6.  Been golden as short stack but not enough to build a stack.   Need a fast double, lucky to ladder to here without even trying to ladder.

10:45am - just got 3/4 but still weak 6/6.

11:15am - LOL doubled quartered, split, won 3/4, and still in same spot and stack !!

11:30am - OUT :(  :( :( :( :(
Committed to Q9ss10,3hh utg playing 58k at 3k/6k. ,  utg +1 comes along with A7ccAJxx and nutcase pole committed to A6ss23cc after a raise and reraise from tightest player at table.  Flop K,7ss3x but turn 4c6c and pole scoops to put me out in 6th.    Happy with shove, already shoved worse and doubled or got it through as a resteal.   Scoop a high board there and go to 3rd/5 so got great value just not to be.

So in the end 6th/321 for $8,602.80, i cant moan too much as i was a short stack for about 2.5hrs !

May return for FL hi lo 7pm Friday but i dnnno if ill be able to face it LOL.  $47k/$33k/$24k 1/2/3  :(


Anonymous said...


I read your blog regularly and find it quite interesting to hear about your daily grinding battles. Would have been nice for you to have scooped some bonus money from a comp.

L4Y SP said...

nice score, wp, gg

Daly said...

wow sick score mate, cant imagine playing for 14 hours straight!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

thx guys...L4Y hav linked you up