Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heavy Rake

Done $500 rake on my main site tonight and knackered.   Was doing well this afternoon but this evening dragged on and i hit some real bad coolers and beats to wipe out my profit on the day.   In fact if it wasnt for winning $500 in the promotion i would have gone from £300 up to £300 down but as it is im pretty much break even for the day and sit now on +£5,596 for the month.  Did some play on stars too and getting closer to that $4k bonus there.   May play the Stud8 SCOOP 2moz 4pm, just see if im up for it on the day.


Anonymous said...

Hi m8

Thoughts on Zoom poker ? do you play it ? Been dabbling in 25/50c PLO 2 tabbing and quite enjoy it and not tracking properly, but it seems relatively soft (i'm no massive PLO player by any means). Amatay reckons it's tougher from what others have said.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

havent really played enough and only hi lo. pretty sure im well in profit there but asssumed it didnt track so wouldnt knw. so busy elsewhere but when i get a chance i will tank it one day. i didnt realise u could open 4 tables on the same zoom group until 2 days ago lol. hi lo will play diff but im finding a minraise most of time strategy works best and only opening wider from c/o or button.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

i think i would struggle on plo without stats although if everyones in same boat could b ok i guess.