Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April Review

Another decent month under my belt.   Since the last post ive made nearly £2,000 more.   Hardly played over the weekend as was either drunk or hungover for most of it :)  :(

Final profit came to +£9,313.   Whilst i didnt go nuts on the rake it still probably added up across the several sites to somewhere over the $5k mark for the whole month.

Plenty on in May to attack.  Probably keep playing sim to last month generally.

Pokerstars SCOOP for me starts 7th May if i play the Badugi or 9th May if i wait until the PLO8 starts.  Over $2,000 of mtts i definitely want to play anyway and im sure ill review most of them as they occur.

All being well i should clear a $4,000 bonus on Pokerstars at some point along with the reload bonus for SCOOP $250.   Theres still a promotion on my main site for 10 days or so that appears to be yielding somewhere in the region of 20% extra rakeback so that will be my other focus for the time being.

Still debating changing Vegas dates to longer but its probably something i wont finalise until June now.  Prob let my body clock slide right back to a nightowl too, hopefully after deep SCOOP runs force me to !

Right thats it for now, try and keep this really decent year so far going.  Ive pretty much made the same as the whole of last year or 2010 already but i dont wanna get complacent.   Would be nice to end up with 2 or 3 times that amount by the end of the year or more if i run well in vegas !

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Daly said...

fuck me thats a good month!