Monday, May 07, 2012

Arrrghh Punished

Looks like it could be a tough month mentally.   Ive only just noticed my stars site hasnt been saving histories since over a month ago.  I didnt play there last month much which is why ive only noticed this now when i wanted to see just how bad i'd run today.

Anyways today was a shocker assuming i dont play more.   The Badugi was rubbish on the $215 game with a tight solid table with nothing happening and an early exit.   The $27 faired better and was top 10 after an hour but just couldnt get above 25k (started 5k)   Every time i won a pot i would lose one back etc... eventually lost several in a row and crashed out with about 20% of the field left.

Cash games were just disasterous again.  Whilst i think i was playing much better the coolers and outdraws were just coming in force.  Gone to -£996 which im not concerned about yet as i feel it could have been a lot worse.  I even won prob £500ish back before i stopped after busting the mtts.

Considering reducing the no of sites im playing to try and focus better but im not sure if that would make much difference just yet.  

Whatever anyways im still miles above ev for the year so cant complain, just start a fresh tommorrow...;)

Edit:  only had a few mins break and couldnt resist going back on as head was clear enough.   2 hrs session and ran a lot better although at lower stakes but much more respectable -£484 now :)

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