Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bonus Report

Just cleared $4,000 bonus on stars.   Gonna reduce my play there now and focus elsewhere where ive been been much more consistent and focused this year.  I will decide in July whether to keep supernova as i dnt think ill play there much until then. Since last post i took Friday off (got drunk) and Saturday off (Hungover).    Didnt play much until late evening on either yesterday or tonight, weathers been so good and trying to make most of it while it lasts.  So not really too much to report.  Still 1/3 of the month left and i feel like im winding down already, oops.   Figures for May now below:


Ive only raked $2,700 total this month on my primary site so im gonna play there 90%+ of time now till end of month.  Would expect if not too lazy to at least double that by June 1st.


Newy said...

Hi Animal, I been secretly reading ur blog for years. If its not too intrusive a question, Wot % rakeback do u get off ur main site? U seem to do v well. Whilst i wish u well and hope u keep up the gud work i cant help enjoyin readin about the odd blow up ;) Cheers Newy

Robert "Animal" Price said...

All depends on vip level. Currently could get 40% for $20k but stuck deciding whether to leave this for 12-18months and try and get to a 50% rate cashing in a $75k bonus ! Will probably leave it as ive run well so far this year and see how im doing in 6months and if im still putting enough volume in. And yes the blow ups are all part of my luv/hate relationship with it, i know im not a typical pro and go against what a lot of others do or say but lifes too boring if you dont get emotionally involved sometimes :)