Thursday, May 17, 2012

Double SCOOP Time

4pm 8game:  low and medium
7pm pl hi lo: low and medium

will try and update if anything is interesting in running.

had long lie in today badly needed and not starting until 4pm.  only broke about even yesterday but games were good just couldnt get in the right spots often enough.   +£5,167 for May hope to add to that shortly :)

6:40pm:  Yuk frustrating as hell again, out of both inside 2hrs 40 and getting beaten up on some horribly great cash tables of late too.  At least i get a 15min break b4 nxt batch cos im that bad :(

9pm:    2hours in and good start in both hi los.
23/708  (912 entrants)  $215
644/2685 (4282 entrants)  $27

1:20am:  Nah crap bust both a while ago, small one for mini cash and nowhere in other.   hate the fact it was 9 handed so much i might not even bother with the NL hi lo at 10pm 2moz, see what moods like.  Lost on cash alongside too, just not feeling it at mo :(   Nout too big though and sit £4,748 up.

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