Monday, May 07, 2012

May It Start Soon

Very slow start to this month.   Dunno quite what happened but just lost a lot of motivation to play.   I was doing ok with the limited volume then i had a horrendous 90min session Thursday where i lost £1,000.   I followed that up with a -£400 the next days first and only session as well.  Have cashed in £500ish rakeback but still started today about -£200.  

Money dont concern me but my attitude does and its definitely affected my play a bit in some sessions.  At end of day no point playing when not in the mood and hense the low volume last week.  I guess its a bit of complacency kicking in.  Stars SCOOP starts today assuming i play the Badugi 7pm which i think im gonna.   Just played some low limit stuff as aint played it in months and was ok for a change so i prob will put myself through it. Report later if do.

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