Monday, June 30, 2008

Vegas - Day 8 (Sunday)

Blimey im so tired i dont think i'll put much into this post. Played the $550 Caesars, thoroughly enjoyed it and got my 15k up to a peak of 43k before finally shoving 15xbb 66 into TJ Cloutier's QQ . 9 hours in and a quarter ish of the 440 field left, pot was to go back to just over average stack but not to be and cant complain too much. Back to room early but so tired no idea what im doing tommorrow until i wake up.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 7 (Saturday)

Wow ive been here a week already ! Seems to have gone quick so im guessing 18 nights wont be too long a stay based on that. Nout too much of interest yesterday, pool, meal, white russians, caesars cash (usual where im down most of session but finish dead level after many hours) .

Prob play the $550 at caesars today in 75 minutes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vegas - Day 5 & 6 (Thur/Fri)

Day 5 totally uneventful. Basically the 4 day white russian frenzy had left my body in a weird state of limbo so i had to take a day out to just relax and recharge.

Yesterday i played the $550 venetian 12pm again. I generally didnt hit many flops but was 100% happy with my play and managed to sustain my stack throughout with some nicely timed bluffs, resteals and steals. Fast forward to the 2 key hands and left on 10,400 in a 1200 bb i had to move in over a button raiser with 55 knowing he was prob committed. Donk takes ages to make whats an instant call and i hold vs J9off suit. I float around 20-26k for a bit then another bb hand and american "im a god at poker, shades and headphones and gut as big as i would hav if i lived in america" makes a weak as hell 4100 from the cutoff when bb is now 1600. My reads had been spot on most of the time in this mtt and my range to move allin with weakened now as i was playin just over 20k. Lookin down at Q7off i know my move and amazingly this dummy calls instantly. I say good call thinking shit my read was wrong but he turns over 98off !!! Lets just say there was a bit of history between us so maybe he was itching to knock me out. Anyway im only what 54 55% mayb and he hits and im gone but incredibly satisfied with my play and a bit gutted not to have the 43k stack with a 40k average. I finished about 150/400 anyway for the record.

So again in limbo as to what to do i headed for a steak then decided to give caesars cash a bash again. Nout too eventful really losing $400 recovering to level and finishing at 2am. Did get cold decked again top2 vs top set but fortunately the guy only had $150 and i did get reverse luck at end of session making some dubious calls and hitting for a change.

1:30pm now and im playin a bit online for a change having woke too late for a 12pm game. Probably look to play a 12pm deepstack tommorrow, expect ill head out for some cash games later but im in no rush and will prob hit the pool for a bit first.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vegas - Day 4 (Wednesday)

Went for the PL omaha $550 in the end. Gotta say i luved playing this regardless of the outcome. Was the first time ive played a proper live omaha tournament and i enjoyed so much of it from start to finish.

Starting stack 12k, my table was pretty easy and i took down some nice pots against obv chases and pulled off one nice semi bluff early too. I then had a huge hand QsJx10s9x on a AsKxXs flop. Was looking to gamble here and matey refused to lay down his AKQx and spade on the turn gave me a more than double stack and room for more play. This was only level 2 and by the end of level 3 i had 50k and was well relaxed at the break.

Unfortunately after shitting on the deck a bit it often comes back at ya especially in omaha and this was no different. I knew had "extra lives" so to speak to play some hands more aggressively and easily call anything closely resembling pot odds and i managed to just lose nearly all key pots in the next few levels after being moved to a new table where nothing seemed to go right. Wont go into detail cos there was so many 20-30k pots but even my bust pot was pretty nuts.

limp 600utg AA72hhxx and another limper before table arrogant english twat makes it 3100. comes back to me and i reraise pot to 10,800 total (ive only got 7000 behind) but fish still calls and flop is K89 2 diamonds. He had AJJ10 with 2 diamonds so i was in trouble but still ridiculous call preflop from him, i mean if he even considers folding on blank flop for 7000 into a 35800 total pot potentially. Obv he hit and i was gone to the rail finishing about 115/280 in the end which was disappointing but still very enjoyable.

Unfortunately after that magical first few levels the luck factor just went nasty and more unfortunately it transferred over to a 1/3 cash table i sat on in caesars an hour or so later. I know i have never run so bad at a live cash table, nothing would hit, hold up or i just got complete and utter junk the whole time. Im not one to moan about this live normally but this was truly something else and maybe a good learning experience on how to cope with such stuff. Could put so many hands on here but i know the swing affected my play and i mad a few bad marginal calls but i also made some good ones so i will put the 2 big key pots on here and no others.

Call $15 raise with 99 utg+1 and 3 of us see a flop. flop is 986 2 spades and utg checks to me and i lead out for 25$. button makes it 100$ to go and back to me. At this point ive been losing so badly and the table knows it so i know i can play this v fast and make it look like classic gambler flushdraw and hope matey is goin nowhere. So i move allin for 450$ maybe and he calls with 86. At this point i was in for $1400 so i was still down after this pot but hoped this would be the change of luck required. Also worth noting im certain this was only set i hit in the 8.5hrs i was at the table.

Another hour or 2 later and im floating around the $1050 mark when this interesting hand comes up. QQ utg +1 and i make it $15 to go. Get couple callers behind then sb makes it $70 total to go. I know his play and range is AK AA KK and slimer chance JJ but also know i could get a good feel from his betting and reaction of his holding. After careful consideration i flat call as im very very confident he has AK from my read. Flop is J9x and i check looking to confirm my read and obviously check raise if im still happy. He has $300ish behind and sticks $150 out. Everything about the bet and the way he made it and sat there told me AK and it wasnt long before i moved him allin. He took 30-60secs so i knew i had him and hoped he didnt understand pot odds but he made the call eventually. Guy to my left immediately asks me if i have a set of 9s. Before any more cards come i say no ive got QQ but im good if no ace or king comes. Bam K on the turn and $750-$800 pot shipped away. At this point i would have been only $50 down if this had held up but obviously i was crippled again and dribbled some more cash off before calling it a night $950 down on the table.

Anyway glad thats all blogged out of my system. Dunno what im doing today, im hoping i can avoid playing much live at all so im itching to get in the weekend $550 deepstacks. Pretty tired as stayed too late at that table and still woke up at 10am despite knowing another couple of hours sleep would have set me up good for today.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vegas - Day 3 (Tuesday)

Gym (Yes really !) , Pool, and was gonna hang in local casino for a change but had last minute change of heart and went to Caesars. Even though 7pm was tiny felt like playing a more relaxed tourney so entered the $150. Got 201 runners i think and after 8 hours i bust in 7th for $800 profit. Enjoyed it thoroughly but obv pissed off busting where i did as top 2 were usual heavy payouts

Was a crapshoot for long periods but i was deepstacked all day until the final table where it caught up with everyone. Despite a few short stacks laddering i was playing for 1st and shoving a fair bit but then the pot odds syndrome got me. bb 47k more for a 158k pot so about 30%, bb = 20k too so have to call any 2 really with 97k left behind as well. my 92off was no match for K5off. Next hand in sb i know i need sommat as bb chipleader and i know will call with reasonable holding. Anyway AJ shove and he calls with Q7off , rather a bit too quick for my liking to be honest. it was sim to mine but still 75k for a 205k pot. Anyway flop A7x , turn 7 and the classless cocky young muppet hollers and high 5s his mate and i hit the rail in a mood which is still about a bit this morning although i know it wont last.

1million chips in play, 1st pot would have put me just over 250k with 6 left and 2nd one just over 200k with 7 left. both would have been my peak stack up to that point so knw couldnt do anything else and once again let down at end of game just like some prev final tables at caesars last year :)

Not sure about today yet, pool or venetian $550 12pm omaha PL . May try caesars cash later as well as got urge last night but didnt finish f t until 4am :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vegas Day 2 (Monday)

Will keep this as brief as poss as this internet playin up a bit and dnt wnna write post twice !
Played $550 15k starting stack, lost a pot to have gone double stacked level 3 J10 vs AK on a AJJ flop, left me on 10k and i never recovered. Honestly though the standard is so bad its unreal out here. Bust bout 3pm so headed off up strip to look for diff poker room for a change. Ended up in Flamingo and despite thinking i would leave early evening and move to another i ended up staying at a $1/2 table losing count of the white russians again and finishing about 12:30am. Most of the time i was down but my stack went all ova the place. At worst i was $500 down but ended up getting back to level before finishing -$100 which felt like a profit. My drunk image was fun again and i tend to fish like mad as people price u in all the time and dnt fold much when u do hit.

Havent looked at mtt schedule for today but dont think im gonna head out for midday ones, im more likely to just go by the pool and relax and head out late afternoon or evening. Plenty of time to decide anyway as woke at a reasonable hour.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Vegas - Day 1 (Sunday)

Flight wasnt too bad although the landing was a bit bumpy we were slightly early and i made it to my hotel room just after 3pm. I was hoping to get an hour or 2 snooze before heading out but failed after 15 mins trying i thought **** it im in vegas im going out ! (Seem to remember same happened last year) Plan was to stay up till around midnight and despite being very tired on occasions i managed it playing 1/2$ at the Venetian. Several (lost count) white russians later and after being $500 down i recovered to finally finish $360 up. I enjoyed playing the drunk englishman and could hardly fail to get paid off when i did hit hands with a nice crazy image it was a lot of fun. 1 of thing of note when someone asks me what i do this year im lying and saying im an accountant as i did last nigh., Anyway it seems daft saying poker when you are sitting drunk on the lowest cash game available drunk as a skunk !

Not too hungover or tired after good sleep and its 10:30am now so probably gonna head off to the Venetian for the $540 game at midday.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Level Playing Field

Started getting a lot more excited about the trip now with only a few days before i fly out on Sunday. Its very unlikely i will be playing the main event this year. In fact i think the only way i would buyin direct or buyin to a live stt satellite would be if i won $10-$15k in my first week out there. Its also unlikely i will play any wsop side events with the same reasoning. Im fine with that and in fact hope i relax more knowing im not in anything too chunky !

The plan is to play $330 - $550 deep stack games in Caesars and the Venetian at least every other day and fill in the gaps with cash games probably 1/3 and 2/5. Maybe 5/10 if i run well or maybe Bellagio $1000 tourney. I should meet up with a few people whose stays overlap with mine and if i get bored of poker it will just be longer days by the pool instead !

Anyway after hardly playing and having the odd terrible session my month has finally recovered to level. Today was probably a good time to have a good cash session but at the end of the day my profit came from winning 2/2 coinflips which most of this month i would have won 0 or 1/2 at best in a session. They are below cos i like to remind myself i can run well still as it seems a long time ago ! I also finished 6/170 in a freeroll for 20,000 airmiles (bout £200), bit gutted as top 2 were worth over £1000 and close to £2000 but was a fast structure and i probably didnt push hard enough for a change at the final table.

2/4 PL omaha

Call raise with A35J dbl suits and flop is K24 with 2 of my suit. All money goes in and 6 hits river to crack KKK for 800euro pot. (me slight fav)

Call raise with KQJ8 1 suit and flop is KJ86 with 2 clubs. All money goes in and matey had 10c9c7xXx and misses for an 800euro pot. (me slight dog)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Since last post ive hardly played. Then i did a few hours drunk friday night and lost 900euros before winning £600 back on another site. Again did not play yesterday, really aint been in the mood all week.

Settled in tonight for 5 or 6 mtts and not a great result im afraid. I didnt enjoy much of it at all apart from the bit at the end of my last bust as the adrenaline had kicked in. Right im gonna list my games tonight as i feel gutted but really shouldnt be as havent done much wrong at all. Sickest one at bottom, so just go to that if u aint interested in waffle.

7pm $100 over 1000 entrants but structure was terrible and didnt get going, bust after 4-6 levels.

8pm £120 didnt get going but should have bust with 3rd nuts flush but 2nd nuts flush let me pay him off cheaply. Got back in with AQ vs QQ before losing a chunky pot AK vs KK and busting on a flip to maybe have got back to average or big under.

8pm $55 only 10 entrants but value and got 3rd for $200

8pm another $55 value but mtt, no prefloppers before AK vs A9off several levels in for a 60xbb stack = sick

9:10pm £33 never got going, struggling to remember bust

9:30pm 40euros , hardly got going but held in for ages only to lose a 75% preflop to have got back to average

AND the sicko

7pm $320 531 players but value for 1000, top 20 paid $16k wsop package each.
flying start saw me top 20 for well over the first hour but then i gradually dropped down. I was never under 11xbb and once the blinds started catching up i made a few moves restealing with KJoff twice and J4std another time all gettting through. I did win A10std vs KK for to go to 45k (pot was about half of that) but then the sickness came in full force.

QQ utg 2k blinds i make it 5k playing 40k and utg+1 who hasnt played much but has me covered just makes it 10k v quickly. My urge was to fold there but then i realised i had odds to flop the damn Q. flop came 7 high and i check folded to his 20k bet. Im sure he had aces and he confirmed it in the chat and couldnt believe i had folded QQ. Anyway i wouldnt have told him that info but for the next hand. QQ bb have to call a cutoff shove and lose a 45k pot vs A5off. Left on 13k and blinds up hand or 2 later so 4xbb. couple hands later AJ vs 77 and u know u aint hitting for a 28k pot which would still given me a huge chance but not to be once again, at least im getting used to it anyway. What can ya do......

Didnt put positions up i finished 55th but that 2nd QQ pot would have prob put me about 10th where i know i would have been 50%+ to get a package. .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just finished what could have been my last wsop satellite. Still time to enter more but i cant face them as stated before. This was another freeroll and 90 entrants i bust out on a AK vs Q9 to have gone 2/10. Winner only $17k package gg wp vul 9 on river just about sums my game up of late.

Late Edit:

Gutted finished 5th/200 for 1800 euros in 50euro rebuy. Had chiplead for long periods of time but just went downhill as soon as we hit the final table inc JJ bb vs AA on button taking 40% of my stack and being reraised by table rocks who definitely started picking up hands. Not to worry at least its some sort of cash but payout very top heavy so have to be disappointed overall not to get 2, 3 or 6 times that payout.

I guess more importantly i enjoyed more of the game tonight and for some reason played with no music and no tv on which is a first for a long time !

Monday, June 09, 2008

No Change

But when it does i will win everything. Broken record on how bad i run yet again. Been so bad all week ive hardly played but tonight again sums it up.

Promo freeroll 1000,600,400euro top3. A lovely 4/23 for me after losing QQ vs AK for 60% chips to go 1/4 then busting AJ vs 99 to go joint 1/3. Cash no better missing all vital 50/50s usually after getting it in first to be called by a donkey. And of course go deepish in $20k before losing QQ vs AK to go 15/40 and then committing to raggy bb getting 2-1 but still losing to QJoff for a 10.5xbb pot. Finish bout 35/170 as standard really.

But i expect a change and either way i cant wait to get to vegas where at least i will enjoy the poker win or lose.

As with most sessions i aint really enjoyed it, im making sure i have at least 2 days off a week at the moment as its still just doing my head in.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Sick of it all, lost several whole stacks on a couple of cash tables. Set ups and just unbelievable how ul i am lately, i give up, at least on this blog for a while. Tempted to change flight ticket and go vegas earlier which i guess would b an all mighty gamble in itself but i seem to relax more abroad and my live game is a million miles above my online bllx of late.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Great Start

Sat at 2/4euro omaha hi/lo and after 5hands this pot comes up heads up.
Unraised i see a flop of K35 rainbow and i hold KK95. All money goes in which is another 200euros each and board comes J10 (high cards so must be good). But alas the pot ships to him as he doesnt have any low draw, just KQ95. Neither of us had flush draw runner so that was a lovely 2% bad beat for a pot of 102xbb when pot was only 2xbb when money went in.

Gimme a break !!!!!!!

Well almost got one 17/200 in a £27 value game. Lost KQ vs A3 to go 4/19 and bust on a pot to have gone 8th when jack high flopped on a free bb with j5. utg+1 had limped with the all mighty KJoff.

Other ones inc losing A10std vs 99 then AJstd vs QQ , 120euros
and AK vs JJ to hav gone top 2 or 3 in 150 player $55


No More Quarters

Couple of win only package freerolls tonight. Sick finish to one of them when i lost a monster pot to have gone 14,000 at 200bb 1/16 against typical mindless calling station hitting a sick turn when 80% chips in pre and on flop. Havent played anything else since Thursday and thats it for this quarter.

Obviously end of June would be the true end to the quarter but i know im going to revert back to monthly records so why not do it a month early in an effort to start a fresh outlook.

So final profit for April/May "quarter" stands at £3,820 in total. Too many "what ifs". I have nothing more to say about April and May.

Rakeback will go into Junes profit and i am already well aware that losing months are very possible for June or July given i will be in vegas for 9 days of each and i intend to roll myself a bit higher than previous trips.

Anyway time will tell in terms of sorting out my temper, enjoyment and results.

One last note, i had a drunken dream i was in Vegas playing poker last night. Dont remember details but know i woke up even more excited about heading over there 3 weeks from now.