Sunday, June 15, 2008


Since last post ive hardly played. Then i did a few hours drunk friday night and lost 900euros before winning £600 back on another site. Again did not play yesterday, really aint been in the mood all week.

Settled in tonight for 5 or 6 mtts and not a great result im afraid. I didnt enjoy much of it at all apart from the bit at the end of my last bust as the adrenaline had kicked in. Right im gonna list my games tonight as i feel gutted but really shouldnt be as havent done much wrong at all. Sickest one at bottom, so just go to that if u aint interested in waffle.

7pm $100 over 1000 entrants but structure was terrible and didnt get going, bust after 4-6 levels.

8pm £120 didnt get going but should have bust with 3rd nuts flush but 2nd nuts flush let me pay him off cheaply. Got back in with AQ vs QQ before losing a chunky pot AK vs KK and busting on a flip to maybe have got back to average or big under.

8pm $55 only 10 entrants but value and got 3rd for $200

8pm another $55 value but mtt, no prefloppers before AK vs A9off several levels in for a 60xbb stack = sick

9:10pm £33 never got going, struggling to remember bust

9:30pm 40euros , hardly got going but held in for ages only to lose a 75% preflop to have got back to average

AND the sicko

7pm $320 531 players but value for 1000, top 20 paid $16k wsop package each.
flying start saw me top 20 for well over the first hour but then i gradually dropped down. I was never under 11xbb and once the blinds started catching up i made a few moves restealing with KJoff twice and J4std another time all gettting through. I did win A10std vs KK for to go to 45k (pot was about half of that) but then the sickness came in full force.

QQ utg 2k blinds i make it 5k playing 40k and utg+1 who hasnt played much but has me covered just makes it 10k v quickly. My urge was to fold there but then i realised i had odds to flop the damn Q. flop came 7 high and i check folded to his 20k bet. Im sure he had aces and he confirmed it in the chat and couldnt believe i had folded QQ. Anyway i wouldnt have told him that info but for the next hand. QQ bb have to call a cutoff shove and lose a 45k pot vs A5off. Left on 13k and blinds up hand or 2 later so 4xbb. couple hands later AJ vs 77 and u know u aint hitting for a 28k pot which would still given me a huge chance but not to be once again, at least im getting used to it anyway. What can ya do......

Didnt put positions up i finished 55th but that 2nd QQ pot would have prob put me about 10th where i know i would have been 50%+ to get a package. .


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

my name eez Lyle. I am meeting you in last year Interpoker Party at Playboy Club, Palms. You and freend Azamat are veery niece to me end I am hopping to see you again thees yeer.
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