Thursday, June 19, 2008

Level Playing Field

Started getting a lot more excited about the trip now with only a few days before i fly out on Sunday. Its very unlikely i will be playing the main event this year. In fact i think the only way i would buyin direct or buyin to a live stt satellite would be if i won $10-$15k in my first week out there. Its also unlikely i will play any wsop side events with the same reasoning. Im fine with that and in fact hope i relax more knowing im not in anything too chunky !

The plan is to play $330 - $550 deep stack games in Caesars and the Venetian at least every other day and fill in the gaps with cash games probably 1/3 and 2/5. Maybe 5/10 if i run well or maybe Bellagio $1000 tourney. I should meet up with a few people whose stays overlap with mine and if i get bored of poker it will just be longer days by the pool instead !

Anyway after hardly playing and having the odd terrible session my month has finally recovered to level. Today was probably a good time to have a good cash session but at the end of the day my profit came from winning 2/2 coinflips which most of this month i would have won 0 or 1/2 at best in a session. They are below cos i like to remind myself i can run well still as it seems a long time ago ! I also finished 6/170 in a freeroll for 20,000 airmiles (bout £200), bit gutted as top 2 were worth over £1000 and close to £2000 but was a fast structure and i probably didnt push hard enough for a change at the final table.

2/4 PL omaha

Call raise with A35J dbl suits and flop is K24 with 2 of my suit. All money goes in and 6 hits river to crack KKK for 800euro pot. (me slight fav)

Call raise with KQJ8 1 suit and flop is KJ86 with 2 clubs. All money goes in and matey had 10c9c7xXx and misses for an 800euro pot. (me slight dog)


TEAMDOBB said...

Here now as you know Rob and dont know about Venetian but Caesars Deep Stacks are getting great fields and as such big bucks m8y. Their poker room is buzzing.

Anonymous said...

hahah you mugs. you all go to vegas for poker and lose shit loads of cash. hahahaha. what a bunch of donks. teamdobb is especially big loser thats why caesars is filling up. if he wasnt there the place would be empty.

i am going there soon and will be playing on deep stack slots and wheel of fortune. maybe bit speed roulette if not running too well as need to get the bankroll up.

i will only go to pool to cook fried eggs on tiled floor near towel shack. they have special tiles to soak up sunshine there so you cant walk on them without asbestos shoes so nobody goes near and their washing bill stays low.

i will be eating the '3jacks mega burger' without extra chilli or water flavoured fish. espresso mind erazers every night before going out because i want to remember fukk all about this trip. all i will remember is coming home with shit loads of cash as usual.

and if i meet any of those cunts from betfair $1/2 games out there i will smash their fukking faces in without saying a word. they are all cunts.

Ronnie Chalk

TEAMDOBB said...

Yip Ronnie ya must be rite, 705 runner record tonight for Caesars.
Full of Betfair mafia though. Miss ya n wish u were here xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Animal, are you aware that your blog is being used by people using pseudonyms to pass dodgy information to eachother!?!


Not black eastern block drinks a plenty, followed by 4 pieces of ravioli to fill you up, topped off with a lady of the night and having to pay her off to get rid!!!

Jackal Bond.

TEAMDOBB said...

the world is full of anonymous people hiding behind mystery identities and lerking in darken alleyways.
be alert stay sharp and watch ya back