Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vegas - Day 3 (Tuesday)

Gym (Yes really !) , Pool, and was gonna hang in local casino for a change but had last minute change of heart and went to Caesars. Even though 7pm was tiny felt like playing a more relaxed tourney so entered the $150. Got 201 runners i think and after 8 hours i bust in 7th for $800 profit. Enjoyed it thoroughly but obv pissed off busting where i did as top 2 were usual heavy payouts

Was a crapshoot for long periods but i was deepstacked all day until the final table where it caught up with everyone. Despite a few short stacks laddering i was playing for 1st and shoving a fair bit but then the pot odds syndrome got me. bb 47k more for a 158k pot so about 30%, bb = 20k too so have to call any 2 really with 97k left behind as well. my 92off was no match for K5off. Next hand in sb i know i need sommat as bb chipleader and i know will call with reasonable holding. Anyway AJ shove and he calls with Q7off , rather a bit too quick for my liking to be honest. it was sim to mine but still 75k for a 205k pot. Anyway flop A7x , turn 7 and the classless cocky young muppet hollers and high 5s his mate and i hit the rail in a mood which is still about a bit this morning although i know it wont last.

1million chips in play, 1st pot would have put me just over 250k with 6 left and 2nd one just over 200k with 7 left. both would have been my peak stack up to that point so knw couldnt do anything else and once again let down at end of game just like some prev final tables at caesars last year :)

Not sure about today yet, pool or venetian $550 12pm omaha PL . May try caesars cash later as well as got urge last night but didnt finish f t until 4am :)

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Damien said...

Sounds like you're finding some good form mate. Keep it up and good luck.