Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just finished what could have been my last wsop satellite. Still time to enter more but i cant face them as stated before. This was another freeroll and 90 entrants i bust out on a AK vs Q9 to have gone 2/10. Winner only $17k package gg wp vul 9 on river just about sums my game up of late.

Late Edit:

Gutted finished 5th/200 for 1800 euros in 50euro rebuy. Had chiplead for long periods of time but just went downhill as soon as we hit the final table inc JJ bb vs AA on button taking 40% of my stack and being reraised by table rocks who definitely started picking up hands. Not to worry at least its some sort of cash but payout very top heavy so have to be disappointed overall not to get 2, 3 or 6 times that payout.

I guess more importantly i enjoyed more of the game tonight and for some reason played with no music and no tv on which is a first for a long time !

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Anonymous said...

I can sense the smell of white russians on the horizon! That means poker + having a good laugh, something you're not doing right now. See you in Vegas,