Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vegas Day 2 (Monday)

Will keep this as brief as poss as this internet playin up a bit and dnt wnna write post twice !
Played $550 15k starting stack, lost a pot to have gone double stacked level 3 J10 vs AK on a AJJ flop, left me on 10k and i never recovered. Honestly though the standard is so bad its unreal out here. Bust bout 3pm so headed off up strip to look for diff poker room for a change. Ended up in Flamingo and despite thinking i would leave early evening and move to another i ended up staying at a $1/2 table losing count of the white russians again and finishing about 12:30am. Most of the time i was down but my stack went all ova the place. At worst i was $500 down but ended up getting back to level before finishing -$100 which felt like a profit. My drunk image was fun again and i tend to fish like mad as people price u in all the time and dnt fold much when u do hit.

Havent looked at mtt schedule for today but dont think im gonna head out for midday ones, im more likely to just go by the pool and relax and head out late afternoon or evening. Plenty of time to decide anyway as woke at a reasonable hour.

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