Sunday, June 01, 2008

No More Quarters

Couple of win only package freerolls tonight. Sick finish to one of them when i lost a monster pot to have gone 14,000 at 200bb 1/16 against typical mindless calling station hitting a sick turn when 80% chips in pre and on flop. Havent played anything else since Thursday and thats it for this quarter.

Obviously end of June would be the true end to the quarter but i know im going to revert back to monthly records so why not do it a month early in an effort to start a fresh outlook.

So final profit for April/May "quarter" stands at £3,820 in total. Too many "what ifs". I have nothing more to say about April and May.

Rakeback will go into Junes profit and i am already well aware that losing months are very possible for June or July given i will be in vegas for 9 days of each and i intend to roll myself a bit higher than previous trips.

Anyway time will tell in terms of sorting out my temper, enjoyment and results.

One last note, i had a drunken dream i was in Vegas playing poker last night. Dont remember details but know i woke up even more excited about heading over there 3 weeks from now.


Kevin 'Azimut' Moore said...

constant moaning and winging. people are getting sick of this depression. maybe being positive on here will turn your game into a positive.

you travel world playing poker and earn money sitting in the house on a computer. some people go to work in factories and shit or sweep roads.

be thankful for what you have got you miserable piss stick!

ps - you didn't make your bed at my house you lazy git

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Dnt read it then. Unlike most others i couldnt give a flying **** if this blog got 0 hits a week.

Anonymous said...

wow still miserable then?