Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Could Be The End

I had enough of everything poker related at the moment and wanna try to start a fresh next month, this blog is meant to be an outlet to get bad stuff out of my head. Im sure the blog is having a negative impact on my game at the moment after this joke of a run ive had. Think i will do some hard thinking about whether i can justify carrying this blog on, i use it for links to other blogs and websites and find it very useful for that but this month it just hasnt worked in terms of separating day to day poker emotions and stuff as it has in the past. There is no point carrying it on if im not comfortable writing negative stuff as well as positive stuff, so many blogs out there only report how wonderful things are after a win and i dont want mine to be one of those really as it gives a wrong impression of the game in my opinion.

I will blog end of month losses etc and prob look at the year to date to try and put a postive slant on things but after that i will leave the blog online and do 1 of several options:

1) Carry on blogging as normal as and when and immediately after highs or lows
2) Blog weekly on a set day
3) Try no blogging for a month to see whether i miss it or whether that has a negative impact itself by not writing it.

Which ever way i go i know it could change but it does annoy a bit when people dont blog for weeks when they have regularly blogged in the past so im stating my intentions up front.

Who knows what im doing next month in way of poker, its tempting to take a lot of time off but at the same time i doubt i would fill my time and know i would feel almost forced to play some good value unavoidable games. One thing i must do is drop stakes and learn to tighten up again and play more ABC stuff. Back to the basics and i guess if i can get some winnings going i will then return to a more "normal" schedule whatever that is !

As many poker players will say (some more often than others) i cant help but say it "i think my luck in the last 2 months has been sick", although im not dumb enough to imply that 100%, i have bound to have run level at luck its just been in nearly all the wrong spots to win anything truly big or inspiring. Unfortunately whilst an approx. $10,000 package to Aussie is big, its so far away it still really hasnt hit me. Caribbean booked, again would like to look forward to that but its months away and im in no hurry for the end of November to arrive !

Maybe i should look at a short break or trip or something for a change of surroundings, who knows, anything to start a kind of blank canvass for the last 1/3 of the year. I do need to buy a car having sold my old one so that could be a good distraction if i get round to looking properly.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Break Even Chance

1st would have won back my losses for the month but another joke 11th place finish in a decent multi to add to the endless list this month. Was lucky to cash in this £40 buy in but in the end its the same old y cant i not cash in 2 or 3 of these and win 1 to get some decent money. Not the case as its been all month its tiny cash or bubble as always, getting used to it and actually was awaiting the stitch up, ran into monster or bad beat this time. Why on earth do i keep punishing myself by playing i will never know.


Dunno how ive coped this month and i havent, im mad livid angry and stressed once again. Just lost HU for a $5000 package (no more dtls as good promo and i aint advertising it). was 24k vs 38k at start and chipped away into a level chip situation. Lost bit back and then doubled AA vs AJ on a Jxx board to go 52k vs 10k. Nxt hand i split A9 vs QJ to win board KKQQK allin preflop but then matey is on big tilt and gets aggressive after playing as passive as they come. He gets back in to 20k or so with me missing countless flops and cheap draws before he calls a raise with 82std and manages to bust my AA on a K22 flop. Get 1 or 2 pots back and its 24k vs 38k when i raise with A5 flop betted and turn read A256 and all the money goes in for him to show 34off and bust me, what a joke and pretty much sums up my mood, my month and pretty much everything else at the moment. Worst thing about it is i have rest of day to moan about it and i cant see my head being right for few or maybe any of the decent sunday games. Bring on September and fast !

update 40mins later:

so mad needed to do something to let it out, dcided on 2 mile jog flat out as fast as i could go. probably was faster ive eva run it and was in sweltering heat and fortunately it seems to have worked. no longer as mad but extremely gutted all the same but i know i played near perfect and it just wasnt meant to be like so many things this month in poker, ah well we see how nxt 2 hrs go b4 dcide on ne evening games either way but need 100% focus or i only play 0-2..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Drunk Controlled Focused Cash

= Loser. $10/20 6 handed couldnt resist but played well only to be outkicked twice on hands that played themselves and then lost a £500 pot the money going in on a 10,3,2 flop with 77 and getting calling by 68off who caught an 8 on the river, lovely. Did about £7-800 in the end but just bad variance not bad or stupid play.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Broken Record

Same stuff although i can honestly say i was more relaxed tonight and the rage didnt set in. Close to big stuff including busting betfair $20k 16th/350 odd players and others which i wont mention. Hopefully i can take the relaxed feeling forward and chill out a bit more at the tables and away from poker. Tommorrow its drinkies and probably no poker and i doubt i expect too much saturday either. Maybe try not to get drunk twice and live on takeaway this weekend but i make no promises to myself.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How It Stands

More rage again god im terrible at the moment for keeping my cool.
Anyway done tally and this is how August stands, i should maybe take the rest off my mood aint there and i cant focus, play to the best standard or even enjoy the game now.

-£2,700 cash
+£5,000 package (approx)
+£525 online game

Still positive on paper but definitely doesnt feel like it as i aint had a losing month cashwise since i kept records over 2.5 years ago. I dont take them well obviously and i know now why ive been very very slow to move up stakes online as i guess underneath i always knew im just a really really bad loser.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Same Pattern

Same same same 5 games, 1 a turbo so dont matter. Other 4 all good early stacks and all joke finishes through luck awful play or just stitch up at business end. Rage at normal levels, going nuts in chat dont give a flying monkey at the time but i know its daft in long run and probably doesnt help. So many joke pots i was tempted to list a few but i think that will just make me worse so i will leave it for now and switch off from poker once again, god i luv this month its great NOT.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Little Poker

Tiny bit friday, no poker saturday followed by a few sample low stakes games tonight. Sample games were to see how the effect of the hangover i have affects play or enjoyment factor and i got the answer. Last game im in is for the day and then its computer off, another sundays games missed out on cos of drinking. Silly really especially since it wasnt that great a night out , duh only myself to blame. Been surviving on takeaway and booze since friday evening and im stopping that from tommorrow for sure, oops. Try and start a fresh from tommorrow and get some money back for the month, game selection is probably the important thing at the moment as well as only playing when im in the mood. 1/3 of August left !

Yeh usual dumb finish AK vs Q9 to go 10/17, my god some people cant play this game for shit but its funny how they all think they can.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still Full Of It

RAGE that it. Just cant take them beats at mo when the other player has played the hand as bad as it gets. Doesnt matter what the stake is, i just struggle to deal with it. Aint been going nuts in chat today but a few snide comments here and there is still bad enough, if i think it makes me feel better at the time i will always let it out, after all its better there than to someone or something outside of poker. Been close again tonight in a few games and a few bubbles with some nasty nasty beats against fools.

Fortunately i know im not playing much Friday or Saturday so can get away from lots of poker and hopefully come back a bit more focused. Obviously im not getting the full enjoyment out of poker at the moment but its still better than 99% of jobs and i know my mood will change as long as i keep at it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

G'day Mate.............Aussie Bound

Courtesy of Pokernews and ive just won an all expenses trip to Melbourne in Australia at the start of January 2008. Not sure of length of stay etc but basically im in a 10 player live play off with the following prizes out there:

Grand Prize
Sponsorship into four major poker tournaments in 2008
Buyins, accommodation, flights and expenses all inclusive
Your own personal blog on
Worth over $50,000

2nd place
Sponsorship into one major poker tournament in 2008
Buyin, accommodation, flights and expenses all inclusive
Worth up to $15,000

3rd place
$1000 worth of entries into Pacific Poker Global Qualifiers

So basically its a $66,000 prize pool 10 player single table tournament.

Definitely got the luck in the right places in my 10 player freeroll to win this trip but from about 30mins in after losing 35% of my stack i upped it a gear and i can definitely say thats one of my best games ive played all year.

So its a turn around on the month which may still end up being a losing one cashwise but on paper i would estimate this package is worth in the region of $10,000 for sure.

Good On Paper

I guess its a good evening if u up on paper but its a $1050 GCSOP seat. In total i must have spent $500 on buyins though tonight. Still staying well clear of cash and only entering what i really fancy in the evening. I do have a huge 11 player play off tommorrow which i cant mention on here unless i win but fingers crossed maybe my luck will change and i can take that down. If not i may slog on or b very mad again, could be a huge turning point in my month either way lol.

Time for blog to come back online now methinks but if i start getting rage over stupid things it may come off again. At this minute in time i have no desire to ever read any august post up to now again and im actually tempted to delete them all, we will see.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Calm Down And Think Positive

Easiest said than done but not playing all day means i half looking fwd to a good few evening multis. Worked last night although ended up exit in rage after a KK vs QQ to go 7/30 in betfair 16k. Also busted on ridiculous pot in the crypto 20k against a complete beginners call. Got close on 2 others inc. a 7th/70 odd £22 losing 2 pots at final table to lucky guy that should have bust.

Anyway its same again tonight 4-7mtts, nothing else really so we see how the rage and craziness progresses later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hangover From Hell

Oh dear i know i did a huge figure on cash last night drunk and its likely now that august will be a losing month. Once again i need to try to refocus and turn this negative stuff going around into positive winnings. Ive broke the rules this week so im just gonna ease off on them now. Until yesterday i almost put the blog back online properly but there is no way im doing that now for the foreseeable future, i do not want people referring to it after ive wrote something to get it out of my system. God knows what im gonna do ive lost my patience again almost completely, i need to get that back and enter more multis for sure, my head aint right for cash and i know it. I guess a big blowout was due and at least it was all on poker and i wasnt stupid enough to go into the casino which in the past would have been the case when i hit that sort of mood.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little Poker And Its Better / CPC Confirmed

Hardly played and yep i did need to spend less time playing for sure. Remember playing a bit of drunk omaha last night and doing ok. Dont think i will go out tonight as im a bit hungova so i may hav a full evenings poker later but we will see. Jog to get rid of the mild hangover in the hot heat soon me thinks, no poker allowed until hangova gone.

Ive sorted out the Caribbean Poker Classic attendance and im fully booked on return flights with a standard room at a total cost of £1,650 for the 14 nights. 19th Nov - 3rd Dec , already lookin forward to it which is always the best bit about booking something so far in advance. The challenge out there (package won or not) will be once again to try and make it profitable in poker terms as it has been the last 2 years for me. 7 nights before everyone arrives chilling out should work nicely so that im itching to play lots when the games start for the full week. Seems there maybe more people out there this year again as crypto have and are giving away loads of $4000 packages but i think the main event will be very small as it ties in with GUKPT. Obviously i want to be in the main event but if it dont happen then so be it, cant play this sundays final as busy so start again with a few subs next week.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

******* ***** ********

god i hate ********* that think they r gods gift to poker and frankly they cant play for ****.
ok stuck to the rules my god they ******* tough if im honest, its like trying to give up an addiction or something. Rage fills my veins regularly and i squeeze the stress toy and bite my lip well so far but god knows how long i might last.

worst ******* **** beats of the day, not beats but sick flips for gods sake these awful players need so much luck to win. last 28 of the $4500 on crypto ($55) and i go ultra agressive mode bluffing my arse off. Stack goes from middle to monster in no time uncalled other than a pot odds 44 vs A9 that held for a 20% of stack pot. Then the fun and games arrive 11 left i lose 10s vs AQ off to go 1st/10 and we hit final table a few moments later the first hand is dealt and im allin QQ vs AK preflop. Pot to go , yep dont even need to look, 1st/10 again but no the deserved king smashes the low flop/turn to pieces and once again im in a rage.

did win some cash earlier after losing a wad early in the day but im sick to death of ***** gettting so ******* lucky and i just aint got the focus to play much at the moment or properly.

right positives away from poker playing loads golf and doing running cycling etc, lost the vegas weight be nice to lose more or at least get somewhat fitter but easier said than done, watch this space.

The Rules

1) Messenger to be switched off during all poker im playing strictly
2) All chat on poker sites to be switched off and no changing to rage in chat box for the near future
3) No playing when hungover
4) No playing when tired
5) Moan more on here if necessary, no point being positive on here. Moan about bad beats and moan about awful players and how bad they are if thats what makes me feel better at the time.
6) Blog to remain offline for the minimum of a week (to be reviewed weekly)
7) No more taking winning for granted, put the effort in regardless of previous days/weeks/month and if not gonna then dont play.
8) No more smashing of keys or laptop, use of a stress toy again required so have close to hand.

****ing *****

**** off to every ******* that winds me up at poker tables when im not in the ******* mood. Just busted a omaha stack on a semmi bluff whilst running and playing like a ******* ****. 2 secs later i get river 4 outer for $500 to a *** **** who plays poker like a ******* *** and will always for rest of their life. Was not in mood to play anyway but sat down in agressive addict mode and proceeded to lose a wad even though it was ******* ul in the end. Anyway ive broke 2 keys off my laptop in a rage so i guess thats reached a new level. I couldnt give a flying *** and feel like smashing up the rest of these piece of ******* ****. If i can figure it out this blog is going offline for a while to sort this ******* **** out.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

As Previous

Same pattern ongoing, any luck or variance seems to hit me hard in any decent larger games but i do ok in the smaller ones to at least more than cover my buyins for the day. 100% happy with how im playing, big mistakes are rare and as long as i keep my focus and head on i should continue to progress this month. I still lose my head and go nuts at some people at tables but its more of a release than a argument as such, although it dont look good really. Right im off for a cycle !

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday Report

Nothing too exciting to blog really just whats becoming the norm really. A small steady cash play income. A few tourneys with a bubble and a couple of cashes. The one of note was the will hill one finishing 19th but again not getting the big cash. Still i was happy this time as my cards were shocking for ages so any result seemed a bonus really.

Currently looking at booking this years Caribbean Poker Classic. As i definitely want to go this year , with or without a package, it makes sense to book early and get sorted well in advance. Its only on for 7 nights this year so im also looking into the option of extending that to 14 nights instead :) Anyone looking to try to sub to a poker package this one is great for location and time of year etc.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Schedule & Updates

A potentially long busy and expensive night in store, may have to knock off 1 or 2 of the ? but have to decide later. Also get the desktop on too cos i dont trust betfair on laptop with so many others on it as well. Such a shite software imo but not a prob for me as i only play select good or value games on it until they sort properly anyway so their loss.

22:35pm OH wow i gotta blog just to get some of this out of my system, so many nightmares:
7) 9) & 10) will be updated further at the bottom or on a new post if anything more interesting later.

1) 4pm will hill £35

Lost a huge pot 88 vs Q4 before too many flips cost me in the end but got reasonably far so happy enough

2) 6:30pm betfair $320 ?

Nightmare of the night so far, slow start but played short stack poker perfect imo. 1st Key pot calls an allin with 10s and losing to QJstd. Would gone 3rd/28. Managed to get stacked again only being called when i had the other dominated and couple good resteals uncalled. 12 players left and i reraise a guy with 10s but he commits with 7s. Turn brings me a 10 he types "nh", i immediately want to go into a rage as i know he has 3 outs and surely enough the magical straight card comes on the river. Cant even go nuts after cos you cant observer chat on the gay betfair site. Pot would have put me 3rd/12 but that game is a joke at late stages anyway cos its such a crapshoot. Did get $600 and my only cash of night so far.

3) 6:30pm interpoker cpc 2000mpps

joke at 25/50 got 2500 allin pre only to b called my AJoff who catches a straight on river.

4) 7pm ipoker $215 ?

Bigger joke KK vs QQ to have gone top 20/200ish half the field had gone.

5) 7:30pm interpoker cpc free

Not a joke but got nowhere

6) 7:30pm prima $160

Joke didnt get goin then got a double finally before betting 500 into a 700 limped pot on a 952 board. turn is a king and the blinds caller has K5off. Joke no odds to do that i only had 1500 behind.

7) 8pm interpoker £120 ?

Currently 9/83 , 337 entrants.....hoping not to crash out this week by peaking too soon but was as high as 3rd before.

8) 8:05pm $70 ?

Joke playing top pair weak when i raised preflop i get a guy to shove 2000 chips into a 425 pot with just a draw. Call and he rivers the draw.

9) 9pm mansion $100

Slow start but just doubled so just over average stack with 350 left of the 900 entrants

10) 10pm ultimatebet $530

Not good start but focusing on betfair, not sure whether to play tight or try make something happen but 20% stack gone so far.


just busted 10) lost half stack to shortstack donkey chaser then rest to higher straight unfoldable when short stack as i was.
also busted 9) lost half stack AJ vs shorties JJ then lost 66 vs A7off to have got back to almost average stack, 223/900 odd anyway and didnt feel like did anything to get there !

So its just Interpoker 40k left

16/48 pays to 40 currently, was on an ok table 1 but been shifted around twice so not doing anything silly or overagressive yet.


it just got interesting after the bubble went i got a 12k 10 high flop (4 callers) uncalled with jacks. Then i raised 800 to 3200 after a limper. sb makes it 10k to go, i push allin and he calls total of about 20k allin with AJ. my AK holds and im up to 2nd/33 now.


5/20 didnt get involved as mayb as much as i would hav liked in last orbits. still deciding how im gonna play in relation to other players .......fuk as i type i lose AK vs QQ allin pre to have gone 3/20 on 7/20 on 32k

**** *** annoyed with myself the worst type of bust, shit im gonna giv myself a hard time now for a bit damn it.

AJ cutoff raise to 7400 (2400bb) button basic fool reraises but only 5k more. For gods sake i know that means his range is slim QQ KK AA AK , trouble is he plays very weird and awful in places eg flat call A4off then call 10xbb allin from sb earlier etc. I cant fold for 2xbb more and feel i have to flop it and leave 31k behind looking for an ace obviously. flop comes jack high i check and he straight allin, now from a non basic player i could take that as weakness as it can easily look like overcards. Anyway i time out but cant make myself fold (U **** animal) and i obviously know i have outs if im wrong. he shows KK and i miss for a 93k pot to have gone 2/17...........damn it cant even abuse him, abuse myself instead u big ****. Gonna run it into odds calc now to try make me feel better cos 33% pot odds if im wrong.

20% yeh gr8 animal u ******* muppet. £400 payout great what a kick in the teeth from myself !!!

On the night about £50 up i think a rough tally WP GG VUL LMFA UFP(you ******* *****)
Bed asap golf at 9am boy am i gonna take some shit out on those clubs.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

2 Down (See Below)

Freeroll had 44 players but i stuck it in with AQ sixhanded and ran into AK, A on flop so never would have got away.

Now the 530euro final only had 12 players and 1 of those was sat out.

An early double 22 vs AJ on a Jx2 flop which i played fast to make look like i had a flush draw set me on my way.

Stack remained 4500 - 5500 (2500start) for ages pretty much chipleader 95% of the time then this hand occurred.

Seat 1: Ams_79 (2860 in chips)
Seat 2: stormwind (3280 in chips)
Seat 3: ambad (4475 in chips)
Seat 4: __mark__ sits out
Seat 7: MYTYM (2409 in chips)
Seat 8: sshooter (4725 in chips)
Seat 9: DontPanic (5421 in chips)
Seat 10: animalgod (5470 in chips)
Ams_79: posts small blind 75
stormwind: posts big blind 150
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to animalgod [As Ac]
ambad: folds
__mark__: folds
MYTYM: folds
sshooter: raises to 375
DontPanic: folds
DontPanic sits out
animalgod: calls 375
Ams_79: calls 300
stormwind: folds
----- FLOP ----- [8d Ts 3s]
DontPanic sits back
Ams_79: checks
sshooter: bets 2000
animalgod: raises to 5095 and is all-in
Ams_79: folds
sshooter: is all-in 2350
Returned uncalled bets 745 to animalgod
----- TURN ----- [8d Ts 3s][Ks]
----- RIVER ----- [8d Ts 3s Ks][9s]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
animalgod: shows [As Ac] (A Flush, Ace high)
sshooter: shows [9c Th] (Two Pairs, Tens and Nines, King high)
animalgod collected 9975 from Main pot

Started to think it could be my night. Anyway huge chance then as the game was tight as could be up to then....................

But when the pokergods say no they do it in style and at least i didnt lose to a muppet play which would have annoyed me more:

Seat 1: Ams_79 (4360 in chips)
Seat 3: ambad (2750 in chips)
Seat 4: __mark__ sits out
Seat 7: MYTYM (2484 in chips)
Seat 9: DontPanic (8926 in chips)
Seat 10: animalgod (10570 in chips)
MYTYM: posts small blind 75
DontPanic: posts big blind 150
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to animalgod [6c 6s]
animalgod: raises to 450
Ams_79: folds
ambad: folds
__mark__: folds
MYTYM: folds
DontPanic: calls 300
----- FLOP ----- [4c 4h 7d]
DontPanic: checks
animalgod: checks
----- TURN ----- [4c 4h 7d][6d]
DontPanic: bets 600
animalgod: raises to 1350
DontPanic: raises to 3333
animalgod: calls 1983
----- RIVER ----- [4c 4h 7d 6d][9s]
DontPanic: bets 5143 and is all-in
animalgod: calls 5143
----- SHOW DOWN -----

Now up to this point this guy was as tight as can be so i can limit his holdings but ive played the hand weak hoping to trap an A4std , 45std etc. If the guy has 77 then fair play to him for playing it well.


DontPanic: shows [4s 4d] (Four of a kind, Fours, Nine high)
animalgod: shows [6c 6s] (A Full House, Sixes full of Fours)
DontPanic collected 17927 from Main pot

Left on just over 1600 which i push up to 1900 before running 77 into 99 and out for 3900 pot.

Those 2 were all i played today to keep my mind free and really put some proper effort in which im glad i did but sometimes its just the way it goes, actually im surprisingly calm about it all :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Poker Tests

Well i was enjoying playing tonight once i got going but currently i little hot after an annoying $20k on crypto.

2 pots:

1) 200/400 2 limpers on my bb, i have 8k+ at time and 76off. Flop is K76 1st limper allin 5k (for the 2k pot) , 2nd limper calls 5k (3-4k behind). I push in and its KJ and KQ. River comes the queen and i lose the sick pot to go 2nd/40 on a monster 29k stack, 183 entered. Left on 800 and moved table i get "lucky", well useless in the end.

2) playing 12k at 300/600 22 (pays 20) left i decide to raise to 2600 with AQ so i can fold if someone goes over the top. If i get called im committing to 90%+ flops. Button calls flop is unfoldable Jd4d3d and i have AxQd. The fool has 44 and has flopped a set with rubbish implied odds, god i hate that play i fold small pp with wrong odds so often these days. Sick but not as sick as 1) obv but still annoying after getting the luck to get back in for *** all but thats poker.

This game really has been testing me this evening, i also played a satellite for a $530 50 seats guaranteed on Ultimatebet for $8500 Aruba packges . Get to last 4 (was a turbo so lots luck involved) and run A7 into QQ to lose and be left with 2xbb 5k when there is about 180k in play ! Get lucky and def pick right spots as well but i couldnt believe my luck when im joint 2nd/3 and the other shortie plays awful to lose his whole stack against big stacks AA.

Lost a big chunk on cash also alongside these , scared to look (mayb £200) but ran so so bad on the 10 seater £1,2 just dribbling chips away all night as well as 1 nasty bad beat.

So i now have a EPT/WPT 1/20 final Saturday, also an EPT London win only freeroll (maybe 50 runners estimate). Then this Aruba one which is 1/17 for a package on Sunday.

Dunno whether that lot combined with 2 hours cash at lunchtime for a small profit is a good day or not. Not methinks but i guess im still on paper level at worst so really i cant complain too much.

Oh also busted betfair $109 $16k 10s vs QQ on an 8 high board to have gone chipleader of maybe 40 or 50 left. Sounds ul but i timed to 1 second b4 calling and was very very disappointed with myself after but i knew it was a tough marginal call in the particular situation and i hadnt gained any info preflop as to his holding which i should have really.

All the signs are good anyway for a decent month/result to come but long way to go, either way its more fun busting huge pots than tiny small ones for sure.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Update

Played cash alongside a number of multis, mainly subs. I got nowhere in the multis but cash was ok and more than covered the buyins of the multis. Bit hot to play too much at the moment so im kinda limiting my game to evenings only with almost 4 hours tonight which is plenty for me running 3 or 4 tables at once.

Spent a lot of time lately looking at apartments in Thailand the last few days. With the CPC at the end of November i cant help but look at my options in the new year. If im not going on the housing market it makes sense to travel a bit and chill out in a warmer climate i guess. Anyway plenty of time to sort that out in the coming months.

Ive just gone past 2 years as a full time poker player also which seems to have creeped up on me somewhat unnoticed. I wont rant on about it though, leave that for 6 month or calendar yearly reviews etc.

Finally i dont think ive mentioned before im looking at buying in direct to the Plymouth GUKPT at the start of September. At £1050 it will be the biggest direct buy in i will have made to date. I just cant justify spending time trying to sub to these any more as there as easier ways to win packages or time is better spent elsewhere on proper multis or cash. Hopefully i will have a profitable August, if thats the case i will end up taking the buyin off it rather than start September in the red.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Almost A Dry Night

After a good start in the $20k i got outflushed to have led it at level 1 (it has been a while so fair enough), never got back after that although limping AA lost me a chunk as well soon after. Lost a couple of other games inc 3 handed (pays to 2) 7 player multi AQ vs A6 (awful call) for over 80% chips in play, ie worth over $300 really.

Played cash alongside all this and after an early £100+ it gradually slipped away although i did run bad i probably finished over £100 down.

Finally i had entered the EPT sat and managed to scrape my way into the final on Saturday after a 45 minute 3 handed session for 2 seats. Thats just finished now and im so hot and knackered i think thats the end of the night. That final is the same as the CPC, ie 1/20 get a seat although it is 530 euros not $ so bit more valuable. Animal is officially banned from Friday night piss up this week to enable a hangover free Saturday,

July Review

I think ive said enough about July really. Ended up £4140 in profit. Didnt play one hand of poker the last 2 days of the month, finally some decent weather is here and long may it last.

Gl all in Aug (No Targets)