Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review

1 year ago i wrote....

"Final figure for 2011 came in at +£33,952
Best months were definitely when i was chasing rake/race or promotion which enduced me to put in more hours. Can tire me out but if im on 8-10hours a day at some point usually the games are good (even if they are bad for a long period too!)
Had a terrible vegas and its possible i might not go back this year, with all the sports stuff on in the summer. I would b surprised if i didnt go for 7-14days though. As above again:
Next year i will treat poker as a job more than ever.
Would be an easy cop out but to beat 2011 is 1st target. Ideally above £50,000 is 2nd and main target.
Havent been able to experiment fully on games yet cos of personal stuff but got a very good idea of what my plan of attack is for 2012."

Best months were definitely when i was chasing rake/race or promotion which enduced me to put in more hours ----> TOTALLY SAME THIS YEAR

Had a terrible vegas and its possible i might not go back this year, with all the sports stuff on in the summer. I would b surprised if i didnt go for 7-14days though  ----->   CANT REMEMBER EXACTLY BUT THINK IT WAS LIKE 20-25DAYS.  LOST ON MTTS BUT GRINDED THE LIVE CASH GAMES WITH MORE PATIENCE THAT EVER BEFORE TO GET BACK A GOOD % OF THE MTT BUYINS.   EXPECT TO GO NEXT YEAR FOR A SIMILAR TIME AND MAY PLAY MORE OF A MIX OF PLO AS WELL AS HI LO.



2012 started well for me but the wheels started to come off around mid May.  From then through to end of Aug i only roughly broke even including rakeback but it seemed to spur me on to make me work harder especially once Football, Vegas and Olympics distractions were out of the way.  I also booked my holiday at the end of Aug to the Caribbean which only served as good motivation to grind out from there on.  Since 1st Sept sommat clicked.  I think i changed my style esp in plo for the better although i still feel myself slipping back to old ways now and then.  This might be the reason to start playing less tables or keep it to say a 9 limit but not yet. 

Im more of a grinder than ever now and in the last 4 months certain aspects of my game have definitely improved.  I still get angry for no reason too often but not as often as before.  I still get impatient or even tilt but no where near what i used to.   Im kind of enjoying a new found love for plo which im hoping will last for some time yet i still worry and know that ive also run incredibly well since Sept.  Tracked games im just a sick amount up, its a shame i lost all my data before that time but in a way the fresh start seemed to help anyway.

2013 well what to expect....
Much of same at the moment, target promotions on 1 site mainly.
Also aiming to be able to cash in rakeback for $75,000 before the end of the year.  Hopefully by the end of the 3rd quarter or sooner.
A Vegas WSOP trip , dates should be out soon.  Im so addicted to online though ive got to be careful i dont book too long a trip out there !
Might treat myself to more than 1 trip to Caribbean, see how im doing come Feb or March but deffo wnna go back late in the year.
Would like to make £50k+ again but as long as my ev line is upwrds and i grind my ass off the rest dont matter in the long run :)

Good Luck in 2013 to all !!!!!

Dec Review

Lower volume month then of late but expected after playing more live the first week or just chilling on holiday, then being shattered for most of the 2nd week after travelling home.  Still raked $5,560 on my main site.  My luckiest month given the low volume running good so often helps and is always nice :). 

On the downside i dont think ive been playing as well the last few weeks but that could be complacency or more likely a combination and that and playing more tables.  Instead of 6-9 that its been in prev months its been more like 8-12 tables which is bound to effect the win rate sommat.  Ill see how next month goes before i make any sort of decision to restrict my upper limit on tables.  Seems to be a good promo from 7th Jan so intend to tank that as much as i can bear.

Final December figures are +£6,064.  Could maybe add £2,000 to that of uncashed rakeback for true figure.  If i just looked at the ev line though the month would be more like £2,500 b4 rakeback.

In conclusion, good and lucky month.  Happy New Year !!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Xmas

Happy Xmas to all readers !

Had my first full day off for a while today, although it was mainly hangover induced.

Not sure if ive been playing too well but games have been good and my volumes been good this week generally.   Also whilst I haven't been running particularly good or bad this month that changed Thursday when i ran $2,400 above ev which is definitely a record for the 1/2 2/4 and .5/1 stakes ive been playing at for a single 10 hour day.

Wont go into overall figures until end of month but its more of a good to very good month now as opposed to the ok month it was prior to Thursday.  Actually expect to play quite a bit over the next week so hopefully will finish the year on a high.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nov Review

Sorry for the lateness but never planned to do this until i came back off holiday from 3 weeks in the Caribbean.

Didnt play well first half of the month but still ran good so still posted decent enough profit.  Most of the 2nd half of the month i was abroad but by myself and still playin 2-6hrs a day alongside 4-6hrs on the beach !

Played much better abroad , probably due to being more relaxed and still probably ran good although didnt track any of it so cant say for sure.

Split my trips live profit into Nov/Dec profits about $240/$1000 repectively.   Live plo went really well but mtts and nl holdem not so well.  Managed to bubble a 29runner $220+100 rebuys (in for $520) plo mtt then a week later bubbled the same one, 23 runners (this time in for only $320) but with as big a prizepool it hurt a bit more.

Overall figure for November was £5,579 but uncashed rake would add to that.  i raked $5,600 in the end. Seriously happy with that and actually won about double what my trip cost me while i was abroad so have no excuse not to do something similar in the new year if i fancy it.

Didnt play as much online abroad in Dec as couple of mates were out but squeezed a few sessions in to still post a good start for limited time played so far.  Done ok last couple days too since back and currently sit on £1,594.  Eyes still well tried from the travelling back despite sleeping loads but once im adjusted i will probably play quite a lot of hours the rest of the month.

Happy Xmas to all !!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some Live Stuff

A couple of weekends on the trot ive played some live games for a change.  First it was a fun weekend away in Essex but more recently i spent all Sunday up at the Bristol UKIPT playing a £220 plo event.  

It got 49 runners on the day and i went through phases in it of being solid, drunk, tired, solid, drunk, tired , etc etc :)

A couple of key hands that allowed me to go deep, 1st one probably being the most important hand of my day.

150/300 and i raise utg to 800 (8handed) with A4ssJ9cc and pick up 1 caller behind (fishey local) and 1 of the blinds.  i had only been at the table 1 round or 2 but there was a lot of banter and chips going in so i had already put some people into category types.

flop is 2x2c6c and i cont bet 1200 which is just called by chap behind.  at this point its obv to assume overpair/flush draw/deuce as his range.

turn is a 6x , i was probably slowing down here but felt this card really really good to fire again on and try and see if i can pick it up or pick up more info on other guys hand.  i led 2700 and whilst he called quite quick i got the impression he didnt like it so was leaning more to the line he had a high flush draw but still possibly a deuce.  

river is a queen of spades and im left with the perfect air or nuts type shove stack of 6,400.  was probably shoving any non club anyway but matey flicks his cards quickly and puts them back down even quicker in such a fashion i could tell he hated that river so i actually confidently shoved thinking he was deffo on a flush draw.  he folded so quickly i felt confirmed as he showed A5cc but then proceeded to show he had a deuce as well !!!    slowplayin the flop got him confused by the turn then he just didnt think i could bluff there i guess :)

other hand was me getting it in bad with KK55 1 suit vs AA97 vs guy raising nearly every hand and hitting quads when i was out if i missed with 18odd left.  he wsa only guy at that table capable of 3 betting anything other than aces so it wasnt too bad a shove.

ended up finishing 4th/49 and couldnt complain i was lucky on above and other smaller allins.  had a chance of winning but never had more than 1/4 chips in play with 4 left so wasnt too disappointed.  return of £950 on my investment in a strange game that at times i really enjoyed and at other times was bored of and hated , more so when i was tired from the early start and drive up there.  overall i was happy with my play but it still reminded me how live games are not for me a lot of the time but also was a good test of my patience which held out well.

sitting on just over £2,500 for the month. raked $2,900 so far. generally not playin as well this month but running well (all of my hard profit online) and probably should only be up the rakeback.  been quite volatile and testing at times whch i havent always passed.  1 day i even went $2,800 down before finishing just $800 down and happy !!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oct Figures

Sorry for lack of updates, blog dying a bit but will still drop by to post monthly figures and it helps me summarise if stuff is working or not generally.

Amazingly similar month to Sept, ran slightly over ev.  Win rate at plo is still much better than prior to Sept and graph is pretty steady when its observed over the full month.   Similar number of hands too and rake as well.  See prior post to compare graphs.

Final figure of £3,999, uncashed rakeback would bump that up by nearly £3,000 so overall another decent month recorded.

A few more distractions in November but still hoping for another steady month.

Monday, October 01, 2012

September Figures - Back In The Game !

+£7,193  , raked about $7,500 so approx another £2,000 worth of uncashed rakeback to add to that.   More like the months of last winter/spring and hoping to keep this going.   Run good helps as well but even if i ran on the ev line the month would have been worth around £6,000 total.  Sommat seems to have clicked in plo, good job as my hi lo stats aint particularly great of late.  99% of all games on 1 site seems to have worked again as well.

Plan for October is similar.   Minimum 4hours per day every day on similar games and stakes.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Biggest Bad Beat Ever But Running Gooooooood

I see i havent updated for nearly 2 weeks so bout time i put sommat down in writing.   After the 1st week i reduced my game to a planned 5 hours ish per day 7 days a week for the last 2 weeks.   Something seems to have clicked and, whilst running good especially 2 of the last 3 days, i know ive been playing a hell of a lot better.  The big difference seems to be plo where im sure im getting into better spots and playing better strategy against individual players. 

Just having a little analysis now before i head to the pub as im finished early for the day. 

Done nearly 50k hands of plo and plo hi lo this month.  The first 20k were not much more than break even but that was earning about £200 a day in rakeback for 10hours ish play (basically the first week).  

The next 30k hands if i follow either the run good profit line or the ev line are pretty much as steady as can be for the 5hours per day period.  The ev line shows about £3,000 profit and my £100 a day in rakeback would add to that obviously.

 Ive been worried about complacency but seem to have been conquering that so far.  Overall for September im sat on +£4,829 but receive a £200 bonus before i start tommorrow so say £5,029.  Total rake so far for the month is about $6,200 so basing it on the 50% cash out im targetting that would be another £2,000 ish.  That said my graph shows im around £2,500 above ev.  That said we all feel we are due a good run and ive been "dry" now for many months as stated in previous less positive posts.  Anyways hoping ill have another cracking final week to the month and will report back here after that.

Just looking at my hi lo and plo split and about half my hands were hi lo and actually the results are steady but nothing to get excited over at all.   As said above that doesnt surprise me as i know ive been golden and playing better in the plo games for a change, gnnna look at those now.

.5/1plo  went 11 buyins down ( i suspect the 10hrs day period ) before finishing 6 buyins up (ev line).
1/2plo steady up finishing about 9 buyins up (ev line).
Both of above 8-9k hands, 2/4 im 3buyins up nearly but only played under 1000 hands.

Prob over-analysing now anyway its all good stuff to view.




Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept So Far

Lost £400 odd the first day on an awful run.  Think i lost 5 allins preflop in row at one point on pl hi lo which could be a record for me.   A reasonable rake promotion started on the 3rd though so after a day off i wasnt quite sure how to attack it.

I began thinking i might do 10hrs a day for 28 days straight but knew this was unlikely especially at this time of year.  After 2 full days i gave up on that and just did 5/7 days of the first week at that pace.  Fortunately its split into 4 weeks so i can vary week on week but ive gone down the half the rake now but spread over 7 days instead of 5 this week.   So last week i raked over $2,500 to get a $400 bonus added to my balance.  This week all being well i will rake over $1,750 to get a smaller bonus but at a similar %rakeback value.

Back a week ago i played the $215 PL hi lo 6 max WCOOP on stars (i immediately rebuy and lasted to addon so was in for $615 total) .  After a final table last time i hoped again for good things but began slowly and couldnt seem to push on.  That said i was patient but only because i was 6-8tabling for the above rake promtion at the same time. It was very difficult to watch what was goin on all the time.  When i finally began to push things as blinds went up it went more my way and i managed to get my stack right up, often without showdown, apart from busting 1 or 2 shorter stacks.  I was actually never allin covered and called right until my bust which was around 120th/500+ which paid around 80 if i remember right.   I did get to average stack with about 150 left but just went backwrds from there, still was a good run i guess.

Obviously the above dented my month but most days overall were fairly steady profit wise.  Still had some bad sessions but there were often preceded or followed by good ones.   Im now sat on +£674 for Sept which doesnt sound brilliant but given the above start and mtt i should be really happy with, especially with the rakeback points racking up as well.   Its kind of nice to be back on just 1 site (except that sole mtt and 1st Sept) and hopefully i can keep focus and just keep things progressing.

Friday, August 31, 2012

And Finally...... (Aug Figures)


Sorry i needed that although i do seem to have finally mellowed a bit from a few hours ago.   Had one of, if not my worst (this year) online day today (could still go back on but not planning to).   Just got destroyed mostly on plo against some huge fish.  Annoyed the hell out of me as i had like 1 losing day since last post, 1 or 2 break evens and lots of steady or good wins.  Prior to 8 hours ago i was at peak of just over £1,000 profit for August having spent 75% of the month in the loss.   Fast fwd to now and i basically lost about £1,600 before cashing in some rakeback ---->  -£467   :((

Uncashed rakeback amounts to over £1,000 but thats not the point as i never include it until i finally cash it in.   So unless i do go on later its officially my 3rd losing month in a row which ive never done before.   On the plus side its a small loss covered by rakeback, a bit similar to last month.  On the down side i really could do with a promotion to focus me next month but theres nout visible on the horizon.  

Volume for August wasnt bad in end ($3,400 gross rake on main site) considering i didnt play more than 4 hours max a day while the Olympics was on.  Trojan attack messed with my desktop and my brain mid month and just could get anything going , especially when sitting on higher end of the stakes.

Its weird how a few hours and 1 session can change your mindset and motivation but could be a tough few days coming.  I was doing well volume and profit wise last couple days especially.  Not sure what ill do , prob just start a fresh tommorrow.  Hoping to take a few shots at WCOOP this month, esp hi lo. Prob give other mixed games a miss though as i just dnt fancy taking the $200+ hits when im struggling to just make a few $ of late.     Arrrrrrrgh so annoying just when everything seemed to be fitting into place in both poker and non poker ARRRRRRRRRRgh.  :(

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And Once Again....

That didnt last long.   Back in the loss for £434   :((
Had a good afternoon winning ~£200  but evening went much worse dropping ~£600.  I did lose a  buyin on 5/10hi lo but recovered on that site running well on 1/2 plo.  Worst damage was on another site where a bad run saw me lose pot after pot in a short space of time.  Wasnt much i could do about it though and done reasonable volume in total so hopefully that can prop my figures up once again.  Im not annoyed at all unusually just a bit gutted.  Every time i take a shot or semi-shot at higher games i just seem to run awful.  This is now quite a few months of it online.  At end of day as long as i dnt lose too much like i said rakeback will prop me up and hopefully the good times will return soon, twas a golden first 4 months of the year and it would be nice to get back to something resembling that.  Promotion on my main site dnt look good for nxt month as its purely based at mtts.   Sometimes they run a cash games one alongside that sort of promo though so im still crossing fingers right now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Levelling Out Again

Finally got around to getttin my spreadsheet back up again, pretty sure i was worse off than i thought ~a week ago and prob went close to -£1,000.  Still kept at it to finish a promo off on Sunday and played quite a bit today especially this afternoon when i seemed to be more up for it than normal.

I still havent reinstalled pokertracker so ive no idea just how well im running but i kind of like that for a change.   Sit at -£57 now for August and seem to be pretty positive right now about poker or other stuff.  Im kind of hoping theres a decent promotion to my liking next month so might encourage me to play more volume days like today ended up.   In the meantime ill play when i feel like it and maybe even take some time off if the weather holds up.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Play Well ?, Run Bad

I think i played well this afternoon but the pokergods were not smiling on me.  At the end of a 3.5hour session (8pm) i had lost around £700.   Prob dealt with it mentally better than recent times though (most of the loss was mid session) but didnt return in the late evening as i was bit too busy and knackered.   Heres 2 of the worst pots i lost but there were plenty more :(

1) 1/2plo   Q5ss77 in BB, sb is huge loser fish and all fold to him and he tops up.
Flop is A74 with 2 spades, he check raises my pot bet and i repot it.  So a pot of $4 is now in the region of $78 after he had called my bet. 
Turn is 6x and he instant leads pot, i move allin for $160 total and he calls.
River is a blank spade and he shows up with A6ss88.

2) This is same table and less than 5minutes after the hand 1) above
Reg (with a big win rate of between 5-10BB/100) utg raises to $5.50 i think it was , same fish above calls in sb and im in bb with QQ44 (1 suit but not relevant to how hand pans out) and decide to reraise it pot or near pot. Both call and pot is now around $60+
Flop is QJ7 rainbow , i bet 48$ reg flat calls and fish folds.
Turn is a blank rag (no flush draws now) and i move allin for approx $140.  Reg takes time but eventually calls.
River is a 9x and ship to the reg ( 4outs) that had J,7,10,8.  

Im sure if i keep playing like most of today it will turn as i definitely was more on the ball than normal generally.  Just could do with a bit more luck to keep me keen.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The olympics definitely took over the majority of my time since the last post.  I usually watch as much as i can so this was no different to previous ones , all be it on a nicer time zone :)

I did start to play 2-4 hours a day when a promotion dictated i should but never made much progress at all.   After last post i quickly went about £500 up before having a horrendous run but fortunately not losing too much money.   Cant remember exactly but think i was only in the hole for £500 or so at worst.   Been tryin to dig my way out of that the last few days and think ive just about got back to the "level" mark tonight.  Usual angry not enjoying it self generally though :(

In the middle of this i suffered a very very bad trojan attack which pretty much rendered this desktop useless until all was deleted and i started again from scratch.   Never had anything like that before and it was obviously annoying and frustrating.  I try to never go on anything dodgy on this computer and obviously the virus software i pay for was useless in this instance.   Dnt seem to have lost anything monetary , yet to restore my spreadsheets though so not sure exactly where i lie for the month.   Also lost all my pokertracker data but thats not end of world as ive never used the hud on it as i despise them and only really keep it for records and analysis. both daily and long term.  Obviously changed all passwords etc so fingers crossed anyway for the future.

Keep meaning to buy a 2nd monitor so must get round to that sometime soon.  Right time for bed, only other thing i havent mentioned yet is that ive raked just over $1,400 this month so far.  Expect to rake at least $700 more by Sunday to finish a promo but not sure how much i will play after that.   Subsequent promotions, weather, general enjoyment and run good will probably all be a factor in dictating that.   Most of the rake this month has been during very good promotions so in the long run i will get the majority of that back in profit, must keep telling myself that when im close to level or down on the month !

Be lucky.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

July Figures

Dont see much point waffling on about the month as its all too negative and all been said in previous posts.  Finished   -£1,739.   Raked about $2,400 on my main site.  Time to move on....

Olympics is a lucky escape for the time being and im totally addicted to watching 8-10hours nearly every day so far.  That said i did return to the tables today (Fri) as my main site has a couple of promotions overlapping for the next week or so.  This basically means im likely to play 2-4 hours a day every day as its worth my while.  Im hoping its what i needed as im obv struggling for focus on the game right now.  Started ok (nearly all low stakes) raking $150ish and making about £107 in 4hours total.  Lets see if i can stop the rot and not have 3 losing months in a row ! (not happened before so fingers crossed)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Return To Same

2 full days off and didnt miss the game 1 bit.    Thought i would try my luck for a couple of hours of so tonight and its just beyond a joke the stuff im having to be a part of .    I hate the game right now and its absolutely nothing to do with money.

Got 3 hands i can pick from tonight:

1)   3 limps to my BB on 3/6NL hi lo.  Shove 180$ with AA4x and lose to 3445.

2)  £1/£2 pl hi lo.  Min raise button with A4J9 (suits dnt matter) and blinds call.  Flop is J99 and pot is now £12.   bb proceeds to get £200 in with Q934 and bang Q hits turn.

3)  same game as 2).   Call raise with KK99 and call cont bet on a 994flop.   turn is a 5 and b4 ive noticed ive clicked the "fold to any bet" button which means i autocheck then autofold to mateys £13 river K bet into a pot of £26.

All 3 or any of these 3 pots wind me up beyond belief.  Obviously 2) is the worst by a country mile and is the most £ too as well as a 3out sickner.  Obv 3) is my fault but ive emailed that site to see if theres a way to disable that button.  If not might have to think about dropping that site as i cant afford slip-ups any more.  Ive prob hit this button many times in the past but it but hardly ever costs anything.

"Only!" a £270 loss but hatrid for the game is at an all time low, nothing comes close to this in the past.   -£1,915 for July and seriously considering taking 3 weeks off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Worst Session In Months

Arrrrgh about an hour ago i had got out of the months hole again then proceeded to go -$2,500 ish playing no higher than 2/4.   Ran so bad.  Main site shows $2,100 below allin ev and im down on 2nd site too a few hundred.  Was playing deep on 2/4 hi lo vs maniac fish and just basically got robbed although actually my biggest pot was 3way against a reg for $2,500 when the fish was only in that pot for $400.  No more detail anyway, feel sick thinking about it still.

About £1,200 down on the day , -£1,645 for the month, not sure where i go from here.  Have to see how i feel 2moz or beyond, at least theres other stuff to do outside then the olympics if i dnt feel like tryin to grind back.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Still Struggling

Same sort of pattern.  Dug out of hole again and cant move forwrd then had a horrendous Sat night even though games were great, was pure run bad and tracker confirms that.  Took a full day off yesterday unplanned and felt better for it, norm a day off for me is just cos im hungova.   Only played a little today (tough while weather so good) but gonna try and play more in the evnings this week until a busy weekend off and the Olympics starting as a further distraction.  Be nice to get out of the hole for July but its not a complete disaster as long as i dnt have another 1 or 2 of those awful days in the next week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tough Shocking Stuff

Since last post i just cant get anything going again.  It wouldn't be so bad but today ive had 2 of the worst sessions back to back (with a long break inbetween to calm down).  Coolers , outdraws etc etc .   Not in best of moods to begin the day so this stuff just compounds it and makes it near on impossible for me to enjoy the game.    About to shut early (not even 7pm) for the night i think.    Struggling to get much hi lo action too which isnt helping when im tryin to focus on just playing 1 site either.    Hmmmm just won a 3way allin pre with AKKJdbl std for $600 vs AAxx and J778 so maybe got lucky in nick of time to reduce the hurt.   Yeh made £100 back, still -£350 on day.  Cant handle playing more though just seems like bingo at mo.  Moan Over......

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nearly Back

Still struggling to enjoy/motivate/bother playin much and today was the most ive raked in a day since i got back and still under $300 gross rake.   Considering i had quite a hangover though it was a big step in right direction and i also had a run good day wiping out the prev week of run bad according to tracker.  Since last Wednesday i had a couple of break even days and a few small wins to push me back to around -£500.  Today though ive won over £700 and now sit at +£217 for July.  Yes i get to use the ++++++++++ key.  Bit sad to shut down 10:30pm ish but knackered and games a bit drier to figure good time to stop.  Havent quite let my clock slide to a 3or4am sleep yet, keep waking up disgustingly early before 10am, surely this will change soon :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vegas Stuff (Part 2)

Following the $1,500 i had a week until the $3k last chance at anything big.  My 2 buddies had gone home so i pretty much intended playing as much cash games as possible.  Up to this point i had played cash 9 times but all short sessions and was around +$300 over that time.

I know i had a couple of days where i didnt step outside which i wasnt proud of but what the hey !  My main focus this year (or attraction) was sitting on 1/2 big  O   (5card plo8 with a $5 bring in).   Like most games these could be bad at times but also very juicy on other occasions.  I actually played this game every day for the last 9 days of my trip, anything from 2hrs to a lenghty 15hour session !!!
I think i was absolutely drunk as can be on 2 of those days but actually recorded really good results those days.   

My best day was +$1,330 and my worst was -$800.  Unlike many others i refused to run any board twice as i wanted to embrace variance this trip and as we were paying rake every half hour the time it took to sort some of those boards out did my head in.  I had a lot of fun at times and managed to get back a decent chunk of my mtts and other casino losses in the end.  I remember one night i refused to let myself go to bed until a French fish had left and ended up playing until 6am when he bust.  It was worth it as that night i went $500 down before finally finishing $800 up, most of that coming from him.  Over the course of 11 separate days played i made $2,335 on that game. 

Other games played were 1 session of 5/5 Big o (+$250) and 2 sessions of 5/10 Big o (+$395).  A drunk 1/2 NLH first night with mates (-$360).  I also played 1/2 plo8 at the Venetian 3 times.  This game ran in the middle of my trip and was really juicy at times but died off mid trip and didnt seem to run any more.  Shame as it didnt run at wsop either and Venetian comps $2 an hour as well as being a nice card room with the the best set of dealers generally.  +$600 for that one.

I lost $945 on other sports and casino betting which was fine given the entertainment value.  Most of this was when my mates were around and i wasnt as focused on poker.

When the $3k plo8 game came i wasnt really in the best mood but still felt confident at the start.  My table was fine although maybe a bit tight but apart from 1 hand i just couldnt seem to push the action of get anything going.   Started with 9k and that 1 hand was a 4way allin where i was freerolling the other big stack to about half the deck to scoop him on the turn.  A perfect 4 card would have scooped the pot too and put me up to 20k on only the 2nd level.  The other hit of 2 pair or an ace would have seen me go up to 13 or 14k which still would have been a big jump early on. 

Board was AK37 and i held A265 vs KJJ7 (the other big stack on a nut flush draw) vs KKxx (high only hand 2nd big stack) and a 4th shortie stack allin with a similar hand to mine with no high.  Unfortunately after this nothing seemed to go right and i even tilted a bit without throwing it away though.   I remember paying off a tight texan after i had bet a 10,7,7 flop xhh then checked turn in position after gettin 2 callers on flop. board read 10,7,7,8,6 and i just couldnt throw my 7233 away as my low looked good or even my 7 if this guy had been on naked A2hhxx or sim but he had AK27.  In reality i should have lost more that hand so i should have been happy really.  That said the blinds were catching up so it just frustrated me at the time.  Still want to play that mtt again next year and i hope they keep it $3,000 as it definitely increased the fish more from a $5k it had been prev years.

So overall on the trip i lost $4,020 made up of:
MTT :   -$6,295
Cash:    +$3,220
Other:      -$945

Lots of fun and will take another shot next year. Happy i cashed in at least 1 mtt and happy i took a significant chunk of the losses back on the cash games.  I doubt i will go out there again before then but ya never know.  Im still in frame of mind where i would rather go holiday elsewhere and just settle for once a year in vegas, especially since im not keen on Holdem games much any more.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vegas Stuff and June Figures

a $4,020 loss in vegas added to a loss before i left made me -£3,010 for June, my first losing month since June 2011 :(

I started well on the trip cashing in a plo8 at Binions.  5th/81 for $1,100 return from my $210.  My first cash for about 20 tourneys in vegas and since 2009.  Could have easily bubbled but could just as easy have min cashed or even won it.   After refusing a ridiculous deal 5 way i guess i was doomed to crash out in 5th.

My play the first week or so was limited to a few short sessions and a few tournaments as i had a couple of mates out so was chilling and treating it more like a holiday.

After a failed horse mtt at Golden nugget where i went deep but the structure got too fast i decided after selling approx a 1/3 to enter the wsop $2,500 Stud8/Omaha8 mtt.  I was glad i entered but def could have had a better table.  There were only 2 weak spots with solid internet pros about as well as Andy Bloch (won horse wsop), elky and some other known faces hitting my table.  I started well but never really got going and crashed out about 6 hours in i think.   Didnt regret playing it though and will try and target that one again next year.

Fast forward to the $1,500 plo8 wsop event and i was well relaxed and up for this one.   I got off to a flyer and took a calculated gamble 2nd level with AKJ8 on a Q,10,2 flop 3way.  Was still left with half starting stack if i missed but i was up against 2 sets and hit my straight to go above 10k really quickly (4500 starting stack).   They had a tracking software going that dealers updates every break so after 2 hours i could see i was 10th (950ish entrants) and after 4 hours i was up to 7th.   Unfortunately and unusually i couldnt move on from this.  Normally if i get a stack early in plo8 mtt i cruise through.   Average stack eventually caught me up and i lost on a 23J flop with A24x with flush draw vs JJ73 to have got a seriously good stack again.  A table move just into level 5 hadnt helped but thats poker.  Was such a weak field and i definitely want to play again next year.

More to come in another post with summary figures, cash games and the $3k plo8 event to cover.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome Back

Vegas report to come.....

Since i got back i had couple days off then have just run so bad playing last 48 hours.  On my main site im already $1,000 behind ev on allins and overall im sitting at -£912 (which is £250 worse really as cleared a bonus)  Hoping to turn this around fast as i wnna play a lot between now and start of olympics but i was struggling for motivation before i started and now its just tough as hell.

Friday, June 15, 2012

C U In July

I see i havent posted for a week and nouts changed.  Either not played, broke even or had big loss, 2 of the latter to be precise.   Feel im playing well but just cant catch a break or get any sort of run going and its been like that for 6 weeks now on cash tables.  Im down around £400 now for this month which i guess i should be happy with when im gettin the reverse of running so well the first 4 months of the year.  Dnt intend to blog again until a week or so into July unless anything of note occurs.  Feel like i should be taking a holiday from poker not going on holiday to play poker but what the hell maybe offline games will get my juices flowing again :)

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Better Times

Finally scraped myself back into profit for June after what lately seems a rare 2 winning days in a row.  Sitting at +£669 and hoping to keep the upward trend going when i play later tonight.  Vegas so close now im getting excited and it would be nice to get a chunky profit down for June before i probably demolish it out there.  That said ive still got lots to do around the house and packing etc.  Euros starting tommorrow will be another distraction so just have to play when i get the chance and am in the mood.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Poor Start

Only played a few hours Friday and it wasnt great.  Still similar to last month just not happening money or enjoyment wise.  Took Saturday and Sunday off but played a fair bit tonight in the end.   Same sort of story, think i actually lose nearly £1,000 first session before recovering towards the end of it to -£200.   Later sessions went better then hit a wall again around midnight.   Sit on -£189 for the month but have cleared a £250 bonus today so really it would have been a £250 loss on the day as i started around -£200 after Friday.   Thats not too bad in reality as tracker says im about £800 below ev for the month.  Not even been looking at that lately but anything to make me feel better about the game is welcomed !!!  Prob try and bash out some more hours tommorrow if im feeling it.

Friday, June 01, 2012

May Review

Not the best of months for me of late.    Yes i got a half decent result in SCOOP on pokerstars but without that and a bonus cash in i would only have broke even or even made a small loss.   Rake on main site ended up being bang on $4,000 which isnt huge buts ok i guess.   The current promotion isnt great so its difficult to put in the hours lately.   Also been struggling mentally big time.  Im either losing and getting mad about it or winning and getting very bored playing.  Not too sure why, guess im not running or playing well and i certainly dnt think the great weather outside has helped me play.   A change of scene is on the horizon in the shape of a vegas trip fast approaching.  The euros will be another distraction to contend with also.

Final profit of £6,582

June is kid of split into 2 with online play then live stuff in Vegas.  Ive got over $7,000 of mtts im likely to play out there.   Combine that with plenty of cash games and it could be a chunky loss if i fail to perform or am unlucky.   At it stands in 2012 at £32,760 im pretty much bang on 2010s (£30k) or 2011s (£33k) total profit but i do have about another £12k in uncashed rakeback too.   The biggest dent i could put in that with live play is about £10k but obviously im hoping for a more successful trip this year.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Beyond Tilt

Arrrgh i was due and due again i guess.   Just had complete shocker of session.  No higher than 2/4 and all hi lo and good games too.  Bloggin here to draw a line under it and move on tommorrow :(
Was only sposed to be a 45min session but games were so good i couldnt stop and it ended up with sommat like a £900 loss :(( over 4 hours.

On a positive note ive xtended my vegas trip and leave in about 3 weeks staying for 19nights.
Still +£6,368, try to focus on that and not todays results :)

Edit: Checked tables in bed and an awful 5/10 game going.  Run bad more another £369 goner.  Start Tues at +£5,999 !!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lazy Stuff

Plan of last post didnt happen.  Only had 1 day where i put in a full days hours.  Bits here and there but found other stuff to occupy me and then spent 2 days of weekend drunk and the other today hungover. Not complaining, games ok just now but been on an hour and just absolutely knackered so gnna hit sack early.   Did well the games i did play although had a mare 30min session Friday that knocked me back a bit.   Still looking good though sitting on £7,267.  Got Vegas on the mind at mo.  Cant decide whether to move my trip fwd and stay an extra week or so for 18nights total hmmmmmm.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bonus Report

Just cleared $4,000 bonus on stars.   Gonna reduce my play there now and focus elsewhere where ive been been much more consistent and focused this year.  I will decide in July whether to keep supernova as i dnt think ill play there much until then. Since last post i took Friday off (got drunk) and Saturday off (Hungover).    Didnt play much until late evening on either yesterday or tonight, weathers been so good and trying to make most of it while it lasts.  So not really too much to report.  Still 1/3 of the month left and i feel like im winding down already, oops.   Figures for May now below:


Ive only raked $2,700 total this month on my primary site so im gonna play there 90%+ of time now till end of month.  Would expect if not too lazy to at least double that by June 1st.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Double SCOOP Time

4pm 8game:  low and medium
7pm pl hi lo: low and medium

will try and update if anything is interesting in running.

had long lie in today badly needed and not starting until 4pm.  only broke about even yesterday but games were good just couldnt get in the right spots often enough.   +£5,167 for May hope to add to that shortly :)

6:40pm:  Yuk frustrating as hell again, out of both inside 2hrs 40 and getting beaten up on some horribly great cash tables of late too.  At least i get a 15min break b4 nxt batch cos im that bad :(

9pm:    2hours in and good start in both hi los.
23/708  (912 entrants)  $215
644/2685 (4282 entrants)  $27

1:20am:  Nah crap bust both a while ago, small one for mini cash and nowhere in other.   hate the fact it was 9 handed so much i might not even bother with the NL hi lo at 10pm 2moz, see what moods like.  Lost on cash alongside too, just not feeling it at mo :(   Nout too big though and sit £4,748 up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deep In SCOOP Stud8

Only the $27 but having fun as every pot i enter is crucial

Currently 12/68 with 2178 entered.  Lots of luck needed , had plenty so far !

3am:   10/33

3:45am: sick as parrot on bust hand with 888 multiway, get max value going hu to river and matey hits straight to scoop.    finished 18th/2178 for a paltry $231.41.   sounds far from big stuff but it wasnt as blinds so high and i had several pots to get in top positions but just couldnt push on arrrrgh.  $9.3k winner :(

Turbulent day on cash tables with mad swings both ways.  In the end broke evn on main site where raked $500 but lost $600ish on pokerstars :(   Weird to have £414 loss overall on a day that felt a lot better :((    See how i feel tommorrow, may rake same or may take a lot of day off if knackered.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heavy Rake

Done $500 rake on my main site tonight and knackered.   Was doing well this afternoon but this evening dragged on and i hit some real bad coolers and beats to wipe out my profit on the day.   In fact if it wasnt for winning $500 in the promotion i would have gone from £300 up to £300 down but as it is im pretty much break even for the day and sit now on +£5,596 for the month.  Did some play on stars too and getting closer to that $4k bonus there.   May play the Stud8 SCOOP 2moz 4pm, just see if im up for it on the day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

3rd SCOOP Night

Not expecting anything exciting tonight as its only $215 and $27 FL hi lo and full ring.   So annoying when cash games 9/10 now are 6handed that they still see the need to keep this full ring.  So dull and so much more luck needed and less action as not in as many pots.  Still rant over lets run good now....

Started today at about £4,800 up for May.  £300 of that was won yesterday on my day off when i decided to play for an hour and 3.5hours later managed to shut the tables !

Gonna hammer cash games alongside the 2 mtts as i cant take them that seriously for the reasons above so hopefully win back the buyins at the least :)

Edit: Saturday 10:30pm
Very uneventful scoop yesterday and decided not to bother with the plo tonight.  Had a full day off but was golden on cash games yesterday alongside the mtts.   Sitting £5,300 above for May.   Possible new promo starts Monday but not sure whether to attack it fully as its 10hours a day for maybe several weeks.   Lots of luck in it too so maybe see if get off to a good start or  ditch it early.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

SCOOP $700 PL Hi Lo Final Table

Im posting before i bust lol 6/6.  Been golden as short stack but not enough to build a stack.   Need a fast double, lucky to ladder to here without even trying to ladder.

10:45am - just got 3/4 but still weak 6/6.

11:15am - LOL doubled quartered, split, won 3/4, and still in same spot and stack !!

11:30am - OUT :(  :( :( :( :(
Committed to Q9ss10,3hh utg playing 58k at 3k/6k. ,  utg +1 comes along with A7ccAJxx and nutcase pole committed to A6ss23cc after a raise and reraise from tightest player at table.  Flop K,7ss3x but turn 4c6c and pole scoops to put me out in 6th.    Happy with shove, already shoved worse and doubled or got it through as a resteal.   Scoop a high board there and go to 3rd/5 so got great value just not to be.

So in the end 6th/321 for $8,602.80, i cant moan too much as i was a short stack for about 2.5hrs !

May return for FL hi lo 7pm Friday but i dnnno if ill be able to face it LOL.  $47k/$33k/$24k 1/2/3  :(

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Scoop The SCOOP Time

10pm start tonight urrgh.  At least if i bust out i can go to bed !!!   This will probably be the only 1 i will play all levels on which are $7.5, $82 and $700.    Its 6 max pl hi lo which i play cash games in all the time so no excuses although im sure ill be able to make some up.   If it gets interested or if im bored or got spare time ill do updates below.  Didnt play yesterday but still feel drained and knackered already.  Didnt sleep well last night but hoping to wake up in the next 2 hours.

EDIT:- 1am

Still in all 3.  flipped double in $82 early but couldnt really get going in the others and played well to survive the big un.  Got a lucky x2.5 with 3 pair holding up when allin 3way and had a couple of nice huge pots/coolers my way since in the big one.

At 1am i was 6/193  :  69/720  :  341/1786    in high/mid/low which had 321:1591:5925 entrants respectively.  Hopefully this wont be my peak and i can keep it going.  Structure in the high game is just crazy, it could be a long night.

EDIT:-  1:50am:

Bit tired this hour so wnna get the full 5 mins break away from the screen in a mo.
11/139  :  26/527  :  360/1045

Key pot i won was set over set vs sim stack in the $82.   Couple of big chops in the biggie but cant complain.

EDIT:-   3:30am
Just bust the $7.5 for double my money 387/5925
Still going well in the others  :    16/86 pays 36  and  57/241 pays 20pays 204

EDIT:- 4am
11/69 pays 36  :   74/207  pays 204     6 hours in ...........!!!!!

EDIT:- 5am
Knackered , looked forward to bed when i bust !
20/46 and 41/115

EDIT:-  6:05am

Bubble time still not safe even though highest spot for ages 8th/37

oops forgot to mention i bust the middle one about 30mins ago.  AKQ2 vs A359 to get to average chips.  87/1591 for $220ish.   Save my run good for the big one !!!!!

‎8am:- been dribbling away and a bit card dead on fishey as i wrote that i got a double just b4 break !!!!!!! gone from 15th to 7th/18

EDIT 9am

Darn just lost big pot to fish thats gettin away with murder.   Still in but 11/12 onn 22xbb, need to use that luckbox again.  "decent" payout is top 6 :(

Edit 10am:

Still in just b4 break although AAxx now.  weak 8/9.  Just stole blinds breaktime so lucky to still be in 17xbb stack.  Need 2 double ups to be in the thick of it really.   12hours in, at least ive got a good score of at least $5,800 now.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Arrrghh Punished

Looks like it could be a tough month mentally.   Ive only just noticed my stars site hasnt been saving histories since over a month ago.  I didnt play there last month much which is why ive only noticed this now when i wanted to see just how bad i'd run today.

Anyways today was a shocker assuming i dont play more.   The Badugi was rubbish on the $215 game with a tight solid table with nothing happening and an early exit.   The $27 faired better and was top 10 after an hour but just couldnt get above 25k (started 5k)   Every time i won a pot i would lose one back etc... eventually lost several in a row and crashed out with about 20% of the field left.

Cash games were just disasterous again.  Whilst i think i was playing much better the coolers and outdraws were just coming in force.  Gone to -£996 which im not concerned about yet as i feel it could have been a lot worse.  I even won prob £500ish back before i stopped after busting the mtts.

Considering reducing the no of sites im playing to try and focus better but im not sure if that would make much difference just yet.  

Whatever anyways im still miles above ev for the year so cant complain, just start a fresh tommorrow...;)

Edit:  only had a few mins break and couldnt resist going back on as head was clear enough.   2 hrs session and ran a lot better although at lower stakes but much more respectable -£484 now :)

May It Start Soon

Very slow start to this month.   Dunno quite what happened but just lost a lot of motivation to play.   I was doing ok with the limited volume then i had a horrendous 90min session Thursday where i lost £1,000.   I followed that up with a -£400 the next days first and only session as well.  Have cashed in £500ish rakeback but still started today about -£200.  

Money dont concern me but my attitude does and its definitely affected my play a bit in some sessions.  At end of day no point playing when not in the mood and hense the low volume last week.  I guess its a bit of complacency kicking in.  Stars SCOOP starts today assuming i play the Badugi 7pm which i think im gonna.   Just played some low limit stuff as aint played it in months and was ok for a change so i prob will put myself through it. Report later if do.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April Review

Another decent month under my belt.   Since the last post ive made nearly £2,000 more.   Hardly played over the weekend as was either drunk or hungover for most of it :)  :(

Final profit came to +£9,313.   Whilst i didnt go nuts on the rake it still probably added up across the several sites to somewhere over the $5k mark for the whole month.

Plenty on in May to attack.  Probably keep playing sim to last month generally.

Pokerstars SCOOP for me starts 7th May if i play the Badugi or 9th May if i wait until the PLO8 starts.  Over $2,000 of mtts i definitely want to play anyway and im sure ill review most of them as they occur.

All being well i should clear a $4,000 bonus on Pokerstars at some point along with the reload bonus for SCOOP $250.   Theres still a promotion on my main site for 10 days or so that appears to be yielding somewhere in the region of 20% extra rakeback so that will be my other focus for the time being.

Still debating changing Vegas dates to longer but its probably something i wont finalise until June now.  Prob let my body clock slide right back to a nightowl too, hopefully after deep SCOOP runs force me to !

Right thats it for now, try and keep this really decent year so far going.  Ive pretty much made the same as the whole of last year or 2010 already but i dont wanna get complacent.   Would be nice to end up with 2 or 3 times that amount by the end of the year or more if i run well in vegas !

Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Run Good

Not played massively since last post.  Was out Friday night and way too hungover so hardly touched it yesterday.  Played a few hours this afternoon for a small loss but wasnt really in mood this evening so again stopped after only a short time.

Run good though was mainly Friday afternoon where the majority came from a couple of pots on 2/4 pl hi lo against the same player.  Was a new random who seemed to be over aggressive and tilty.

First double came when i called his reraise with 5566 (not a hand i would recommend normally but vs this guy applied odds were bigger) .   On a flop of 569 he pot cont bet of $82 and we got $400 in each for him to show the mightly KK910.   Pretty sure what happened next has never happened to me before in any omaha variant.  The board came out 5,6 for effectively double quads !

Shortly after i just flatted a reraise with AxAx3h9h as i was out of position and we both had $800 stacks so i went for the safer/trap line rather than getting an awkward flop decision if i repot pre when i know hes calling.   Flop was 332 rainbow and i decided to keep the slow playing going just check call his pot cont bet (around 80).   Turn was a 2 bringing 2nd heart which at the time i didnt even notice gave me a flush draw too.   As planned he pot bet again when i checked and we got it allin.  River was a Kh and pot ships to me but he had AA34 so was a tad confused until i noticed i had hit a flush lol.   Run good in big ones and worse in small ones was the trend that day as i remember losing another 2 AAxx vs AAxx allin prefloppers but for much less bucks.

Anyways sitting on nice £7,352.   I think new promo starts tommorrow but as mentioned previous i dnno if im gonna target it much at all really.  Out Tues and Fri night this week so ill probably try and tank the games fair inbetween to try and finish the month off as well as its gone so far.  Note to self: try to avoid as bad a hangover nxt Saturday like the one just gone :(

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Been Treading Water...

Up until today ive won/lost no more than £200 a day and stayed around the £5,500 mark.  Rakeback still accumulating but games were juicy so missed opportunites.  Still if u gonna have bad days and still break even its always a good sign.

Today was similar with exception of 1 site where i took a large chunk off a big fish.  This has put me at peak for the month now of £6,009.   I even entered 5 mtts tonight to test my patience.  All fairly low stakes and i kind of passed final tabling one to just about cover costs.

New promo starts 21st, i will probably increase my play (and reduce it on other sites) a bit after that. Im not getting overly committed to tanking it every day as this promo doesnt suit me in that way.   I guess i will start playing plo again after nearly 3 weeks without playing a single hand !  Too much of a high low degenerate right now :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Shit + Holy Cow (Edit)

LOL no more moaning for a bit.   Had already been lucky on a kind of flip and hit for a double stack on 5/10$ pl hi lo before this hand came up.   Big fish has left and i was already leaving when bb came 2 hands later.

7h7d23ss  button 4hnded raise to 30 and both blinds call
flop is 10d,7s,5d , chks to me i bet 60 and sb calls before bb raises underpot to 210, i flat to disguise and pot raise most turns. sb tanks then decides to shove $845 allin and bb repops me allin.  

sb - Ah,10h,8h,4s
bb - As,Qd,10s,8d

turn is a nasty Jd but river is a Jh and i scoop my biggest pot of the year at $5,159.    I run good !!!!

Odds on flop:   58% equity for me vs bb 23% and sb 19%
Take sb out of it for $2,600ish side pot and its 69/31 in my favour.  

Still so lucky to scoop as thats 39% 3 way.

Takes me to +£3,213 for April.   Break now might even call it a night.   How things rest on the turn of a card or 2.  Say a Qs river or several others and im down on the month a bit !!!

Edit 1:35am WTFFF  Holy Cow !!!!!
Took break for 90mins and ive just come off another 90 minute session again running like god and again doing the majority of it on 5/10$.   Pure crazy stuff again chasing a fish but running like god against the regs again :))     Somehow made another £2,290 to take me to +£5,503 for the month.

Started the day around +£725 so roughly +£4,778 profit on the day.  I have no idea when i last has such a good day (without looking back), probably over 2 years ago.  Shocked is the only word i can use, especially since its not an mtt win, just pure cash games.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Overdue Downswing

Well it was 2.5 weeks without a losing day so i was well overdue a bad day.   Unfortunately it came in the form of 2 days Mon/Tues both of which were just plain shocking.  Dont think i was playin particularly well but obviously also ran real bad too.   Not gonna moan on about it though, hopefully by blogging i will draw a line under it and start the months grind again from today.   Dropped from £2,200 to just +£350 for April, restart begins here.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

My Week Off ?

Nope, played every day, just in addict mode at the moment.  Apart from Wednesday ive only played between 1 and 3 hours a day but im still to have a losing day.  Wednesday was wild playing around 10 hours going nearly £1,500 up before dropping over 2/3 of it back right near the end putting me into tilt for the first time in a few weeks, i stopped quick though and didnt take too big a risk.  

Ive played across 4 different sites and its nice for a change but can be tiring on the eye if im on 3 or 4 of them all at the same time.  Profit so far sitting nicely in the region of £2,200 so a good solid start.   Will probably continue with the same sort of stuff for the next couple of weeks.  Im contemplating a rake promo starting on 23rd for 21 days but the top end of it is probably too much effort for me to do.  Guess i will decide right near the time after seeing how its going across multiple sites up until then. 

Off to try and sleep this hangover off, hardly worth drinking lately i just seem to get soooo tired the next day its plain annoying.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Mad March Review

Best month since Nov 2009.  Figure to write down is +£10,751.  In reality though there was between $3,400 and $4,400 rakeback (depending what rate i eventually cash it in at) to receive at a later date that adds to that.

Plan for April is to sort lots of non poker stuff ive been putting off out while playing bits here and there.  No exact date but been told theres likely to be a promotion starting at least the middle of the month so may well attack that if it suits.   Prob hit pub later but im already about to play having joined a fishy table i spotted and couldnt resist :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Bang

Month over and promotion over.   Still playing as games are just plain daft tonight.  Running so lucky too despite being drowsy from a hangover.  Another mental last day, will post below when im done and i guess ill post tommorrow final figures once as i expect thats when i will get credit for the promotion.

.......Ok im done, +£1,211 on the day and way above expectation, great finish to a big month.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Final Day Hangover ?

Forced myself out of bed "early" today at 10am to finish in time to go pub all evening.  Just 1 more day of 8 hours ish to play and still the profits have gone up nicely the last 2 days although a tad slower and ev has caught up a little.  Since last post 2 days combined ive gone from £7,857 up to £8,443.   I will get a $1,750 cash promotion bonus at end of month so the £10k mark is in range although im way past it in reality with all the rakeback ive earned to cash in at a later date.  Barring a disaster its going to be my best month since November 2009 :)) 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Shocked And 3 Days To Go

Another crazy day, just couldnt seem to do much wrong.   Both graphs show a near straight line up for the day and it was nearly another 4 figure day.  Was also in profit the whole day for a change.  +£950 on day taking me to  +£7,857 for March.   Mega month, hope i dont destroy it in the next few days.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Day Off - Future Thoughts

Just 4 more days left at $400 rake a day and ive decided to take today off after what was probably my most successful day this year yesterday.  Made just under £1,500 (and was even behind marginally on allin ev!)   Weathers so good and i wanted to avoid complacency after yesterdays stuff and i didnt sleep well last night.   Barring a bad end im looking a brilliant month in terms of profit.  

Ive even started wondering whether i should cash in my points on my main site for $20k (40% rakeback) or be patient and let them build up over the next 18 months ish to cash in for $75k (50% rakeback) which would earn me an extra $15k in the long run and maximise rakeback. 

They say dont change a broken record and since ive focused 90% of my play on 1 site it seems to have beared fruit extremely well.   If i change my mind i could cash in the $20k at any time.  Originally that was kind of going to be my vegas bankroll but if i can cope leaving it in the site (at a small risk i guess as nothings 100% safe) it would be better if i could just roll myself from actual profits and promotions funds. 

Im definitely much more disciplined when ive got a target or promotion to focus on but at the same time i dont expect to play nearly as much over the next few months with vegas/olympics/euros as well as some much needed time off next month. 

A rough model i could follow over the next 14 months (say) would see me rake $2k a week on my main site for 50 out of 61 weeks which would see me reach that bonus cashout level.  I did look at something like this months back but figured i was better just chasing promotions and playing mulitple sites more.   Still not sure but lots to think about.   At end of the day i could do the above over 2 years while still playing other sites but obviously wouldnt have access to all this rakeback for a longer period which could potentially be an issue.   For now lets finish this month well and chill out with no specific promotion to target next month i can it a lot easier, especially if the weather holds !

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Couple of crappy days, really need break.  Gonna get pretty drunk now and deffo taking 2moz off and maybe Mon too.  Dropped to £5,421 , somehow only lost £70 today which is a mini miracle the way ive been playing.   pub--------->me v soon.     Only 6 days left to play this month, thankfully.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Slog

Just not feeling it at mo.  Had a great day in terms of profit and running well but just felt like a long slog and didnt enjoy any of it.  To be expected i guess nearing the end of the month but think i was just in one of them weird moods when i woke up andf it never changed poker or otherwise.  gone to +£6034 for the month which is about +£860 on the day. 

Day 12/20

Slog today, games were infrequent and never lasted any length.  Prob my latest finish this month at 2am so gonna hit sack immediately and try and get back to the clock i was on before.   Up and down a lot both ways but finally lost about £100 overall and ran below ev for first time in ages.  Obv cant complain as been ridiculous lately. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Bad Day

2 days off sun/mon , would like to say i came back today raring to go but wasnt really in proper mode.   Still games were ok and im done earlish at 11pm having already had a couple of long breaks.   Been level or down most of day but got bit back last session.  Untracked limit games were good and they are the only reason im slightly in profit on day which i will definitely take.  +£35 on the day :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Heater

Still on this sick run and today was much the same.  Taken me to new peak of £5,243.  Since my last bad day (a week ago) ive just run like god basically.   Just chucked that into tracker and ive run $2,800 above ev on allins in that period.  Must enjoy it while it lasts cos i know how tough it felt when i had the reverse for a period towards the end of last month.    Day off begins right now :) :) :) :))

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nearly Another Day Off

Almost same as day before.  In profit nearly all day and climbed to nearly £500 up at the end, running well still so expecting a bad session or day sometime soon.   Profits to new peak of £4,797.  Sunday definitely day off, plenty of housework followed by plenty of booze :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easy Day

Above ev, loads of heads up games and higher stuff so quicker rake.  Took 2 x 1hr+ breaks and still finished by 10pm.   Also i nice £956 profit to take me to a peak of £4,304 for March.  Try and fight off complacency 2moz and Sat before taking Sunday off.

Day 7/20

Good day, up steady all day and marginally ahead of ev all day.  Finished on a low reversing the ev bit though in some ridiculous pots but not staying on to chase despite the games being good.  I know its better to chill and get a decent nights sleep with another 13 days of this left.

On the day: +£278
On Month:  +£3,348

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Challenging Day

Started awful and spent the whole day recovering it.  Action wasnt great today so took longer but i had a few longer breaks too so overall it wasnt too bad.  Eg started before 11am but only finished just after midnight.   Anyways after losing £400ish i finished  +£136.  Would have been a small loss but got paid fully on 1/2plo for a straight flush vs 2nd nut house on my very last hand of my very last table as i was shutting them.   Another rake target done and 6/20 now.  As usual knackered so hit the sack straight away.  Month +£3,070.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 5/20

Almost took 2 days off as hungover fair today but pushed on and it was worth it.  Just finishing last $3 rake now at 10:15pm so not too bad a time and was back to a more steadier day without the ridiculous swings of the prev huge win/huge loss days.  I can spread 4 more days off before the end of March so overall this promo shouldnt be as mentally tough as last months was.

Nice to post another winning day anyway and gonna tally it up now:  Just under £500 up to go to +£2,934 :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Undone Mare

Enjoyed that last post while it lasted which wasnt long.  Today was completely the reverse in every way possible so its back to where i was a couple of days ago.  Still on a good month and having a day off tommorrow.   +£2,445 ...return Monday would like to say refreshed but prob hungover.

Friday, March 09, 2012

God Session

Crazy was steady and in profit all day then in the space of 10minutes i won stacks accross 4 or 5 tables.  Went from £250ish up to £850ish up but didnt stop there and won even more 30mins or so later.   Finished now just before 10pm +£1,303 up on day to take me to £3,561 for the month.    Mental day, only played 3/6 a tiny bit and my 2/4 exploits werent huge.  Most of profit came from 1/2 or lower !!!
Ev tracker says +$1,000 but i was roughly +$2,000 oooops :)

Not Such A Slog

2nd $400 rake day went better in terms of being smoother.   Games were good and managed to finish at 11:30pm despite having a cple of hours off for dinner and an hour in the afternoon to exercise.   Made about £250.  Not playing as high as last month yet although did get some 2/4pl hi lo in towards the end of the night.  Plo hasnt been going as well since the downswing so im keeping that lower until i fancy it or see a megafish a bit higher.  Not 100% sure what im doing this weekend yet but im thinking i might take Sunday off to recharge.  March ---> £2,258.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March Targets

Already cleared my first one which was raking in the region of $700 to get a $500 bonus (and about $200 in rakeback to come) which was running out on the 10th.  Was swingy on that site but ended up in profit a little so all good.   Also done well with couple of short drunk table attacks on separate days on main site.

Before today i was sitting about £1,500 up and now i've begun my promotion for the rest of this month.  Its similar to last month but instead of $375 rake a day its $400.   Only need to play 20days out the the remaining 25 though so can spread some days off in there which will hopefullly help my sanity.    If i break even i would get (rakeback +promo) of approx. $5,000 so i'll keep thinking of that to push me through the headaches ive already started getting.  Lack of breaks today silly but was in addict mode and had 1 or 2 good tables shorthanded i knew would break if i stopped so pushed on through regardless.  At least ive finished before 9pm.

Was in profit nearly all day today but only took off really well at end and made about £500 to put me +£2,003 for March.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Feb Review

Graphs of tracked games in Feb for that promotion i did on my main site.     Think the 2nd one is especially interesting as i seem to get more wound up when i get stacked irrelevent of stakes in the short term.

Still the promotion added an extra 25.11% to my rakeback and i grossed $10,500 rake doing that.  Actual written down figure for month is £3,986 but true figure would include rakeback from rake and from extra promotion points which wont be cashed in for a few months yet.  This would add roughly £4,000 to it. 

Trying to take a full day off from poker today, soooooooo much stuff to do.  Gottta tank other site if its viable to get a $500 bonus before 10th march.  Then im planning 20days at $400 rake for this months promotion to get about 20% extra rakeback through that and also getting to the highest vip level by the end of the month.  This will enable me to cash in points at 40% rather than 30% in the next quarter sometime.

GSOP PL HI LO (ongame) Results

Still playing the $50rebuy, onto that in a mo 4/7 but card dead of late.
Played $5 rebuy at same time and led that for a while, ended up busting 29th/844.

$50 rebuy i led for long periods, at one point over an hour a few hours in.   Just gone backwards a bit since final 2 tables, 358 entered and chunky $9,500winner +$5k seat.  Need some luck to get that result though as blinds are catching up and actions pretty wild at the final table.  Break in 1 minute, time for more caffiene eyes are going big time.  Hopefullly a few updates below b4 i bust.  Guaranteed $1,500 so far.

Arrrgh had 5outs freeroll to double fully immed after break from flop.   missed that then nxt hand lost A4910 vs A366 vs a shortie to leave me hanging on 10xbb.  Win that pot and would basically been joint top with 4others a 1 shortie.  Win one before and would been clear chip leader.   fingers crossed fully :(

Doubled AKJ3 1 suit vs AK35 2suits , hit a  straight.   LOL as i wrote that got biggest starting hand whole game AA23 1 suit in SB but only stole bb with it !!!

bb is 20k now and im 320k   ..chips flying in.  1 has bust and theres 1 massive chippy now so im 3/6.

1:07am...... just bust.  was utter crapshoot carnage after that last post.  blinds 20k bb.  ill put hands here but not really matter, game turned to luck almost fully

was 12.5xbb 3/5 after big chip bust another.  
AKK6 vs A,10,2,6 lost to a shorter stack to leave me 5.5xbb
AK75 vs would u believe it the same guy the next hand with A,10,2,6   , hit full house to double

AQ102 raise pot cutoff.   button instant minreraise looked like a misclick.  BB big chip reraise pot.  I chuck em in and get value as 6xbb from button folded.   Hit nut low but only split vs AK45.  3/5 again.

only hit part of a flop when i minraised A388dbl std.  AK10.  felt it was give up or cont bet and turn hand into bluff to test where i was.  Unfortunately big chip who only flat called in sb puts me in and i have to fold putting me back to 9xbb.   Dnt regret this play as would rather stab than give up not knowing where am or get committed to a suck me in turn.  If anything i was surprised big chip didnt reraise pre but he didnt seem to realise he could bully to *** with his stack.

5/5 rest goes in KK48 vs big chip again AA108..   flop AKJ goodnight no quads a coming :(

5th/358 had plenty of luck and its a decent result for $2,557.

Unfortunately i still need to play stars for an hour or 2 as i had to shut them tables when this got serious :(      Prob post final month figures 2moz.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 28/28 - The End

The month of minimum $375 gross rake paid a day every day is over.   I dont really have time to summarise yet so i will just post my daily stuff here and hopefully find time for some stats and stuff in another post.   Only +£1,987 now for month :(    Would luv a day off but as said before gotta tank stars a bit tommorrow.  Also theres an mtt i feel i should play in evening.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 27

Nearly done thank god.   Another soul destroying day at the tables and a horrendous evening session to finish on dropping everything won yesterday and more.  Losing on all games so cant even switch games when frustrated.   Hating this right now and glad when its over even though i still need to tank other sites in the coming week :(   +£2,147 for Feb :((

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 26

Just over rake done by 2:30pm, yes.
In profit, yes.
Ahead of ev, yes.

Happy ?  No
Ev dnt take into account coolers, heres 2 i had in space of 5minutes. 

Fortunately first one was only .25/5pl hi lo.   88xx in bb  flop JJ8  all 3 of us check.  norm lead here but both players shallow.  turn 6 chk to limper he bets pot i raise pot and he calls leaving himself a dollar behind.  He has xx66 with no low and the river is a 6.

1/2 plo   sitting over 3stacks deep.   4way raised pot ive got 5566.  There a huge fish at table that covers me flop is 226 and of course he has K229.  bye bye $1,420 pot.

.....edit....2am...finished rake fairly drunk and tired, timed out way too much last session.     Won chunk b4 i went out and i think i done ok/broke even drunk when back......sommat like +£900ish on day and above ev (shock horror).... sitting on +£3,316 for Feb

Day 25

On laptop so dnt have full details.  Roughly level on day but ran real bad again, think it was in region of 900$ bhind ev. I'll take it and end of month is in sight !

....edit huge fish on 2/4 pl hi lo so had to play while in bed.   managed to run 2nd set into top set then lost a 3way allin with AA27 vs A4JJ and A3910 before he left so lost another £260ish.  Wont even show up on ev as i dnt bother tfrring laptop stuff to pokertracker.  :(

Month "only" at £2,447 now.  Need mindset to remember its nearly all just run bad.  Since thursday ev shows -$500 but i actually lost $3,500 on allin ev :((      When i filter to this month on my tracked games its +$4,000 but ev line shows +$6,500 :((  over 72k hands

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 24

Early start and early post to try and keep calm and refocus.  Summary so far (ev in brackets)
First allin of day matey chkraises me allin with no fold equity on an unmade draw and obv hits 50/50.
I miss QJ107 on a K89rainbow flop vs AAQQ
15mins in -$350  (+$100)
30mins in -$750 (+$100) , nothing higher than 1/2 so far.
5/10 huge fish have to sit.   get 700 in preflop with AQJ9 vs fish and shortie.   Other 300 obv going in on any flop.   Fish rivered a flush when my ace high good till then.  $2,200 pot gone.
38miins in  -$1,750  (-$50)  , actually feel physically sickat this point
50mins in, need a toilet break anyway so blogged here at now:  
-$1,400  (-$200)   lovely. 

1pm.....-$1400  (+$300)  brilliant it widens

Total destruction complete just b4 5pm.    A little tilt in there but just plain ridiculous day.
-$3,000ish ($1800 below ev)  .....THE END

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 23

Another tough mental day.  Went about £500 in the hole and way behind ev again even at the end of the day.    Somehow though finished about +£150 on the day ?   Gotta tank early tommorrow and finish before 6pm for a night off.

Day 22

Ok today was a disaster.    $1,600 behind ev on tracked games and got outdrawn constantly on limit games too.  Summed it up at end when got $160odd inpreflop with AA35 on 2/4pl hi lo vs maniac fish ..  other $400 goes in on the rainbow K84flop.  He shows AK103 and it bricks out xK.   Had already taken the autpost off and was my last hand , sooooo sick i hate this game sometimes.   -£1,100 on the day and £4,428 up on the month which i just want to end, its torture now, just need a break.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 21

Nearly a disaster.  Had resigned myself to a huge loss being over -$2,000 at one point and running $1,000 under ev.   Force to play 3hours more after that i went on a mad run and only ended up about $300 down and amazingly i was $1,000 over ev !   Ridiculous swings and ive gotta be careful im due a big loss any time very soon.  Great escape today, might not be so lucky for the week thats left.  Also note hated it again even before i started to lose, day off please :(

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20

Finished early.  One of best days profit this year (assuming i dnt go back on stars and lose some later).  So why did i pretty much hate it all day ?    Just bored and sick of it now, sooooooooooo need a day off but committed and have to push on through.  Was in the hole for £700 at one point today but hit a golden session and i think i made it to +£1,000 before dropping some back.  +£853 on day, +£5,611 on month. edit later if play more (wouldnt if i didnt have bonus and target on stars to do by end of month as well).

...edit 1:20am   was only sposed to play 30mins on stars but ended up being 2 hours !  I'll regret it 2moz i expect but made $116 (and cleared more vpps) so i guess twas worth it.

Day 19

Over 2/3 of the way through with a likely 9 more days to go in this promotion.  Wasnt feeling it today and got bored at times.  Really could do with a day off :(     Dropped £500ish on main site but an hour on stars at the end on limit hi lo was fruitful to reduce that loss somewhat.    Sitting on a healthy £4,758 for the month.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 18

Ended up staying in and played way above ($500ish) my $375 daily rake target as games were good.  Mad day, games good all day and ev line is straight up as steady as can be.  Unfortunately i didnt follow it but got to "only" $1,000 below it at the end !!!   At worst point i was $1,600 below it and $800ish in the hole but i managed to record a good profit in the end.  Disconnection cost me $100ish at end too. Hoping i might get compensated that as nout wrong with my internet at the time, email sent anyway.   Happy enough and knackered so off to bed sitting on peak profits of £5,037 for Feb (bout £150 on the day).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 17

Finished about 1am and absolutely knackered.  Was gonna do an hour on stars at end but it would be counter productive so gonna hit the sack and try and have another full day tommorrow if i can resist going out drinking.   Pretty wild day as high as pl 5/10 .  £500 in the hole at one point and £800 up a couple of separate times after that.  About £500 up in the end and sitting on new peak for the month of £4,788.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 16

Pretty much got back what i had lost the last couple of days so a good day overall.   Didnt feel like it at the end though as ran terrible and what was a big day turned into a good day.  Fortunately there was no chasing or tilting as i finished my total rake target for day just after 10pm.    Writing this on my laptop as i cant access desktop for a few hours as that rooms being painted.   Subject to low level fumes i'll be back in there tonight though !

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 15

Could have stopped at 9pm but mad games going on so had to get involved.   I went down £1,200 at one point on 5/10 pl hi lo but got most of it back.  Lost about £200 on the day in the end.    +£3,854 for Feb now and gotta got to bed, another 8am wake up tommorrow !  

Also Rio booked for wsop trip :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 14

Was due a bad one and its not disappointing me.  Still got 3hours to play later but its a struggle and it will have to be a big 2nd half to pull back into profit.  -£500ish so far :(

11:45pm.....It got worse and i was about £800 down for a while but a late spur brought me back to -£200 for the day.  Extremely happy with this (feels like a win obviously) and i dont think ive been this tired since travelling abroad. Off for an early night and up early again tommorrow (was 8am today !!!)

Vegas Brag

Just booked flights for wsop.  Only stopping 11 days this time and looking forward to it already.  Gonna stay in the Rio for first time since 2005 so im right in the action  (tilt failed to book at last step after wasting 10mins says try later).    Should be playing both pl hi lo wsop events.

Day 13

Nearly halfway through the month and another winning day to record although not as big as recent ones.   Was still some big pots in there with some play at 5/10 but no massive swings today and now sit on +£4,252

I also cleared an overlapping promotion which is worth about £1,000 although i wont see that until i cash in my poker points which is likely to be sometime in the 2nd quarter of the year.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 12

Lost a few hundred quid back drunk mainly thanks to missing a gutshot and nut flush draw vs a set for an $800 pot on 2/4plo.

Won a golden 3way pot earlier though for $1,200 with top 2 pair and a gutshot vs a lower wrap and top set !  3 outer and board had to not fill up on river :)   Has actually put me above ev on the month significantly and also made yesterday into another solid profit to take me to £4,098 for the month.

Just about to start day 13 now a little tired & hungover but could be a lot worse.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11

Kind of in running of sorts.  Bit bored maybe cos i aint had more than 2 beers this weekend so far.  Could also be that the games are a bit dead right now although i expect them to pick up later.

7:40pm now
In supernova $1million freeroll, just lost a chunky pot as i wrote this but still started well and on 17k (from 10k and only played 20mins as late turning up)
On list for more tables but not much happening.

Earlier i quickly lost 6-7 stacks on .5/1plo before getting it all back and breakin even on the session.  Still need to play at least 4 hours tonight so i guess ill be back to update later.

....9pm no change except even more bored. av chips in freeroll but chucking it in often impatiently.

9:20pm out of that a6 vs A10. gonna take a break i dnt remember the last time i felt htis bored playing.  Still gotta do another 2.5hrs yet too :(

1:15am finally finished.  Didnt enjoy the game at all today , not even sure why just in a weird mood i guess.   £3,690---->>> £3,585   Happy with that considering the slog it felt.

Day 10

Up up and awayyyyyyyy.  Another great day and ran 400$ above ev too.   Difference to other days was i won big but 95%+ of games were 1/2 or lower so it was a lot of BBs.   £966 on the day ----> £3,690 on the month.   Finished bang on midnight, unless i go back for more later ;)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Day 9

Wasnt feeling it today but somehow ended up in profit anyway.  I played as highly as 5/10 and 10/20 all be it briefly getting back what i had lost at 3/6.    My pokertracker ev graph is mad.  At the worst point of the day i was on a loss of -$1,700 and $2,200 below ev !!!  Thankfully the recovery kicked in and i finished about +$600 and only a cple hundred behind ev :)  Total profit for month now at £2,520 and im done for the day reasonably early.

edit....forgot to say i played stars for first time this month today.  anyways just gone back online mainly stars for another hour ish session cos im an addict and cos i wnna get wrking twrds that 6500 points i need this month to stay on track for supernova.  Need to combine it with the other site most days really as i reckon i misjudged this promo and it might take 27ish days not 23 :(
profits gone £2,520----->£2,724 now :)

Day 8

Just under £900 up on the day (level ev) .

Was a little up after first hour before dropping a bit.  I then went golden and over the course of about 400 hands i went from -£400 to +£800 ish.   Cant really remember the big pots as bout 8hrs ago but they were against the right type of player to get paid off :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day 7

A familiar start of late.   Come to blog early cos of it.  Only played an hour and just everything going wrong that can basically.  Lost about £250 so far as only small stakes but im getting a bit sick of starting bad far too often, just makes rest of day much more of a task.  Shut plo now and gnnna play limit for 30 mins then take 1 or 2 hours off and just play all evening.

...7:20pm gnna take an hour off for dinner but still need to play about 4 hours more later.   Just had a great session.  Nothing was happening then suddenly i doubled up then won a 3way allin on 2/4plo.   I x2.5 on 2/4 hi lo at same time too 3way in a pot i shouldnt have won (bad/good side of cooler) but then lost a stack in a dominating one almost straight after.   All those within 10 mins and lucky to be on right side of most !  Heres the biggest one:

2/4 plo i make it 12 utg , sb pots it to 40 , fish bb calls and i repot to 160 and 3 of us see flop. 
I have AhKxQx5h and the flop comes Ks10s6d.  We all get it in (i cover the 400 and 448 stacks at start of hand). and it comes 10x2x  .  Just under $1,300 pot shipped my way, It was a scary board and i obviously figured spades had me but actually i was in about as good as shape as could be against each of them blocking each other.      23ss45dd and A45sss3x respectively.

On to ev seeing as ive been going on about it so much lately. I was -$500 again by ev halfway through today so far.  Im now +$800 on ev for today.    I expect a lot to change in the 4hours left though.  Proft wise im +£690 for today.  Update later..........

Finished just b4 1am.   Not too much more movement in evening.  Finished +£770 on day and now +£1,232 for the month.    That ev thing was 700$ ahead today but im still 700$ behind on the month, cue the more moaning 2moz ;)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Day 6

Another tough day.  Went in the hole early for £800 at worst point but managed to climb back out of most of it and only finished about £300 down.   Again i know im playing well as ev shows me about £500 less than should have got.   At least ive finished early thanks to a lot of short handed and head up play on 1/2 and 2/4.

+£462 for Feb but approx £1,000 below ev :(

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day 5

Started off horrendously.   Was -£900 at worst , back to -£400ish now after just 2.5hrs play today so far.  Dinner break now then back for more punishment or maybe i might climb out of the hole !

6:20pm ......back after hours break 90 mins ago and ran much better winning some juicy pots on 3/6 plo.  Couple of  hundred £ up on day now but swings are crazy like yesterday. pub now, just ran good and got myself right back into profit for the month  (+£586) , just under £800 up on the day.    Gotta play about 1.5 hours later drunk though so could be another wild session ;)

1:20am....just finishing up, games were actually pretty boring compared to the last 48 hours despite being intoxicated !  made another 100£ or so though so good day in the end overall.   +£707 for Feb now.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Day 4

Hell i felt rough in the night but luckily i managed to sleep most of it off and just feel sluggish now.  Was worth it though as good night off.   Just bout to start at 1:35pm .  Could feel like a slog today but im hoping the games will be better especially this evening.  Will post at end of day , maybe between sessions too if i feel i need.  Here we go............

3pm.... tables are actually great.   cards are not, been playin pretty high without succes and dropped £450 already :(

5:15pm.....  cards much kinder including gettin it in on a cooler at 2/4plo with top and btm pair vs mid set only to turn a high full house for $800.   Gone from £450 down to about £500 up that session !!!  tables are still pretty juicy, i know i should play more on Saturdays but its just not easy when ure not committed to a promotion and have a hangover !

10:45pm...was too good to be true just had an absolute complete nightmare session.   Worst pot was just plain ridiculous vs a agressive reg thats got plently of leaks:

 2/4pl hi lo 3handed i raise A288 on button ,,fish shortie calls matey pots it i call fish allin 72 we both call.  

flop  is 997 rainbow he checks and i obviously check behind.   turn is an 8. he bets 3/4 pot we get it in for 330 each.  he has A,2,9,10  and of course the rivers a F***** 10.

Result hand completely murdered but not to worry that 6 outer gonna come to ure rescue for $880ish pot.

LOL as i wrote that i won an $800 on 2/4 plo and a decent pot uncalled on 5/10 pl hi lo. so ive just gone from -£600 on the day back to level WTFs up with today !!!!!!!!

arrgh 5mins after that i got river quartered after chucking it allin on turn to lose another $1100 on the pot so lost $550 of own money .....yuk

11:45pm  .... raked amount needed . games still juicy but im done.  Tired and semi tilted big time.  Wasnt a good time to have about as turbulent a day ais ive had for a long long time and i struggled with it big time.   Managed to lose 2 chunky pots on 5/10 near finish missing up/down straight flush draw and nut low draw when i bet turn.  the SF draw was high cards too but i still miss both.   Also hit nut flush on a paired board but bb had flopped J752 to my raise and his full house too good.  Glad todays over with and im off to try and relax now if possible.  Lost £522 on the day but allin ev on day gives me a more true figure as i should have pretty much broke even.   -£211 for the month so not the end of the world although i had hoped i would push on today and games have been mental really. 

Friday, February 03, 2012

Day 3

Time for booze.   Tommorrow could be fun playing hungover :(
Started earliest in months today at about 10am !!!   Quite volatile but evened out in end i guess , according to ev on tracker anyway.   +£311 so +£278 on the day.  Happy with that and definitely more comfortable playing plo today.   Like said will ruin the routine by getting drunk but what the hey i think i deserve it :)    GGGGGGGGG

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Day 2/23 (In Running)

Arrrgh hi lo hardly running so tanked the plo and managed to run 4.5 buyins below ev in my first 1.5hrs session.   Not what i needed when im struggling with motivation and game choice.  plo games are very volatile today so could get it back or double or worse that loss, yuk no fun.  Update later :(

reckon this will last 23days if i stick to it.

couple hrs later now at 5:30pm and managed to get some back, opnmly bout £300 down today now instead of around £500 earlier.  More hi lo action going at mo although could b better still.  More than halfway to todays rake so hopefully finish well early and try and do similar tommorrow.

just as volatile but happier with the majority of games.   Early finish, gotta do similar tommorrow if i want to avoid playing drunk as im out from 7pm.  +£33 for Feb so only lost £200ish in end.