Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The olympics definitely took over the majority of my time since the last post.  I usually watch as much as i can so this was no different to previous ones , all be it on a nicer time zone :)

I did start to play 2-4 hours a day when a promotion dictated i should but never made much progress at all.   After last post i quickly went about £500 up before having a horrendous run but fortunately not losing too much money.   Cant remember exactly but think i was only in the hole for £500 or so at worst.   Been tryin to dig my way out of that the last few days and think ive just about got back to the "level" mark tonight.  Usual angry not enjoying it self generally though :(

In the middle of this i suffered a very very bad trojan attack which pretty much rendered this desktop useless until all was deleted and i started again from scratch.   Never had anything like that before and it was obviously annoying and frustrating.  I try to never go on anything dodgy on this computer and obviously the virus software i pay for was useless in this instance.   Dnt seem to have lost anything monetary , yet to restore my spreadsheets though so not sure exactly where i lie for the month.   Also lost all my pokertracker data but thats not end of world as ive never used the hud on it as i despise them and only really keep it for records and analysis. both daily and long term.  Obviously changed all passwords etc so fingers crossed anyway for the future.

Keep meaning to buy a 2nd monitor so must get round to that sometime soon.  Right time for bed, only other thing i havent mentioned yet is that ive raked just over $1,400 this month so far.  Expect to rake at least $700 more by Sunday to finish a promo but not sure how much i will play after that.   Subsequent promotions, weather, general enjoyment and run good will probably all be a factor in dictating that.   Most of the rake this month has been during very good promotions so in the long run i will get the majority of that back in profit, must keep telling myself that when im close to level or down on the month !

Be lucky.

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