Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Levelling Out Again

Finally got around to getttin my spreadsheet back up again, pretty sure i was worse off than i thought ~a week ago and prob went close to -£1,000.  Still kept at it to finish a promo off on Sunday and played quite a bit today especially this afternoon when i seemed to be more up for it than normal.

I still havent reinstalled pokertracker so ive no idea just how well im running but i kind of like that for a change.   Sit at -£57 now for August and seem to be pretty positive right now about poker or other stuff.  Im kind of hoping theres a decent promotion to my liking next month so might encourage me to play more volume days like today ended up.   In the meantime ill play when i feel like it and maybe even take some time off if the weather holds up.

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