Saturday, August 04, 2012

July Figures

Dont see much point waffling on about the month as its all too negative and all been said in previous posts.  Finished   -£1,739.   Raked about $2,400 on my main site.  Time to move on....

Olympics is a lucky escape for the time being and im totally addicted to watching 8-10hours nearly every day so far.  That said i did return to the tables today (Fri) as my main site has a couple of promotions overlapping for the next week or so.  This basically means im likely to play 2-4 hours a day every day as its worth my while.  Im hoping its what i needed as im obv struggling for focus on the game right now.  Started ok (nearly all low stakes) raking $150ish and making about £107 in 4hours total.  Lets see if i can stop the rot and not have 3 losing months in a row ! (not happened before so fingers crossed)

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