Thursday, July 26, 2012

Return To Same

2 full days off and didnt miss the game 1 bit.    Thought i would try my luck for a couple of hours of so tonight and its just beyond a joke the stuff im having to be a part of .    I hate the game right now and its absolutely nothing to do with money.

Got 3 hands i can pick from tonight:

1)   3 limps to my BB on 3/6NL hi lo.  Shove 180$ with AA4x and lose to 3445.

2)  £1/£2 pl hi lo.  Min raise button with A4J9 (suits dnt matter) and blinds call.  Flop is J99 and pot is now £12.   bb proceeds to get £200 in with Q934 and bang Q hits turn.

3)  same game as 2).   Call raise with KK99 and call cont bet on a 994flop.   turn is a 5 and b4 ive noticed ive clicked the "fold to any bet" button which means i autocheck then autofold to mateys £13 river K bet into a pot of £26.

All 3 or any of these 3 pots wind me up beyond belief.  Obviously 2) is the worst by a country mile and is the most £ too as well as a 3out sickner.  Obv 3) is my fault but ive emailed that site to see if theres a way to disable that button.  If not might have to think about dropping that site as i cant afford slip-ups any more.  Ive prob hit this button many times in the past but it but hardly ever costs anything.

"Only!" a £270 loss but hatrid for the game is at an all time low, nothing comes close to this in the past.   -£1,915 for July and seriously considering taking 3 weeks off.

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x_ROSH125_x said...

Hang in there mate. Having my first losing month too in like 2yrs