Monday, July 16, 2012

Nearly Back

Still struggling to enjoy/motivate/bother playin much and today was the most ive raked in a day since i got back and still under $300 gross rake.   Considering i had quite a hangover though it was a big step in right direction and i also had a run good day wiping out the prev week of run bad according to tracker.  Since last Wednesday i had a couple of break even days and a few small wins to push me back to around -£500.  Today though ive won over £700 and now sit at +£217 for July.  Yes i get to use the ++++++++++ key.  Bit sad to shut down 10:30pm ish but knackered and games a bit drier to figure good time to stop.  Havent quite let my clock slide to a 3or4am sleep yet, keep waking up disgustingly early before 10am, surely this will change soon :)

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