Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Worst Session In Months

Arrrrgh about an hour ago i had got out of the months hole again then proceeded to go -$2,500 ish playing no higher than 2/4.   Ran so bad.  Main site shows $2,100 below allin ev and im down on 2nd site too a few hundred.  Was playing deep on 2/4 hi lo vs maniac fish and just basically got robbed although actually my biggest pot was 3way against a reg for $2,500 when the fish was only in that pot for $400.  No more detail anyway, feel sick thinking about it still.

About £1,200 down on the day , -£1,645 for the month, not sure where i go from here.  Have to see how i feel 2moz or beyond, at least theres other stuff to do outside then the olympics if i dnt feel like tryin to grind back.

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