Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tough Shocking Stuff

Since last post i just cant get anything going again.  It wouldn't be so bad but today ive had 2 of the worst sessions back to back (with a long break inbetween to calm down).  Coolers , outdraws etc etc .   Not in best of moods to begin the day so this stuff just compounds it and makes it near on impossible for me to enjoy the game.    About to shut early (not even 7pm) for the night i think.    Struggling to get much hi lo action too which isnt helping when im tryin to focus on just playing 1 site either.    Hmmmm just won a 3way allin pre with AKKJdbl std for $600 vs AAxx and J778 so maybe got lucky in nick of time to reduce the hurt.   Yeh made £100 back, still -£350 on day.  Cant handle playing more though just seems like bingo at mo.  Moan Over......

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