Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Review

Basically been in profit every day ive played since hitting that low of £1,150 for the month or whatever it was 10 days or so ago. Even had another +£1,200 day. hi lo mtts aint a big money spinner yet but they seem to keep me focussed on the side cash games in an evening. i try now to play a $109 freezeout on stars any night im playing and so far im 3 cashes and 1 bubble from 4 games but havent had the luck to bring home any large bacon yet in it.

Had planned to do an in-running of my night tonight for a change but had a snooze until 8:30pm so missed all my regular mtts :(

Right i may play later as this is a break now and i may play 2moz afternoon (out in evening) and will update below if my final profit figure changes but for now its a very healthy +£4,958. Had considered taking out £550 or more for Bristol gala events next week but i think im gonna pass on them now and save it up for vegas games roll.
edit: went back on at 2:30am for an hour. registered for a $320 wsop mtt league (runs nxt month) and managed to run good again and make back nearly all of that buyin on cash games = +£4,954
edit: managed 90mins or so this afternoon (fri), lost to begin with but came good all on v small stakes , final profit (assuming no dumb drunk session later) for April is +£5,071

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Partial Recovery

Well i didnt jinx it with that post saying i had started well yesterday. Had a great day all round except one mtt i will moan about below. At end of day though cash games and a reasonable cash in a hi lo mtt resulted in whats probably my best day of the month making £1,200 and taking me to +£2,350.

MTT moan in question was none other than the $80 gala sat for Bristol, i luv donating to these. This one was a 13 players win only for $1125 package and i didnt feel like i could have played much better. Got off to a slow start but got a good double just before we went 10handed and was chipleader at that point. Won big pot with QQ vs JJ vs AK and even sucked out KQ vs AQ (not for a huge pot that one) and began to think it was my day. Then it all went backwards:

26k in play

AQ vs 99 for a 13k pot to have gone chipleader with 50% of chips in play with 5 of us left still ! Flop QQ9 uuurrg

K7 vs K5 calling a 10xbb allin shove as i knew guy was weak, couldnt believe my luck when i saw K5 and a low flop came before the turn 5 river 5. That pot would have put me 3handed 10k vs 4k vs 12k.

KQ vs KJ playing 6500ish and had just taken a flop for a change. Pot only 1500 on flop of K,10,9 and all chips go in, key the Q on the turn. Would have gone HU 13k vs 13k.

Still obviously happy on the day but would have been nice to have won this and had a live event to look forward to before vegas. I may still try some more of them though if im in right mood.

.........2hrs lata edit/.......complete reverse bull today for 2 hours played.
pot that summed it up was only 24 euros on flop (1/2 double stack) . Get it allin with A34x vs Q345 on the flop of A27 turn x river 4. fml 4outs for their scoop , pretty much ne other cards and i 3/4 them , come off it. plenty of other stuff but that one being a double stack and we both got 400euros in on that flop really does take the biscuit. so mad , have to calm down before i play lata if i bother.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bad To Worse

After that last post i had 2 single hour sessions on Sun and Mon. Was back at normal sort of stakes of late and just ran as bad as possible, prob done over 8 buyins in that period which is just nuts for hi lo at those stakes. Anyways hit a low of +£1,150 for the month but touchwood have started today ok so hoping to grind it back up again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Shit On A Good Month

Ive had a couple of minor slip ups and played some plo when i told myself i wasnt going to and gone as high as 5/10 once this month but i didnt see tonight as a slip up as there was a french fish on the hi lo tables $10/$20 and ive done well this month until tonight so i figured why not take a shot. How wrong was i yet again though as i lose the first allin 64% favourite A468 vs A6Q5 on a Q57 with my flush draw as well on flop and it basically goes from bad to worse. I only split when others join and i get most of AA26 in preflop against 4567 and i lose a chunk with 3 of a kind against a full house when the guy called my preflop raise with K336 and i miss ne low card to split and ne of the house or quads outs to scoop :( Final nail in coffin comes when i lose stack calling a reraise with A4910 and flop top pair flush draw and bad low draw on a 5710 flop which is checked to me (i knw that regular and knw he is on a low only or a bad AA as likely holdings so obviously i bet) Turn is a magical 6 and the rest goes in with him showing A234 luvly. Game breaks down shortly after with me losing £1,500 in the space of about 45 minutes. I dont regret taking a shot as how else am i going to have any chance of getting back to higher levels but at the risk of sounding like a broken record how can i always run so bad and not get anything going together or any run for months arrrrghhhh.

Anyway aside from that its been a good solid month, 99% of games have been 2/4$ max and nearly all hi lo even the small mtts. Failed to qualify for bristol nxt month and prob paid about £300 in sats now towards a £550 seat but still may play a couple more. Regardless of how rest of month goes i wont play it unless i qualify now i risk spending the buyin in sats (something ive never done for any event before or even come close to).

First week i made £3,000 including £1000 on the 1st and £1400 for a 3rd/93 in my highest mtt buyin of the month, a 109euros hi lo mtt which was good but i had pots to go hu twice for the extra £900 or £2,500 more for first and second so was a bit disapointed. This week i floated between +£2,600 and +£3,500 for a few days then finally got a couple of decent days and peaked at +£4,000 before playing and losing that £1,500 tonight. So its back to +£2,500 and i prob wont play now until monday where i will try and grind it back up again.

Happy hunting !