Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Shit On A Good Month

Ive had a couple of minor slip ups and played some plo when i told myself i wasnt going to and gone as high as 5/10 once this month but i didnt see tonight as a slip up as there was a french fish on the hi lo tables $10/$20 and ive done well this month until tonight so i figured why not take a shot. How wrong was i yet again though as i lose the first allin 64% favourite A468 vs A6Q5 on a Q57 with my flush draw as well on flop and it basically goes from bad to worse. I only split when others join and i get most of AA26 in preflop against 4567 and i lose a chunk with 3 of a kind against a full house when the guy called my preflop raise with K336 and i miss ne low card to split and ne of the house or quads outs to scoop :( Final nail in coffin comes when i lose stack calling a reraise with A4910 and flop top pair flush draw and bad low draw on a 5710 flop which is checked to me (i knw that regular and knw he is on a low only or a bad AA as likely holdings so obviously i bet) Turn is a magical 6 and the rest goes in with him showing A234 luvly. Game breaks down shortly after with me losing £1,500 in the space of about 45 minutes. I dont regret taking a shot as how else am i going to have any chance of getting back to higher levels but at the risk of sounding like a broken record how can i always run so bad and not get anything going together or any run for months arrrrghhhh.

Anyway aside from that its been a good solid month, 99% of games have been 2/4$ max and nearly all hi lo even the small mtts. Failed to qualify for bristol nxt month and prob paid about £300 in sats now towards a £550 seat but still may play a couple more. Regardless of how rest of month goes i wont play it unless i qualify now i risk spending the buyin in sats (something ive never done for any event before or even come close to).

First week i made £3,000 including £1000 on the 1st and £1400 for a 3rd/93 in my highest mtt buyin of the month, a 109euros hi lo mtt which was good but i had pots to go hu twice for the extra £900 or £2,500 more for first and second so was a bit disapointed. This week i floated between +£2,600 and +£3,500 for a few days then finally got a couple of decent days and peaked at +£4,000 before playing and losing that £1,500 tonight. So its back to +£2,500 and i prob wont play now until monday where i will try and grind it back up again.

Happy hunting !


donnie said...

Nice i've had a fairly decent month myself. 90% of my games have also been 2/4$ max and a lot hi lo even the small amounts. Good luck grinding.

donnie said...

good reading. seems like a pretty decent month to me.

Paul.Isbell said...

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