Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quarterly Review

In terms of profit a very successful figure of just under £15,000. Add to that the EPT entry to San Remo circa £3,500. Add to that another 10,000euros EPT package or other for use later in year. Add to that a $1300 package for use later in year too.

Obviously my game has varied throughout the quarter. Playing well but no success in Australia in Jan. Very motivated to turn all round in Feb with good focus on a successful promotion and play was top. March has just been mixed up, im glad to see the back of it although i have been more focused in the last week. Think i spent most of March trying to unsuccessfully motivate myself to play and was searching for some sort of promotion to focus on again.

Anyway reset the profit and a new quarter shortly. I am interested to see how my mood and motivation is during the next few months. I dont expect a result in San Remo but i am determined to put 100% into it and anything is a bonus for sure. Looking forward more to a change of scene for a few days and ive only ever spent a few hours in Italy 17 years ago so sommat different anyways.

Possible update if i borrow laptop out there but if not i wont blog till next weekend. Looking forward to not having a laptop with me for a change ! Im on Day1b which is Wednesday anyway if anyones looking for updates or chipcounts at end of day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Almost the end of quarter 1 for my records. Will do a review 2moz or when i get back from San Remo. I fly Monday and unless i go deep come back Friday. There is a possible 500euro side event to play if i dont last in the main 5000euro event. Change of scene should be good for a few days anyway. Think i will leave the lappy behind maybe as only dial up in hotel anyway and it prob do me good to get a full break from online poker for a few days.

Not really much to report on online stuff. Very limited play and nothing of interest really. 2 or 3 ok ish results given me steady enough finish to month/quarter but mood swings, enjoyment and motivation are up and down like a yoyo so nout changed there really.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Had enough and this blog makin no diff, taking break from blog and poker. May post again in a week or a few , no idea.

What Did I Do

to deserve the night ive had. Awful awful stuff so many bad beats (most against awful play) i lost count and some were for big key pots. a couple of bubbles in the couple games i did go deep and get any luck in. Also sat on omaha £1,2 weak table and spun upto £350 from £200. Was just thinking that would cover a chunk of mtt buyins when i lost this pot below (71% fav on flop which is big for omaha).

i raise button pot and get 3 callers, pot is about £36 on flop. flop is Jh,10h,5c . bb bets pot i reraise pot and he sticks the lot in, if i win i would have been on a £730 stack :(

i had QhJd10d4h and he had 10c,9d,8c,5s , turn 7x riva brick gg wp.

moved to limit after that and got same joke stuff losing to fish with big hands again.

So a testing return to the tables and i lost my rag a few times but maybe not as much as i normally would, this was an incredibly bad night in the context of beats and stuff. Hardly motivates me to play much tommorrow but i may give it a whack again as im probably not playing Wed or Fri evenings this week.

Monday, March 17, 2008

All Boozed Out

Got very very drunk last night and suffered for it big time today. I dont think i played drunk and today ive only played 2 freerolls as a result of the state im in. Anyway the small league i was in got me a $2000 package for finishing in the top 15. I wont go into detail but its non poker but i think and hope that i should be able to transfer it to a GUKPT event without expenses or maybe a WSOP $1500 event. I should find that out tommorrow.

Details of the next Carribean Poker Classic are out and the cruise ship its on looks great. Ive never been on a cruise before and i guess this will be the perfect excuse. I may well use my Littlewoods ept package on it and have some spare for a couple of GUKPT events but i wont decide on anything for weeks yet with regards to that.

Anyway i may actually try to play some poker next week but only if im in the mood.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Winding Down

Seems daft to say that but it does feel like im winding down for the month (or quarter) already !

I still really dont feel like playing much so my play has been restricted to a few select promotions and some low stakes stuff. 1 or 2 close to big results but my motivation and enjoyment is not there so i know not to play much cos of that.

Im part way through 1 of my 2 poker books i ordered and i guess im likely to mention that on here once ive finished as to whether it is worth the read.

If anything changes, or any dumb losses or big wins come my way im sure to blog again. I know i havent even felt like updating this lately so maybe posts will be less frequent for the time being anyway.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Can Everyone Stop Playing Pots So Bad..............

.........then sucking out on me. Sick night again so far, ive come to the blog to hopefully get some of it out of my system and not throw the rest away on tilt. Too much to list but highlight was busting KK vs QQ vs A10 not long ago to get a massive massive chiplead stack with only 16 left in a 220 player added value £27 game. Far too many people just playing there hands backwards vs me tonight its killin me.

Think im badly in need of a full break from poker but i just think thats daft with only couple weeks of winter left and also the weather being so bad at the mo. Obv got poka trip to look forward to at end of month which i guess cant come too soon. Im just leakin money at the moment be it tourneys or cash.

I dont think i can enter any more 2nite so im left with 2 crappy freerolls and a short stack $82.

PS: ordered some poker books about the mental side of the game, cant do any harm i guess. Anyway unless sommat happens in these 3 im done for the night.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Not Good Enough

Played drunk, ran bad = seriously bad wad done as was playin so aggressive but missing everything. Need to get a grip on what, if anything, i want from poker at the moment. Get so angry and impatient on so many pots and its hardly the relaxed lifestyle i normally strive to achieve. Dnno what to play, hate the fact im not playing more at this time of year but guess my head is messed up at the moment after turning around the year. Last 7-10days has been truly awful at the tables. Last time i run this bad was back in Sept i think when i played through a bad run flat out which lasted 10-15days. Hungova today as expected so in bad mood already cos of that and me losses last night. Still gotta couple of big finals to play this wkend so just see how i run in them and how i cope with any bull dealt my way b4 looking once again for something to target or focus on the rest of the month.

Friday, March 07, 2008

More Of Same

Didnt play until late tonight but wish i hadnt. Just cash games this time but i ran so bad once again and hardly think i played bad at all. Worst pot on 2/5 omaha had to be the AAxx vs KQ96 1 suit allin preflop for 90xbb that lost :( (despite ace flopping too) for $900. That was massive key pot as i was only in for $600 at that point and would have been on $1500. Just went completely backwards after that even though i was playin a good patient game. Sick of it but thankfully taking day off tommorrow.

Im just about confirmed to play San Remo EPT the first week of April and i guess that cant come soon enough the way the last week has gone. Still i guess all part of the lifestyle ups and downs as normal.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Awful Awful Stuff

Not what i needed. Out of all multis i played which was a handful i didnt get a stack in all except 2. Got some nasty stuff in others but i only care when its for big pots.

Anyway the 2 im left in were ridiculous.

Lost a huge pot to guy shoving massive stack in with ace high on a 10 high board. My JJ no good and i didnt go 6/50 in the 180odd entrants $109 game.

But worse was betfair $109 also i didnt hav any allin until 50 on so left (140 entrants) and then i lose AJ vs 88 , AQ vs A10 splits and AK vs J9 loses. All pots to go top 10 on signifcant stack and probably cash. J9 was the worst as guy limp trapped playin 6xbb i mean wtf is that about. As bad as gets and i told him, only 25 players left at that point and i left on 2.5xbb and out few hands later on 45% shot. Sick !

I aint happy at mo, all tonight will do is put me off playing more multis. My patience is thin, it aint affecting my results much but its effecting my mood when i bust huge pots.

General Update

Much of same, lost respect a bit and playin too impatient on omaha defintely. Saying that i lost some biggish pots which could swung my way. Gonna try some multis again tommorrow hopefully and maybe avoid any serious cash games for a couple of days. Not played that much in last couple days but definitely playing more to kill time than to win which is just daft. Anyway early night for me today as i actually got up early at 10:30am today !

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Was Due

Oh Dear, one of them nights where everything goes against me. I hardly played a bad hand as far as im concerned and most of the huge key pots i lost were against complete muppet plays which only got to me more. I even did a wad on omaha afterwards and endured more than 1 similar beat against an awful call.

WSOP 5/28 got good stack early then lost 66 vs 88 to hav gone 2nd or sommat but still made the final table and crashed out 5th with no futher help from the gods apart from a pointless double up once there.

Mansion $150k, this gives 1 rebuy now these days which i took immediately. Got my stack up early and didnt increase but did sustain. Then with bout 20% field left a guy in bb decides to flop K8std for 40% of his stack. Too good for my A10 raise and im never folding so his stop & go if thats what it was gonna be, was pure muppet. As the norm same guy busts me AKstd vs AQstd with my leftovas to get back in.

£40k , joke game again got ok stack then i trapped with queens. Chips were always going in by matey with flush draw on a flop but as muppets do they check raise you when u r committed as though they want the 35-40% draw to b called, so bad i cant begin to describe it. Anyway that would put me top 20 with 1/3 field gone but no left crippled only to get AK run into AA, nice.

Had a fairly small freeroll on another site which i cashed in despite losing 2 pots again vs complete muppet plays but tiny rubbish cash.

Other ok freeroll QQ vs 77 preflop level 1 loses, ouch that ones worth a bit the little league im in near the top so i wasnt happy bout that to say the least.

Thankfully i did win $500 on cash last night which covers tonights multi buyins but not the omaha losses which lets just say were significant :(

Think i may just take the rest of the night off !

Why I Rarely Play Just 1 Game

I know i need to play several games at once online these days. Im jst too bad a loser if i play 1 high stakes game and dont put a foot wrong only to lose key pot after pot. Tonights was the 530euros EPT final:

Cards were about average or less for me i would say but definitely played A game. Until my bust hand i was never allin called and covered.

Managed to lose:
99 vs KxQd on a 8d7d5d flop to have gone 1/10
QQ vs KJoff to go 2/9
J2 vs KK on a freeflop J,10,2 to go 1/8
and finally KJstd vs Kqoff to go 2or3/5 , annoying pot as Kqoff on a resteal when im commiting to anything im raising with in this win only format and im playing tight and have been for a while.

Back to several games tommorrow anyway. May even play cash yet tonight but needed to get the above out of my system. gg

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Leap Forward

6th in that leaderboard thingy in end for EPT package. gg

Blah blah blah i dnt do monthly reviews ;) but anyway i had to put sommat down as the last 29 days has been my 2nd best poker month on record which means i had my best month since Oct 2005 !

I wont quote figures as i will keep them for quarterly records. It will be interesting to see how i go forward from here the rest of quarter 1 and indeed the rest of the year. Lazyiness, complacency, lack of motivation ??? or confidence, consistency and continued motivation ??? Watch this space :)

I now truly believe that without such a poor (results wise) aussie trip and January there is no way i would have been as determined as i was in Feb to swing this round. Having a promotion to focus on defintely helped me this month and generally running ok or well in some decent stuff always helps.

Its so much more pleasing than any other month has been too because its not just 1 result that made it. Getting 5 significant (over £1000) wins and also continuing with the +ev limit cash and improving and making some nice dough from omaha too all contribute towards the end result.